Showcase: Fox River Bait & Tackle

Fox River Bait and Tackle home page

Our Responsive theme sure knows how to get around. This time it’s been spotted on the water in Wisconsin. Fox River Bait & Tackle chose it as the basis of their website for their bait shop and fishing guide service.

Fox River Bait & Tackle knows what their customers want — fish!! Using the Meta Slider plugin, they put pictures — lots of pictures — of some of their best catches front and center on the home page. Nothing like a smiling face and a trophy fish to get folks interested in their products and services! Plus they took advantage of the call-to-action button that is part of the Responsive theme to drive home the message of “Catch More FISH!”

They have several pages highlighting the tackle and equipment they sell and the services they offer. The photos of the store give a sense of familiarity and connection to the physical location. Plus, if you’ve never seen a vending machine that serves up live bait, be sure and click “Bait” on the navigation menu!

The footer is also a hard-working part of their site that is well suited to their business. A map of how to get to the store and the local weather forecast entices folks to stop on by. This website is designed to do as well at catching customers as their guides do catching fish.

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