Showcase: Metzler Chiropractic

Metzler Chiropractic websiteCyberChimps’ Responsive theme surpassed one-million downloads not too long ago. There are many, many sites that have been built on its foundation. And one great example of how cool those sites can turn out is the website of Metzler Chiropractic.

You can still see the bones of the Responsive theme, but the addition of some fresh colors and a modern font give it a friendly, professional look. They’ve packed a lot of good information onto the home page and made good use of images to keep it from feeling overwhelming. With social media playing a large part on the home page, the information is sure to stay fresh too.

Other pages on the website keep the theme going with the colors, fonts, and images being consistent throughout. You never lose track that you are on the Metzler Chiropractic website. The information is well organized and laid out clearly too. The website gives a flavor of what to anticipate for your experience with the company.

If you’re looking for an example of what the Responsive theme can do, Metzler Chiropractic is a great one to consider.

Just a note: CyberChimps does not endorse this site, and/or its products or services, or any other site mentioned as a Showcase. Our sole intent is to provide examples of our themes in action.

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