A Review of the Handmade Design Bundle

A Review of the Handmade Design Bundle

The Handmade Design Bundle is yet another massive collection by Pixelo.net. This creative toolkit is a designer’s dream come true. It is equipped with a total of 188 fonts, 23 font families, and more than 2,700 hand-drawn web design elements. All of which is meant to help artists bring that handmade aesthetic to their creative endeavors.

  • When you download this bundle, you can also enjoy the following features:
  • Design elements like brushes and textures
  • Commercial License
  • Lifetime download access
  • Unlimited support

The extended license is what makes these handmade designs valuable. It allows designers to make use of every single resource for personal or commercial purposes. But how does it fare regarding design? Does it offer variety? Can these fonts be used in multiple design endeavors?

Let’s find out the Handmade designs in this bundle.

Fonts by Megatype

Megatype includes five modern calligraphy font designs in the bundle. All five fonts have that laid-back feel to them. They exude elegance and class. Such style makes these fonts a perfect fit for wedding invitations, branding, book covers, logos, and posters.

Here are some of the gorgeous scripts created by Megatype:

1. Reading Signature Font

The Handmade Design Bundle

This signature style font looks casual and elegant at the same time. With natural flowing curves, it is flexible, efficient and expressive of a brand’s unique style – that is, if it is all about femininity. This font comes with exquisite characters and includes Monoline, Regular and Bold.

2. Prestiquen Script

The Handmade Design Bundle

A modern calligraphy font, the Prestiquen Script comes with soft swashes that make this font look beautiful. Compared to Reading Signature, it is narrower. It also has a slightly more defined thick to thin contrast that makes it feel more natural. The tail designs tilt upward. Designers won’t have to worry about it weighing down the text.

3. Kamelia Script

The Handmade Design Bundle

The Kamelia is a loose-handed script that’s not too messy and not too casual. Much like the rest of Megatype’s fonts in the collection, the Kamelia has pretty swashes. This script has two varieties: Regular and Bold.

4. Gebrina Script

The Handmade Design Bundle

This font is intricate as well as beautiful, but it isn’t all too formal. It feels lively and expressive. Much like other modern style fonts, the swashes and other details are quite elaborate. Megatype’s Gebrina Script only comes in Regular.

5. Bethanya Script

The Handmade Design Bundle

Bethanya doesn’t need superfluous swashes to impress. Compared to the rest of Megatype’s handmade designs in this collection, it doesn’t need to flaunt all the extra details to evoke emotion. It can still bring personality and authenticity to any design despite being more laid-back than the rest of the scripts.

Fonts by Hederae Type Foundry

Hederae Type Foundry’s handmade designs straddle the line between modern and classic. They bring you bold and elegant fonts that can be used in print designs or for the web.

Here are a few of their best fonts and typefaces:

1. Liber v2

The Handmade Design Bundle

It is named after the Latin term for ‘absolute’, liber. It alludes to geometric patterns that used to make up the fundamentals of text fonts. Liber, however, was designed for modern use. It’s meant to have that harmonious appearance. It will be right at home in editorial and signage work and this handmade design collection can also be used for branding.

2. Fibon Neue Family

The Handmade Design Bundle

Inspired by the Fibon Sans, Hederae Type Foundry created a sans-serif family of 8 weights that are more modern and versatile. They improved its structure and made it look more balanced. With its low contrast and smooth characters, they made it easily adaptable to web or print applications.

3. Chamfort Family

The Handmade Design Bundle

The most flexible typeface in this bunch is the Chamfort family. Since it was designed specifically for web use, this solid typeface is legible even in small sizes. It should fit branding, headlines, posters and the like. You have 12 fonts to choose from.

4. Cuciniere Font

The Handmade Design Bundle

This all-new font is geared towards food lovers. Cuciniere has mostly uppercase characters and only a few lowercase letters. It also features 40 cute hand-drawn icons of food such as pasta and desserts.

5. Regime Grotesk

The Handmade Design Bundle

Influenced by Italian graphic design from the ’20s and the ’30s, Regime Grotesk inherits the sloping S and low crossbars. Both characteristics were prominent in fascist regime propaganda aesthetic, but today’s designers will appreciate this flexible, clear and crisp font. With its modern look, it should have no trouble fitting in the various sectors of the corporate world.

