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Five Gold Stars!!

I have been put into a position where I had to start building a site ASAP. I have very little experience in this and CyberChimps product is very intuitive and easy to use! My template so far outshines our current site hands down.

Now let’s talk about the service! Nothing but amazing, responsive, and professional. I can’t believe how much help they have given me! I am learning as fast as I can and highly recommend them!

— Richard

I have one word to describe CyberChimps: Awesome. Six years after I started my copywriting agency, I eventually decided that it was time to build a website (http://www.thewordwright.com) and to build it on my own. You will see in the Pro forums that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer where web design is concerned. (I am a complete newbie.) Still, I found Business Pro remarkably easy to work with and the support phenomenal. There is no way that I will ever buy from anybody else! A big thank you to all of you.

— thewordwright

The iFeature Pro theme has been great for me. Even without any knowledge I have achieved positive results by the hassle free and simplicity of design not neglecting to mention the excellent support. Thank you for the excellent work!

— wiseman1967

Can’t fault the guys at CyberChimps, nothing but praise from me, level of help has been great, not to mention the rest of the users who help within the forum.

First time I had used their Responsive theme and simply love it, so easy to use.

I am surprised more people aren’t getting involved in setting up their own websites, maybe they would if they knew how easy it really is.

— TwoPoint5

I bought iFeature pro and I loved it. I took a chance and bought iRibbon Pro and it is amazing. I love the layout. My site looks fantastic. Thanks CyberChimps!

— Illya King

These guys are amazing… patient, clear and super-fast! Not only did they address my questions with true alacrity and politeness I learned so much from their answers by the time I was done with my project I was answering all my own questions myself. Pro support is a no-brainer investment.

— JC

I thought I would toss in my 2cp worth here. I tried the Free Responsive theme and was so impressed that I purchased the Pro Responsive theme. I normally don’t buy themes, as I just write my own or use/mod a free one. However, after checking out the Responsive theme by CyberChimps here, and seeing how well it was written, the quality of the design, the features, and much more – I was very impressed (which doesn’t happen often) and just had to grab it for one of my sites. It is a superb theme, with enough features and options, it is almost like a whole application in and of itself!

As for support, I have never needed to contact support. The theme is so well made that it just works, and works well. Therefore, I cannot say first hand how good or bad support is. What I can say however, that I have never seen a negative post or review about their support, it has always been positive!

Great Job CyberChimps! Thank You!!

— swordag

I think the Chimps are on to an evolution here. Who says you can’t be innovative without opposable thumbs!

Keep up the good work.

— Wudman

I love iFeature Pro 3. It’s worth much more than the cost. This is the first time I actually spend money on a theme and it’s amazing thank you!!!

— otttawapc