Stop Worrying About Money And Promote Your WordPress Blog!!

Stop Worrying About Money And Promote Your WordPress Blog!!

Don’t know how to promote WordPress blog?
Let me guess, you started a wordpress blog, and lost motivation after writing a few articles. That’s completely understandable.

Blogging is the best way to share your ideas and experience with others. This helps to reach out to a large number of people with a few clicks. It is not just a way of self-expression but also a good marketing technique. This is where you may be lacking. Or you may just have lost motivation to write further.

So, In this article, we will tell you in detail how to promote WordPress blog after you have created one successfully. 

1. Have the best WordPress Theme on the website.

Whether you are a Yoga trainer, Travel Blogger, Freelance Interior Designer Or a Food Blogger, You must have a website themes that resonates with your business.
Here are links to some of the best theme you can find for reasonable price. There are some of the Free WordPress Responsive Themes you can download and use today.

Yoga Trainer

Yoga Trainer

Travel Blog


Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Food Blog

2. Create quality content 

Your content is the primary element when it comes to blogs. The purpose of the blog is to share your expertise with the people who are seeking information in a particular field. Your blog should be able to answer all the queries they might have in their mind about the subject you write on. If your readers find your content useful, they revisit your site and wait for your next post. It increases word of mouth also. It increases traffic.    

Here are some tips to create quality content – 

  • Write on a subject close to your heart 
  • Be target specific and try to offer the people what they want to read 
  • Try to understand the demand of the time. What are the new developments in your field and what your readers want to hear from you on the burning issues 
  • Use simple language, short sentences, small paragraphs and try to create an emotional appeal through your tone of writing 
  • Use a catchy headline and break your articles under multiple subheadings for the ease of the readers 

3. Upgrade to paid version of theme

The theme is the element that set your look. Merely having quality text is not enough to make a blog popular. It has to be visually appealing as well. If you have a good theme, you don’t need to worry much about the layout. Nowadays most paid WordPress themes are made with additional and specific features. They offer you pre-designed templates made to fit your needs. You just have to import the templates, add your details and publish them. After you have spend some time creating quality content, its time to move to a pro version of WordPress theme.

Here are some popular themes for blogs – 

Responsive Theme is a  multipurpose WordPress theme.  It is an ideal theme for blogs and portfolios. This amazing theme offers you lots of premade templates designed for different purposes. Responsice theme has a blazing fast loading speed. It comes with custom header and footer layouts and sidebar carousels. There are blog layouts and pricing tables. The theme is ready to use and is easy to customize. No coding knowledge required to use this. It is most suitable for designers, bloggers and business. The theme is responsive and retina ready. It is available at $47.  

SimpleMag- Blog Theme

SimpleMag is a creative and multipurpose theme for blogs. It helps you to create any kind of blog with easy to use rich features. The easy to use drag and drop builder allows you to give your desired look to your blog. The theme offers you a configurable dropdown mega menu, an off-canvas mobile menu and a smart footer. There are different homepages and categories layouts. The theme is available at $29. 

4. SEO optimize your articles 

You may have exclusive quality contents on your blog but if there is no page visit, it is of no use. Nowadays most of the traffic comes to a webpage through search engines. Optimization is must if you want a search engine spider to find you. You have to try various optimisation techniques like keyword research, image optimisation etc. to increase the traffics of your blog. 
You must know how to SEO optimize your blog content.

5. Update blog posts with trending topics 

Selecting a trending topic may work like magic. A trending topic usually means a topic that most of the people search for on the web. So, if you write on any such topic, you are likely to get good traffic. But, finding a popular topic is not enough, you need to have command over it to producer quality content. Unless you are an expert in the field, your blogs will not seem satisfactory to the readers.  

6. Post regularly 

If you keep posting your blogs after a regular interval, it has its own advantage. People develop an expectation that on a particular day they will get something new from you. On that day they visit your site. It is good for word of mouth publicity also. If your content is interesting enough they ask others also to visit your site on those days when you usually post. So, the best way is to post on a particular day in a week.  

7. Do social media marketing 

Social media marketing is one of the most widely used to promote your WordPress blog. Social media is the most active and popular medium today. It has the maximum reach as it is a global platform. You can go for email marketing, Search engine marketing or ask your readers to share your articles on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. This way you can gain popularity easily.    

8. Encourage guest posting 

Sometimes guest posting adds some extra value to your blogs if the author is a celebrity or a for an influencer in a field. People love to hear expert opinions and wish to learn something from them. So, if you feature celebrity authors regularly, viewers will keep visiting your site. The best way is to post a guest article after a regular interval or on a particular day of a week. Then the readers will know when to visit your site for a special blog. If you feature the recent posts on the page, people will visit your blogs as well if there is a good post with a catchy headline.  

There is another way to promote your WordPress blog through guest posting. You can post your blogs on someone else’s blog or website and asks readers to visit your site for more details. The technique not just popularises your blog but also brings external links from higher authority sites. It improves your SEO position. 

9. Promote images relevant to your blog topic 

Images speak more than words. A single image is worth a thousand words. If you can use images properly your blogs will get enormous popularity. In fact, it is the feature image that catches the eyes of the viewers first. So, be very careful while selecting images. They have to be effective and relevant to your topic. They should lead the viewers to your texts. Optimize the images properly otherwise they will affect your loading speed.    

10. Attract backlinks 

Backlinks are very crucial factors for a blog. They don’t just make your blog popular but have an impact on your SEO rank as well. The more do-follow links you get the better a position you are likely to get. Everyone loves to feature on the first page. So, encourage backlinks to promote your blog and get more traffic.  

11. Cross-promote blogs with fellow bloggers 

Cross promoting blog is the method that most bloggers use these days. It helps a lot to promote your WordPress blog.  By sharing your articles on multiple social media platforms you can attract a maximum number of people. The biggest advantage of cross-promoting is that you can put your contents before the target group of another individual or brand. It helps you to widen your target base and enter new areas.  

12. Make YouTube videos 

YouTube videos are a very powerful way to attract and holdback viewers. YouTube is a great platform to reach out to a large number of people with your offerings in the form of a video or audio clip. You can make a video on the subject you write on and then add a link in the comment section. You can say at the end of the video that if the viewers want to know more they can click on the link. This is a good way to attract traffic.  


We have given here some useful tips to promote your blogs. But, these are very common tips shared by the expert writers. Which one will work for you completely depends on your purpose,  current status and also the environment you are in. Only you can understand what challenges you are facing. So, go for a self-analysis first and then accordingly find your way to popularise your blogs. This is the last and final tip.  

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