Showcase: Stajnia Kinok (Kinok Stables)

Kinok Stables websiteCyberChimps’ Responsive theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, and today’s showcase site is a great example of how good design is universal. The Stajnia Kniok (Kinok Stables) site carries the load for an equestrian stable in Poland.

I don’t speak Polish, but that isn’t necessary to appreciate the work that’s been done with this site. It’s well organized, has lots of great photos that tell their own story, and a design that is cozy and warm – just what you’d expect from horses and horse people!

The main slider doesn’t have any captions or other words to read and so rotates at a fairly quick pace. That’s actually a great choice to share as many images as possible in a short amount of time, especially when the images speak for themselves.

The color scheme is an excellent choice too as it speaks of wood and leaves and nature, all things you’d expect to find at a stable. The denim-looking background adds a bit of cozy casualness too that makes you feel welcome and right at home before ever setting a foot on the property.

The basic layout of the home page is the familiar Responsive default, but the Kinok Stables have done a great job to make that page their own.

One especially nice touch is the hand-drawn images on the blog posts (example). What a great idea! That’s one that anyone can do, regardless of artistic skill. Your drawings are your drawings just as your blog is your blog. It’s a great way to be authentic and approachable.

The Stajnia Kniok site is a fun, friendly example of how the Responsive theme can be adapted to reflect the personality of your people and your business. It a great base that you can take and make yours!

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