CyberChimps Prime Support

Need help with a CyberChimps theme? Or need minor customizations? We got you covered.

What's included?

CyberChimps Prime comes with private, priority technical support to keep your WordPress website running smoothly.

Priority Support

Get replies to your support requests from an expert support team member within 24 hours.

Private Support

Work one-on-one with a support team member via our private helpdesk / email.

Premium Forum Access

Get quick answers to your product related questions directly from our support team.


Get our WordPress developers to find & fix product issues by accessing your website remotely.

HTML/CSS Support

Get expert help from our developers for minor HTML / CSS changes and fixes to your theme.

Lifetime Updates

As Prime member, you'll get product updates and fixes as long as we maintain the product.

Get priority support, access to all our premium themes, daily backups & malware protection with CyberChimps Prime.

Example Support Requests

Not sure what you can ask help for. Here are some example support requests that you can and cannot request help for.

How do I do ‘X’ with a CyberChimps theme?
I need to restore my website what it was on a previous date. Can you help?
There are alignment issues in my website. Can you fix them?
My website’s logo needs some space around it. Can you help me fix it?
Where can I download my themes?
I don’t know CSS. Can you give me a code snippet to achieve ‘X’?
I want to do minor tweaks to my theme’s stylesheet. Can you help?
Can you help me import demo content for my theme?
Can you make my CyberChimps theme look like theme ‘X’?
Can you add a feature ‘X’ to my CyberChimps theme?
Can you change the layout of my website built using a CyberChimps theme?
Get priority support, access to all our premium themes, daily backups & malware protection with CyberChimps Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I contact support for?

You can contact our support for any questions related to your account, billing, pre-sales or about a product. Prime members can also request support for minor HTML / CSS changes.

What does priority support mean?

Prime members get a response within 24 hours for their queries from our expert developers or support team members.

What does private support mean?

Private support gives you access to our helpdesk. Unlike support in forums, your support requests are visible only to you and are answered by our support team members.

What does troubleshooting mean?

Sometimes issues that you encounter cannot be reproduced in our environments. In such situations we troubleshoot & fix issues by accessing your website remotely.

What's included in HTML/CSS support?

HTML/CSS support includes minor changes to the HTML and CSS of the WordPress website on which our theme is installed. We can also provide you code snippets for such minor changes.

Can you help me customize a CyberChimps theme?

You can easily use our themes using the WordPress Live customizer and page builders like Elementor. At this point, we do not provide customization support directly in the theme or a child theme.

How many websites can I request support for?

You can get support for one website per product purchased from us.

How long will I receive theme updates?

You’ll continue to receive theme updates (fixes & security updates) as long as your subscription is active and we continue maintaining the theme.

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