How to Write A Blog Post Article For Maximum SEO Benefits

Succeeding at content marketing can be a leap if you are not keen on creating blog posts on a regular basis. However, writing below par articles might not exactly help you achieve maximum SEO benefit either. Don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely no doubt that you can easily churn out a 300 to 500 words blog article. I mean just about anyone can do that. But writing a blog post that actually impacts any search query need, now that’s a kicker.

Here’s the thing about blogging, it is an inbound marketing strategy that not only helps you acquire new customers but also build more traffic and generate more quality leads. But to achieve maximum SEO benefit, you’ll need to switch up your blog post articles.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss exactly how you can tailor your blog post article for maximum SEO benefit and better content marketing.

Optimize Your Content

Google is constantly changing their search algorithm.

So to remain at the top of the search results page, you constantly have to switch up your tactics and focus on long terms strategies that will help you stay at the top of the list. However, there’s one thing that remains constant despite the ever-changing landscape – quality articles.

According to a research done by Ascend2, 57% of 256 marketing influencers surveyed from around the world pointed out to relevant content creation as the most effective SEO tactic.

Here we have discussed how you should optimize your content for maximum SEO benefit:

Increase length

It’s a common misconception that short articles will get you ahead but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is the best-ranking articles on Google are long tail articles of between 1000 words long and 2000 words containing lots of in-depth content.

Improve readability

While length is no doubt a vital part of Google’s algorithm ranks, readability is by far the most important factor of consideration. And although this varies from industry to industry, the overall idea is that your content should be easily readable even by a 2-year-old. So, unless it’s technical in nature, you don’t really have to use complicated jargon at all.

Update frequently

You’ve probably heard these dozens of times before and its probably getting old but it’s definitely a piece of advice that you want to pay keen attention to. With things changing every hour or sometimes every second, Google wants to ensure that they are offering their customers the most updated content. So if you want Google to pick up on your content, you need to constantly make updates to your content as well as visuals for ease of recognition.

You can create and use attractive images to engage your users better.

Optimize for Keywords

Cliché as it may sound; keywords are one of the keys to ranking at the top of the search results page. However, you need to have done thorough research prior to using keywords so as to determine which keywords work best for your articles.
Here we have discussed a few of the ways you should optimize keywords for maximum SEO benefit:

Include the keyword in your title

One of the most basic ways to optimize for keywords is to include your keyword in the title. The closer it is to the beginning the more likely it is to rank high in the search results.

Include the keyword a few times in each article

This is pretty straightforward. While we don’t recommend overstuffing your article with endless keywords, it’s certainly important to ensure that you use the keyword as it is a few times throughout your article. Just make sure you include it in your text as naturally as you possibly can. This will help you immensly in your content marketing.

Fix Your Layout

You are writing remarkable content and going by every rule in the book to get your articles to rank on the search results, but you’re still struggling to get your blog post articles at the top of the search results page.

So what are you doing wrong?

Your layout just isn’t providing the customer experience that it should. And unless you fix it, you might not be ranking on the search results any time soon either.

So how do you fix your layout?

Make it mobile friendly

We are living in an era dominated by technology and mobile phones. To get ahead, you have to keep up with the advancements in technology. In short, ensure that you not only have a flawless desktop version of your website but also an easy to use mobile version too.

Ensure that your website loads extremely fast. This can be done by using a good hosting package.

Here’s the brutal truth:

There are countless other websites gunning to rank at the top of the search results page and if your website isn’t loading as quick as the other sites, you’ll be less likely to appear in the search results.


And there you have it, folks, 3 surefire tips to help you write a blog post article that achieves maximum SEO benefit and content marketing. Using these tips might not bump your content on the search results immediately but you’ll be a heartbeat away from achieving real results.

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