Responsive: The Journey To A Milestone

Responsive: The Journey To A Milestone

We take immense pride in announcing that our fully customizable, fast & responsive WordPress theme Responsive has managed to reach 50,000+ active installations milestone! And we are thankful to our users for helping us help you!

Daily Downloads

We are proud to say that the daily installation is still as high as it was when we first introduced the theme with over 1-2K daily installs. It has remained on the top of the list persistently for years without any downfall!

Each time a new version of WordPress rolls out, we’re all excited about getting to play with its new features and have updated our Responsive theme accordingly to meet the standards.

History And Evolution Of Responsive

Since its first release in 2012, Responsive has come a long way. Over these releases, markup and styles were added to the theme to add new customization features. To know more and learn better, let’s dive into the History and Evolution Of Responsive:

  • Responsive 1.0 (2012)
    • In 2012, Responsive launched as a First truly mobile-optimized WordPress theme. 
    • In this early version, the theme was customizable from the theme options page. 
  • Responsive 2.0 (2014)
    • In the two years since Responsive was launched, it grew extensively with new features, new designs, and plenty of behind-the-scenes enhancements.
    • With Responsive 2.0 we completely rewrote the Responsive theme with minified scripts to make the theme more responsive, mobile-friendly and to improve website speed.
  • Responsive 3.0 (2017)
    • With WordPress 3.0 update, WordPress introduced Customizer, theme previews, and new media manager.
    • With the Responsive 3.0 update, we coded our Responsive theme to make it compatible with Customizer. It enabled our users to make changes in Typography, Color, and other customizable options.
  • Responsive 3.3+ (November 2019)
    • In November 2019 we brought a major update and more customizable features with Responsive 3.3+ update.
    • With the Responsive 3.3+ update, we added Responsive Ready Sites Importer. It comes with free ready to use websites, that can be easily customized using the Elementor page builder.
    • We introduced Elementor ready-to-use website templates. It can be easily imported using our above-said importer. 
    • We added Support for WordPress Block (Gutenberg). We provided our users with the latest and greatest features, security enhancements, and bug fixes.
    • This update opened the doors for users to make changes by themselves. It enabled our users to make changes in Typography, Color, Layout and many other customizable elements.
  • Responsive 4.0 (December 2019)
    • In December 2019 we launched Responsive 4.0 with some major changes to conform with W3C HTML standards.
    • We introduced Gutenberg’s ready-to-use website templates.
    • Much Simplified customization options.
    • We have created many options to customize the header and footer with Multiple headers and footer layout features.
    • To know more about Responsive 4.0 changes, how this will affect your website and how you can fix it. Check this Article: Everything you need to know to upgrade to Responsive 4.0.0

Wrapping Up

With over 50,000 active installs we aim to reach even further goals that we have targeted improving our user’s experience and support. We are very thankful to our loyal customers and followers for this great achievement and love. 

And yes, if you have any suggestions to make our theme future-ready and more fine-tuned! Do Write to Us!

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