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Bart van der Mark Photography websiteWith the big wedding season just around the corner, photographers are looking to put their best foot forward. Bart van der Mark Photography has done just that by using the CyberChimps iFeature Pro theme to showcase his services and high quality images to attract and serve his customers.

Bart’s photography speaks for itself. His website puts those images front and center to give a good feel for the types of packages and products he can provide. By using his blog to recap the weddings he has shot, he provides not only a record of his work, but also information for prospective customers on what to expect from him. He adds a personal touch by writing a few words of his own experience of the day and then showcases the photos from the wedding, and the pre- and post-wedding activities as well. The beauty of the locations, people, preparations, and ceremonies are brought out by his careful touch. (Hey, he even managed to get the Love Bug for one lucky couple!) His website reflects the same care he puts into his photography. The emphasis remains on his photos and their subjects while presenting the relevant, needed information prospective clients are looking for. With the addition of a few plugins, Bart has made it easy to share his work on social media – a natural, effective avenue of marketing for his target market. Having a website that responds to adapt to the device it’s being displayed on, as all CyberChimps themes do, is also a wise choice when targeting people on the move.

The boxes element of iFeature Pro makes it easy to add sections to the home page, and Bart has put them to good use by highlighting recent weddings and current products. With a little bit of planning, writing, and some great photography, Bart van der Mark Photography is putting its website to work.

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