Do you know these 9 Strange Facts About WooCommerce Development

Do you know these 9 Strange Facts About WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is a great plugin developed by WordPress to support all the eCommerce activities around the corner.

It is an open-source custom-building eCommerce platform which extends its features beyond the standard eCommerce solutions.

Being a developer or a store owner, you can customize your store with WooCommerce Development in as many features as you want. The sky is the limit.

Even the statistics say that WooCommerce powers over 30% of the online stores across the world wide web.

With such a significant ratio of covering the internet, it is quite evident that the people will know all about the specifications of the WooCommerce as a plugin.

Well, this mine of golden features has a lot of hidden ones who can turn into a high-value asset on any of the online stores and can be extremely handy to turn the sales table up.

Let’s check what it has got hidden which can benefit all of us.

For Store-Owners

So are you planning to build a WooCommerce store? Want to sell your valuable products online?

Well, you know what, you can sell anything on a WooCommerce store.

Don’t you believe me? Well, I have some points to justify my statement.

Sell anything, anywhere

WooCommerce is a plugin that empowers the businesses to develop the store for a particular niche of products.

You want to sell shoes online, no worries. WooCommerce allows you to create an online store using the themes and functions that can be required to function a shoe store.

It allows you to ship the product anywhere. You can play with many shipping offers to please your customers such as free shipping or fixed-rate delivery option.

If in case, you don’t supply products into a specific city or country, you can make those modifications accordingly in the settings.

Moreover, you can feature your items on the store to make them shine out and catch the eyes of the customers.

Also, you can add variations to your products such as color and size. It lets you replace the old school text description and add the dropdowns or checkboxes to highlight the variants in the product.

Indefinite Payment Gateways integrated

You would love to offer your customers with unlimited options of payment modes.

Well, WooCommerce is the platform that helps you realize this thought.

Payment modes such as PayPal, BACS, credit card, debit card, and COD are the options incorporated by default in the plugin.

It further comes with extensions to help you add on other payment options.

In short, your store will be able to comfort the customer with even the rarest used payment mode which will bond you with a long-term customer.

Taxes? Control it with WooCommerce

Well, at this point I am bringing something astonishing to light about WooCommerce.

You run a business and pay taxes. That’s common.

However, tell me, has any online platform ever supported you till date with the store dealings as well as maintaining and paying your taxes?

Well, most of you would nod left to right to left reading this.

This feature is pretty much amazing and easing the work for the online store traders and customers.

Not only to a store owner but a customer as well, the tax is one of the principal things to come in mind while purchasing anything online.

WooCommerce lets you develop the online store controlling the tax classes and calculate the tax automatically as per the shop’s address or the buyer’s billing address, shipping address.

Your Data is secured

When you build an online store, the first and the foremost thing that strikes your mind is what would happen to your data if you close down the shop tomorrow.

Well, with WooCommerce, your data is always secured and is in your control to take over or make the amendments.

You can even create databases such as for promotions or marketing campaigns.

You have the complete control over your data so that you can edit or remove any unwanted features in the store.

For example, you can remove the review class function from specific product range or depending on the case; remove the unwanted field classes from checkout page; build catalogue by eliminating the option to purchase those products.

Thus, as a store owner, you can say that WooCommerce has equipped you with many features which might have been difficult to find in any other platform.

For Developers

Developers and WooCommerce make a perfect pair when it comes to eCommerce development.

Well, developers tend to develop on any platform they find helpful, but what’s so lovely about WooCommerce?

Some common points

      • It is built on WordPress.
      • It supports open development as it is open-source and manageable from GitHub.
      • It helps manage everything with REST API.
      • It lets you document every point, hook, API endpoint and extensions to allow you to make changes whenever you want.

What’s astonishing?


Storefront FrameWork

Developers, I will start with this one. WooThemes have always been surprising the developers as well as the store owners with their beauty and dynamicity.

This time, WooCommerce presents a free WordPress theme – Storefront.

This theme comes with a close-knitted integration between WooCommerce, its extensions, and Storefront itself.

Understanding how precious the uptime is for any online store, it eradicates all the conflicts between theme and plugin management during updates.

Based on WordPress CMS as a platform, it supports various other features inherited from the WordPress. Those are

      • SEO
      • Responsive Design
      • Ready accessible
      • Homepage with eCommerce focused design
      • A large variety of display options


When we talk about extensions, WooCommerce comprises of all the extensions which a person can imagine to add up to the functions.

Here, we see the new feature coming up:


While you look at the options of extensions for the payment integration, it comprises of almost every payment mode whichever can be available in this world and asks you to select the country to assist you with the relevant methods.

The new feature that has come up is PayPal Checkout which is a free extension to add up more options to the payment integrations of the online store.


What else can be gifted to a business owner, if they get a platform which helps to notify their clients along with the eCommerce trading?

Well, WooCommerce is available and on the reels with the rousing extensions which take away the burden of emailing your clients for all the upcoming events and offers.

Get notified with Slack

Slack is again an extension which helps you to make the settings of sending notifications via different modes.

It comes with seven various notification types for your business and is easy to use.

It helps you with the custom channel and per-event specific channel and emojis setup.

It lets you custom the notification messages and has extended notifications for some of the types.

Contract signing requests

WooCommerce comes with an integration which sends a contract to sign to the customers on checkout.

For the store owners who desire the customers to sign the contract for their purchase; they can straight away activate Zapier from their extension settings.

WooCommerce connects with HelloSign and generates and send the agreement form to the customer with each new order to sign it before starting the work.


Endless tools

When it comes to marketing about your online store or optimizing for search engines, a platform such as WooCommerce is sure to do wonders with your store’s online visibility and gain you more productive traffic.

There is an infinite number of marketing extensions that enhance your business’s SEO and promotional strength.

It also comes with tools to analyze your website traffic so that you can improve on the marketing strategies to obtain more results.

It has various extensions available for almost all the types of Marketing techniques.

You can always check on its website in the extensions section, which is sure to bring something new every time.

Wrapping it up

WooCommerce brings a beneficial characteristic of productivity and dynamicity to the eCommerce world.

There are surely more features that will make you fall in love with this.

WooCommerce has its beauty in the way it is designed and is not restricted to that. You can customize it to the extent you want, and you can imagine. As I mentioned earlier, the sky is the limit.

Manan Ghadawala, the founder of 21Twelve Interactive - one of the proficient WordPress Development Company in India and the USA, supports his clients with all the WordPress needs across the world. He is an eager as well as composed performing director for his team and his clients.

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