The Best Responsive Slider Plugin is Now Free!

Data suggests that you have only 15 seconds or fewer to capture your visitor’s attention. If you fail to do so, he/she will bounce off.

So? How can you make the most out of those 15 seconds?

In which way can you display your content to avoid high bounce rate?

Well, one of the most popular ways is…

Use Sliders.

Using sliders to display relevant content in an innovative and beautiful manner will surely engage your visitors.

In this article, you’ll learn about a popular slider plugin called SlideDeck.

SlideDeck is a responsive slider plugin which can be used to create eye catching sliders without much hassle.

The best part is, this powerful plugin has now available for free! You can download your free copy and read further to know more about this awesome plugin.



Create a visual treat

SlideDeck is highly customizable. You have options to choose from different arrow styles, fonts, navigation style, and more with the visual options controls. One’s creativity is the limit when it comes to making sliders with so many design options.

SlideDeck customization

Pull your social media content

SlideDeck has something more awesome up its sleeves.

Guess what?

Well, it’s called ‘dynamic sources’. Sounds quite tech savvy, doesn’t it?

Let me give you a bit of back story before explaining what ‘dynamic sources’ are.

Social media has taken the world by storm in the recent times. Many online businesses use social media to generate precious leads. Hence, using the potential of social media is vital in growing a business.

This is where SlideDeck’s dynamic sources come into play. Using dynamic sources, you can pull content from your social media handle directly to the Sliders.

SlideDeck Dynamic Sources

How cool is that?!

Let me explain by giving some examples.

For instance, if you have a YouTube channel and you upload videos regularly on it. Using SlideDeck, you can display all your latest videos directly to your WordPress website in slide format.

Let’s take one more instance. Suppose you are a food blogger (that’s pretty awesome) and you regularly take pictures of delicious food and upload it to your Instagram account. Using a dynamic source, you can display all your Instagram images directly to your WordPress website in the form of beautiful slides.

SlideDeck has 17 dynamic sources at the moment, you can expect more in the near future.

SlideDeck Lenses and Templates

Apart from customization and dynamic sources, SlideDeck has a very cool futures called ‘Lenses.’ Lenses are basically different designs and transition effects that can be given to a slider. They provide more control and flexibility in customization.

SlideDeck Lenses

SlideDeck currently has 18 different lenses that have a stunningly crafted appearance.

If you’re feeling lazy about creating unique sliders, you can use one of the many pre-built templates in SlideDeck. SlideDeck has 12 beautiful templates which are ready-to-use. Just choose one and get going.

Let’s sum up the features of SlideDeck:

  • It’s highly customizable, you can choose among different arrow styles, fonts, etc
  • Show your content from social media on your WordPress website with dynamic sources
  • Use lenses to provide different skins and transition effects to your slider
  • Beautiful pre-built templates will save time of creating sliders

Apart from all these features, there are add-ons as well such as scheduler, lead generation, import-export, and dev-addon.

These add-ons serve different purposes. Such as, scheduler add-on enables you to perfectly time your slides. Display them at will. With lead generation add-on, you can monitor the number of views and clicks of individual slides.

Overall, with all the above features and its high responsiveness, SlideDeck comes out as a total winner and a must have.

This robust and responsive slider plugin is constantly improving. So get your free copy right away!


About the Author

I am a budding digital marketer who loves to read, write and watch movies. Currently in love with the world of WordPress. I like to keep things simple.

  • R Querido /August 28, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Hello Shardul,

    My friends already told me about SlideDeck but I never used it. I’ll get my free copy right now and try. After that I’ll share my experience here.

    Thanks for sharing this post! I didn’t now CyberChimps, I saw it on facebook minutes ago!
    I’ll save this blog!

    R Querido

    • Shardul /August 28, 2017 at 9:30 pm


      You’ll love SlideDeck. Looking forward to your feedback :)

  • Pam /May 22, 2018 at 4:47 am

    Thank you for sharing this nice collection. I am using Master Slider for some of my clients. It has some perfect premade sample slider, and it is fully customizable. I suggest you to add it on this collection.

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