Showcase: First Class Dog Training

First Class Dog Training websiteFirst Class Dog Training has built a first-class website using CyberChimps’ Responsive theme.

There are a lot of things that can make a website friendly and welcoming. How much text is displayed, the words that are chosen, and the images that are used. First Class Dog Training has done an excellent job with all of these.

Using a subtle photo of a dog is an excellent way to let you know what the site, and the company, focuses on. By filtering the photo so that it fades into the background, the emphasis shifts to the words and but call-to-action button, which is where business gets done. Using black-and-white photos in the lower boxes also keeps them from competing for attention while still offering interest and more information.

The “inside” pages of the site continue the simple, friendly focus. The point of this website is to have people determine if they’re interested and then make contact to register for classes, and you’re reminded of that at nearly every turn.

First Class Dog Training is an excellent example of how starting with a purpose, and then a creative vision, and then having a good theme like Responsive can make for a fun, successful site.

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  • krsitian /March 8, 2017 at 4:25 am

    can you tell what kind of plugins that are used on the site, for example the social link at the bottom of the page

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