Google’s RankBrain – Google ranking factors to consider for SEO

Every couple of years, Google releases an all new search algorithm in hopes to increase the experience of their consumer. Each update presents website owners with new challenges and difficulties that must be faced to maintain high search rankings.

Although many updates pose seemingly minor problems, some updates will cause an upheaval of everything we know concerning SEO. With the recent introduction of Rankbrain, many business owners are wondering how the new Google search algorithm will affect their sales. In this article, we want to resolve the mystery behind Google ranking and their implementation of artificial intelligence.

A Quick History

Beginning in the mid-90s, marketers and website owners alike began to understand the power of the internet and generating sales. When Google introduced their minimal and relevant search engine, these two groups started to cater their web design and content to the algorithm within the search engine. In the beginning, Google would search for:

  • Keywords: words that are directly correlated to the topic of your website.
  • Domain name relevance: the domain name of a website had to coincide with the content on your site.
  • Regular updates: Regular updates had to be made to reassure Google that new fresh content was present.

As marketers became aware of the Google search algorithm, they utilized ways to increase their page ranking without providing significant content. Google responded by updating their algorithm which changed the ranking of every website at the time. Throughout the years, Google regularly updates the algorithm to provide the best content to their users.

What Is Rankbrain and Why Is It Important?

Up until recently, Google search was based on an algorithm that would distinguish the best results for a particular search. To do this, Google’s search algorithm would search through a website’s code and words in hopes to find the most relevant and useful information about a certain search inquiry.

With the introduction of the new Hummingbird search algorithm, Google has implemented an artificial intelligence technology that is supposed to increase the relevancy of our searches.

Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning

The implementation of artificial intelligence is a huge deal for SEO experts. Instead of maneuvering an algorithm, experts must outsmart a technology that can learn to reach a high Google ranking. Artificial intelligence is not like most technologies. Instead of dealing with an old fashioned computer, an artificial intelligence machine can do the following:

  • Learn: artificial intelligence machines can learn and change.
  • Become smarter: artificial intelligence machines become smarter than an average human within days of integration.
  • Differentiate: this new technology can learn about new methods of spamming that many marketers try to use.

The integration of an artificial intelligence algorithm into Google’s engine will change the way SEO is done in the future. The process of creating SEO friendly material will no longer be a process of catering to an individual update because the Google search algorithm will constantly change from now on.

Is The New Algorithm Hummingbird or Something Else?

Officially, the algorithm has been named Hummingbird, however, there are many different components to the new algorithm. One of the components is Rankbrain. On top of the artificial intelligence component, there is another function called Pagerank that is responsible for cataloging backlinks which was implemented around 1999. The new Hummingbird algorithm contains the following components:

  • PandaPenguin, and Payday are designed to fight spam websites.
  • Pigeon is designed to improve searches that are inquiring about local businesses.
  • Top Heavy is responsible for promoting ad-heavy websites.
  • Mobile Friendly increases the ranking of high-performing mobile websites.
  • Pirate has been implemented to decrease the ranking of websites that contain copy-written material.

As you can tell, the latest update has an enormous amount of new components that will make any SEO expert concerned about the placement of their website. However, there are still ways to ensure you consistently place at the top of any Google search.

The Best Way To Achieve Results

To get a high ranking, you need to create great, fresh content consistently. Integrating a blog, video, and social platforms that promote your material will increase your exposure within your industry and ultimately provide great content for all of your consumers.

Google was created to provide great content for their customers. If you consistently create great content, Google will bring customers to your website. If you wish to increase your rankings, contact us today. With our passion for great SEO, we have a created a track record of achieving results for all of our clients.

So RankBrain is part of the overall Hummingbird algorithm. It doesn’t handle all searches, as only the overall algorithm would.

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  • Bican Valeriu /September 28, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Can’t understand clearly. This update is live ?

    • Pooja Vangikar /September 28, 2016 at 10:11 pm

      Hi Bican,

      Google is already using this artificial intelligence system to monitor its search results.
      RankBrain was rolled out in early 2015 and it’s been fully live and global for a few months now.

      • Bican Valeriu /October 7, 2016 at 6:46 am

        Did not know that. I guess that’s why Google removes thousands of sites every day due to duplicate content.

  • Netref /October 7, 2016 at 5:40 am

    it looks like it was a dark september for some SEO experts : lots of move in the SERPs
    and some weird results in the first page for some search like empty websites, is Rankbrain sick ?

  • Bóris /October 26, 2016 at 11:59 am

    The Google is getting smarter and therefore increasingly requires us to create a true and single article, it is difficult but not impossible, so only the best are coming on top

  • Paulo Gomes /April 18, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Google is getting more difficult for sites that contain bad content!

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