ScrapeBox Review: White Hat SEO Tool For Link Building & Keyword Research

ScrapeBox Review: White Hat SEO Tool For Link Building & Keyword Research

Abbreviated as SEO, search engine optimization is the process of acquiring organic traffic to a website by ranking it higher on search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. There are surely innumerable tricks and techniques that contribute to deciding how high your website can be listed.

Although there are several SEO experts that can help you get the job done, however, if you are looking forward to grabbing a way that can help you save the amount that you otherwise would have spent over an expert, then you must choose a significant SEO tool like ScrapeBox.


SEO Tool For Link Building


Although finding an SEO tool would not be a tough task for you, however, if you are looking for a comprehensible one, ScrapeBox can be your ultimate destination. This tool is not just proficient in fulfilling your SEO requirements but can even do everything more than that. All in all, this would be the tool you must rely upon, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a professional.


Core Features of ScrapeBox:

Used and recommended by primary companies and SEO experts, this one tool has a lot of effective features. So, let’s dig into what ScrapeBox has to offer and then you can judge it by keeping your own requirements in mind.


  • Search Engine Harvester:


The first and foremost noticeable feature that ScrapeBox has to offer is the search engine harvester. This feature is not just helpful but quick as well. Just in a minute, it can harvest more than 1 million URLs, which is quite amazing, isn’t it? Search engine harvester can be used on almost every website that comes with a search function.

Whether you want to harvest URLs from a particular website or major search engines, one keyword or a group of multiple keywords would be enough to fetch considerable results.


SEO Tool For Link Building


The best thing about this feature is that it already comes with almost 30 pre-trained search engines. Thus, to begin the process, all you would have to do is enter the keyword, and you would be good to go.


  • Keyword Harvester:


Another considerable feature that makes this tool worthwhile is keyword harvester. The feature is multi-threaded, fast, and super-efficient. With this feature, you can procure thousands of relevant keywords just in seconds by putting one keyword into it.

There are several places from where this feature harvests keywords, such as Google Suggest, Alibaba Product Search, Yahoo Search Assist, Wikipedia,, Google Play, YouTube,, Bing Search, Search, and more.


Keyword Researcher


With such valuable data in hand, figuring out what your target audience is searching the most will become easier. And then, by integrating the most used keywords in your website content, you can expand the possibilities of getting a higher rank on search engines.



  • Proxy Harvester:


Out of all the amazing features, ScrapeBox also comes with an inbuilt Proxy Harvester that would let you discover and test proxies with ease. Once done, these proxies then can be used for scarping URLs from different search engines, harvesting emails, creating backlinks, and more.

Proxy harvester SEO Tool For Link Building


Although finding and testing proxies manually is possible, however, this process can consume a lot of time and efforts. So, why should you take the hassle when it can be done automatically, isn’t it? However, if you wish to add more, you have all the freedom to do so. This proxy harvester visits each URL, takes proxies from there, and remove the duplicate ones.

Although this feature by ScrapeBox has pre-built 22 proxy sources, however, if you wish to add more, you have all the freedom to do so.


  • Comment Poster& Extractor:


One of the most effective ways to build quality backlinks is by commenting your URLs on other relevant blogs, websites, and forums. Sounds easy, right? However, when it comes to executing this task, it would seem nothing less than a huge headache.

Considering the number of blogs and forums available out there, commenting on each one of them manually doesn’t seem to be possible. Hence, this feature of ScrapeBox can come into the use. It automatically posts your URLs to millions of blogs and forums just within a few minutes.

Auto Comment poster


Not just that, but you can even extract comments with this tool. If you want to collect data from a public forum, ScrapeBox can help you extracting easily. Moreover, it even provides you with a chance to remove or skip those comments that either contains URLs or bad words. In this way, you will get to regulate what to extract and what to be removed.


  • Link Checker:


Once you have published your backlinks on blogs or websites, what’s the guarantee of those links existing even after a day or a week? You cannot go back and scan through all the websites just to find your links safely published and appropriately working, right?

In such a scenario, even if you remain dubious, Link Checker feature by ScrapeBox can take away your worries. With this one feature, you can scan thousands of pages within a minute and can verify whether your backlinks are there or not.


  • Bulk Anchor Creator:


For those who are looking forward to finding an easy way out to create effective anchor text for backlinks, this is the feature to use. This Bulk Anchor Creator merges the list of URLs or domains and keywords to produce anchor text. This feature provides HTML links for web pages and BBCode links for forums.


SEO Tool For Link Building


You even have options to customize as per your own requirements. You can choose whether the link should be opened in a new window or not. Not just that, but you can even decide upon whether to add title attribute or not. Further, you can even choose to merge all the links and keywords or can even create one text for one keyword and URL.

This tool can take away the hassles that you might face when it comes to providing a variation to anchor texts.  


  • Contact Form Submitter:


Another amazing feature of this tool is Contact Form Submitter. Being one of the highly effective features, this one is here to give a tough competition to email marketing. Having a contact form submitter in hand, you would no longer have to send emails anymore.

This feature scrapes through thousands of contact form URLs from major search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Once done, it automatically sends messages to those forms instantly. Hence, you can save yourself from the hassle of sending emails and still getting bad responses.


contact form submitter


Furthermore, if you want to maintain anonymity, this feature can help you do so as well. If not, you can even use random names and post several messages using this feature.


  • Phone Number Scraper:


These days, marketers are finding ways to experiment something new when it comes to communicating with leads and clients. Hence, apart from emails and other contact methods, phone numbers are gaining enough limelight.

Keeping this in mind, you wouldn’t let go of an opportunity if you can get a massive list of phone numbers of your potential clients, right? So, for that, you can seek help from Phone Number Scraper feature of ScrapeBox.


Phone number extractor


With this feature, you can easily scrape thousands of numbers just within a minute. And, this feature is even trainable, therefore, you even get a chance to customize the kind of format you would like to have your phone numbers in.

Conclusion: Is ScrapeBox best SEO Tool For Link Building ?

When it comes to executing search engine optimization, you would surely leave no stone unturned, right? But what if you don’t have enough knowledge or resources to take your website higher in the search rank?

Even if you are going to invest, why not do so on such a tool that can fulfil all your requirements instantly? So, keep everything aside and try ScrapeBox once. With a one-time payment, you can surely take your website to a height.

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