Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress Development Will Never Die- Explained

Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress Development Will Never Die- Explained

Every so often, we come across some articles showing the tips and tricks on how to build WordPress Website. Many, written nicely, are quite helpful to those who are looking for website development for their business.
WordPress, initiated as a blogging platform in 2003, has widened its reach to various features supporting the aspects related to the web content making itself as the most popular content management software.
Also, as per a W3Techs report, WordPress is used by 59.4% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This ratio comprises 31.9% of all the sites.
However, at times, a question arises in our minds, Why? Why do we have to use WordPress for our business website? What good WordPress can bring to our business? How long will WordPress be living up to sustain in the market? Moreover, many other.
Answering many of these “Why’s?” and “How’s?”, we come up with this article discussing the reasons why WordPress Development will be living longer than thought.

Your Pocket’s Friend

Being beautiful with the content, the Custom WordPress Development bases on the database, and the design.
The layout design is tremendously useful, both, to your business website and your pocket.
Moreover, you can develop and maintain your WordPress website if you find it tedious to hire a WordPress Developer for each time to update and modify the content on your site.
Moreover, WordPress comes as an open-source platform for users to download it free of cost and pocket-friendly as well as efficient to use.

Its responsive nature

We all breathe in the air where having a mobile phone is like a life-line and for businesses, to have a mobile responsive website has remained no option but a necessity.
It can become quite a task to have a business website on the mobile platform as well if the site initially developed is not the one designed with responsive technology.
However, WordPress brings a solution to this problem. It has the technology of the responsive web design which supports the website when running in the mobile version as well.
With the increase in the number of the numerous types of devices, it becomes vital for a business to have a website that supports in all the various platforms with the proper user interface as well as user experience.
Getting the correct Custom WordPress Development Services can help the business develop a responsive website for multiple platforms precisely as desired.

Innovative Themes

A website theme is an online representation of your business brand and nature deciding the navigation on the site.
With a variety of businesses in the market, there arises the need for innovative themes to suit their online presentation.
Luckily, WordPress stands in the market with many fancy themes to match the business category and the requirements.
It lets the users download the custom themes as required for the business requirements making the site more interesting.
If you feel that the available themes do not make you much happier with the appearance and the feel, you can take assistance from a WordPress Custom theme Development Company that are experts with the custom theme development to match your business requirements.

Numerous Plugins
A plugin in WordPress is like the spine of the platform.
A plugin helps you to customize the business website as required.
You can add various preferred features and functionalities to your website through plugins.
You can come up with a new feature to your website just by installing a new plugin in it.
Sometimes, you might feel that the available plugins don’t match your requirement and you need a new WordPress Plugin Development for your site, so for that, you can get the WordPress Developers for hire.
When thinking of plugins, you must know this as a cherry point. If you have a plugin with some specific features which match your current requirement somewhat but not entirely, you can make modifications in the existing plugin instead of developing a whole new plugin.

WordPress supports self-hosting

Web hosting is a task nowadays if you have a new business website and are new to the market.
However, if you have WordPress by your side, you can go stress-free for the Web hosting of your website.
It gets ranked as the most popular blogging platform because of its feature supporting the self-hosting.
Self-hosting refers to the term of the use of a program as a tool that yields the new versions of that same program.
It allows the user to choose the hosting provider and install the software on it.
A self-hosted WordPress program is quite cost-efficient and easy to use.
It allows the user to choose the custom domain name as desired rather than the sub-domain name.

WordPress attracts Search Engines

When we talk about our website and the search engines, nothing better than WordPress can live up to the expectations for the rankings and marketing.
Google being the search giant, will give priority to something that is easy to read and clean in representation. WordPress’ constant and straightforward code makes it ideal for Google Indexing.
Along with readability, it gives you full control to customize the SEO components for every page to get the ranks for each page. It enables you to focus on performing SEO campaigns on the pages with high conversion.
You can also manage the web pages as per the SEO quality they have and update the unique content as much required according to the Google Research and Development parameters.
Adding to these, you can add a meta tag keyword to each page and the post of their own.
Also, you can add the description, title, and optimize pages for specific keywords, alluring the particular optimization.