Fonts and Brushes by Guerillacraft

Every single set designed by Guerillacraft oozes with personality. The typefaces and the brushes are usually themed, and they mostly cater to designers’ needs. Some are customizable while others solve common issues designers face when creating their illustrations.

Here are a few of the handmade designs made by Guerillacraft:

1. Pool Riders

The Handmade Design Bundle

This punk and skateboarding culture inspired font comes with 76 graphic elements. Fonts are available in three weights, thin, regular and bold. Pool Riders is designed specifically for gig posters, logos, and T-shirts.

2. Pencilcraft Brushes

The Handmade Design Bundle

For designers trying to bring that natural look to their illustrations, you have the Pencilcraft brushes. This kit features handmade design products using real pencils and leads to ensure high-quality details. With these brushes, you won’t have to worry about stretched lines.

3. 1950s Artist Brush Pack

Inspired by 1950s illustration, Guerillacraft created the handmade design products using ink, fingers and old brushes. The pack features 19 pattern-based brushes and 20 art brushes. There are plenty to choose from for projects like vector paintings and line art.

4. Western Typography Saloon

The Handmade Design Bundle

What’s great about this set is that you get control over most of the options in it. That’s quite a lot as it has 38 typography effects and 27 seamless texture patterns. It even has seven bonus brushes and eight vector textures.

5. Subtlecraft

Subtlecraft is a texture and brush set that would be perfect for web graphics or statement shirts. This collection has 50 textures which can be used for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It has another 50 texture brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

Decorative elements by 7th Avenue Designs

The bundle has several decorative materials thanks to 7th Avenue Designs. Most of what they added to the collection will suit young audiences. From textures to seamless patterns, these child-like illustrations will bring out your playful side. Other sets within the group are for logo-making, while some are meant for photography.

Here are a few of the various decorative elements they created:

1. Love in Spring

The Handmade Design Bundle

Love in Spring comes with 48 individual handmade design elements. It features nine wreaths, laurels, and bouquets. It has 18 shields and ribbons. It has 18 seamless patterns and so much more. This kit can be used for birthday cards, for stationeries and for scrapbooking. These handmade designs can truly brighten up space.

2. Artistic Photography Set

Another massive kit created by 7th Avenue Designs is the Artistic Photography Set. It features 150 fine art textures and 30 grunge brushes. It even has 10 clipping masks, 10 worn frames, and 10-word overlays. Not to mention, it has a Use Texture tutorial. It’s perfect for new photographers who want to try new styles but don’t know how. This should also be great for social media influencers who want to maintain their brand.

3. Logo Set 7

This is just one of 7th Avenue Designs’ logo sets in the bundle. This collection should help you get those creative juices flowing on days when you’re in a stump. All 20 logo templates are customizable. They are also vector-based.

4. Hello Dino Collection

The Handmade Design Bundle

The Hello Dino collection is perfect for designers with clients who work with young audiences. It comes with dinosaur-themed clipart. You can use it to come up with your designs. But it also has 21 seamless digital papers and 12 seamless vector patterns. Anyone who has this set will have a great time creating fun merchandise for kids.

5. Gold Foil

This collection features 20 seamless gold foil designs. It can be used in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. With one click, you can add a hint of gold to any of your designs. This should be perfect for holiday cards.

1,000+ Beautiful Vectors and Watercolours by Teeoclock.co

The Handmade Design Bundle

Last but not the least, the Handmade Design Bundle has a collection by artist Valentin Mihai, who designed more than a thousand vectors and watercolor illustrations in this kit. Mihai also created 100 digital watercolor papers and 10 fully customizable logos – all that, plus a step-by-step tutorial. If you don’t know how to add watercolor to any vector file, all you have to do is check the tutorial.

The kit is decorative, and it mostly suits feminine or youthful brands. The designs can be used on logos, cards, stationeries and for scrapbooking purposes.

The Handmade Design Bundle Rate and Discount

This collection is originally priced at $4338. But you can download the bundle now at Pixelo.net for only $29 and save 99%. That brings us to this question: Is it worth it? With thousands of design elements and nearly 200 unique fonts, $29 is such a steal.

Grab these handmade designs for $29 while you still can!

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