5 Simple Hacks to Optimize your WooCommerce Store before Holiday Season

WooCommerce has countless benefits to quickly set up an online sales site. Nevertheless, there are some cases where you have to take some precautions in order to maintain a high level of performance on your ecommerce store:

  • High unexpected traffic does not give you time to migrate to better hosting
  • The quantity of products (and variations) of your shop becomes too important
  • You accumulate many plugins activated, not always very well developed or tested on a site with high traffic

The good news for all WooCommerce store owners is that the holiday season is coming where the all store owners have a chance to do 30% to 40% sale increase.
So, are you running WooCommerce based ecommerce store? Well, if yes then this article will help you a lot. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can optimize your WooCommerce based ecommerce store before the holiday season. I am sure after applying these optimization tips, you will definitely get a high traffic on your website which actually increases your sales as well.
So let’s begin!

Tip #1: Checking Your WooCommerce Store’s Performance

First thing first, you need to check your WooCommerce store performance because it is very important before doing any optimization activity. You need to understand the website you are running is load fast or not. There are many tools available to check out the performance of the website some of the tools I would like to recommend are below.

By using these tools you can better understand where are your website stand now. It will show you a clear picture of your website.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Hosting

Hosting is the major factor of any website. The performance of the website is totally dependent on the hosting service. Like some hosting providers don’t take the time to optimize their servers properly or put too many hosting accounts on the same server. In that case, usually, the store breaks down many times and the store owner gets hassle every time and they contact to the hosting provider they cannot even reply him fast because they are getting many queries. And at that time your customer left for your store.
So to get out this hassle I recommend choose managed cloud hosting like Cloudways. On managed cloud hosting, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Cloudways gives you a simple platform where you can get 1-Click varnish compatible WooCommerce hosting, free SSL, free migration, 100% uptime, optimal speed, managed security, free backups, free cache plugin, unlimited staging URLs, and runs on pay as you go pricing model.

Tip #3: Use a Cache Plugin

Caching plugins help you to decrease your website load time. Without this plugin, you can face many problems at your store. When you install a cache plugin, it will turn your pages into static. This means that the first visitor to pass on your page will load all the elements as for a dynamic page.
Although there are many caching plugins available on the internet some of the best cache plugins are mentioned below.

These three are the best cache plugin ever. I would like to suggest to read reviews of these plugins carefully and find out which is better for your WooCommerce based ecommerce store and then apply.

Tip #4: Image Optimization

Image optimization is another very important point to increase your sale. If you have a WooCommerce store then obviously you have thousands of product image uploaded on your ecommerce store which will consume your website load time, and it is directly affected by your customer.
So to get out this situation, you need to use an image compression plugins on your website. Some of the best image compression I would like to mentioned below.

Tip #5: Consider A Content Distribution Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) which helps in delivering the website content faster to every user despite their location. Using a CDN improves the page loading time for visitors coming in from different regions to access your website.
Some of the top CDN providers are mentioned below.

Get All Preparations Done Early
So now what are you waiting for! Apply this simple hacks and optimize your WooCommerce store to get more traffic and more and more sales. That’s it if you have any comments and regarding this article then please let us know via the comments section below.
Do you have any tips to optimize WooCommerce store? If yes then let us know we will add your tips in the article.

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