Scalable as per requirement

As you grow, the content also grows.
Simplifying this, what I mean over here is that it is quite understandable that when or as your business grows there is a rise in the quantity of the content posted on your website.
An increase in the website content will bring an increase in the number of web pages it has and relevantly increasing the load on the website’s performance as well.
However, you can relax from this issue when you are using WordPress Development Services as WordPress has the efficiency of being a highly scalable platform.
It will assist you to keep all your website content irrespective of the number of pages and blog posts added on your website without pinching the performance of your site at all.
WordPress understands a business’s ambition and stays strong standing when you keep pouring the content on your website.
It lets you add as many blogs or articles you want to update, satisfying your business’ marketing strategies.
This is one of the significant reasons for the long life of WordPress.

Complete Integration on Social Media

It now has become the past, when you needed to copy the entire article and paste and update it on every single social media account manually.
WordPress, being smart, allows you to update on all your social media accounts in one go.
It is one of the benefits you get when you hire a WordPress Development Company; they help you with the complete social media integration steps.
You get trained and become able to update the content on all your social media accounts every time you write fresh content.
You don’t have to log in to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any of the community accounts one by one and post your content. WordPress will update the content and post it to your social networking community.

High on Security

One of the early faults against the WordPress Development Services when it started was poor security. This issue has now been eradicated.
As long as you have an efficient WordPress development agency assisting you, you can strengthen your business website’s security and make it robust.
You can protect your website from the hackers out there and get it a shield against the malpractices performed on the sites by the crooks on the web.
It was quite tricky to fix this issue in traditional sites.
With the help of WordPress, the WordPress Development Companies have been able to fix the bugs and the malware in the websites.
It is essential to manage the data security, web security, and content security of a business website to protect it in the competitive market; to which WordPress becomes helpful.

Handles multiple designers along with various users

Well, whether you are happy with your hired WordPress development company or the WordPress Development Services or not, your website will be going into the hands of many designers.
Previously, this was like a nightmare to the business owners to change the Web Design Agency hired for their website as every agency used a different platform for the development.
Now, with the existence of WordPress, it has become quite a relief for the businesses to opt for other WordPress development services if they are not happy with the existing one.
WordPress gives you the freedom to choose the best for your business as it operates on a universal and open-source platform.
Apart from designers, WordPress is strong enough to handle multiple users at a time.
It has a feature of adding users to your WordPress site deploying it among the levels of administration.
As an admin, you can set-up multiple user accounts and assign them the desired authority levels and access capabilities.

A few more on the top of the pile:

  • WooCommerce – WordPress brings up this free eCommerce plugin for the businesses that run an online store. WooCommerce serves as a powerful eCommerce solution giving complete control to both the store owners and the developers to sell the business goods online.
  • Complete Control – While competing in this tight market, it is quite irritating to wait for your WordPress development agency to make the updates on your business website. This platform enables you to make the necessary updates on your site by yourself.
  • Good-Bye to tedious HTML editing – WordPress is a self-contained software and does not require any additional editing software. You can create and upload the documents, files, images or videos without any extra HTML or FTP software editing.


Well, these are some handful of the reasons justifying the long sustainability of WordPress in the CMS market of the websites, but we have many other things to discuss regarding this content management software which will add up to its benefits.
These are the reason which can help you understand the benefits of creating your new business website or reviving your existing business website to WordPress.
A WordPress website can take your business website to the next level enhancing its online presence along with connecting the potential customers to the business.
Whether you opt for a WordPress Website Development Company India, WordPress Development Company in the USA, or any WordPress development agency in your respective zone, make sure that you choose the best one and get the maximum out of it.
While you might be looking out for a hand to help you with the development, we serve as one of the Best WordPress Development Company in India to help you get the best of the WordPress development services with all the necessary skills and enthusiasm to assist you.

Manan Ghadawala, the founder of 21Twelve Interactive - one of the proficient WordPress Development Company in India and the USA, supports his clients with all the WordPress needs across the world. He is an eager as well as composed performing director for his team and his clients.

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