Receive $8.00 Off Any Theme, Plugin, or Bundle

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When it comes to shopping, who doesn’t like a sale? Using coupon code “take8” you will receive $8.00 OFF any CyberChimps product!You can get:

Altitude, Responsive Pro, or Vertical for just $31.99!

Parallax Pro, Radiant Pro, or iRibbon Pro 2 for just $21.99!

Here’s the real kicker – you can get the pro version of the iFeature Slider for just $11.99!

What if you want a couple of themes, or maybe a theme and a plugin? Well, you can simply make two separate purchases, and use the coupon code on both!

This reusable coupon is perfect to show your friends and family you were thinking about them. Share the coupon code to get them in on the savings!

(This coupon is valid for any theme, plugin or bundle. This coupon is not valid for CyberChimps Services. Coupon expires September 8th, 2014)

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