Premium WordPress Fitness Themes For Gym, Fitness Centers and Crossfit Groups

Planning to build a fitness related website? WordPress is here to help. It gives you hundreds of plugin options for various kinds of fitness websites like gyms, fitness centers, crossfit groups, dance studios, outdoor fitness groups, clubs, etc. There are plugins to cater to every requirement, and a majority of them can be customized or tailored to personalize your website. With the advent of fitness awareness and events like marathons, being your physical best has once again become the primary lifestyle choice. And so, a lot of enthusiasts and professionals are coming up with their own fitness and wellness related websites. In this article, we are listing out the top 30 WordPress fitness themes for gyms, fitness centers and crossfit groups.

Best WordPress Fitness Themes

Athlete Fitness – The WordPress fitness theme with Premium Features

Athlete Fitness WordPress fitness theme

Athlete Fitness is a versatile WordPress fitness theme that offers a lot of premium features that make website creation easy. It sports features such as a Visual Composer, Master Slider, Event Calendar, Event Detail, EventOn, Trainer Class and Management System and many more. The look and style of this theme is sleek, modern, cutting edge and powerful. Given all that it has to offer, Athlete Fitness can be used for many types of websites, but is the theme of choice for gyms and fitness centers. It is perfect for hosting all kinds of fitness and CrossFit events and getting people together.

Check Out Athelete Fitness

Fitness Pro – Attractive WordPress Theme for Fitness Groups

Athlete Fitness WordPress fitness theme

Fitness Pro is a WordPress Theme for gyms and fitness groups. It features a unique full-width feature image section to promote your business. It is not restricted to a single domain and can be used across any niche, It can be used for any business, health club, sport, dance studio, and agency web pages. It comes with collapsible effect for social media icons and. It has four skin colors and many customizing options to build a website as per your needs. Its full-width header feature image makes your website look extremely stunning.

Check Out Fitness Pro

Gym Edge – The responsive WordPress fitness theme

Gym Edge WordPress fitness theme

GymEdge is a multipurpose WordPress fitness theme that has a responsive design and strong framework. Making a fitness website using GymEdge is very simple because of the Visual Composer, Redux framework, and countless layout and demo options. The stylish layout let’s you create a stunning website, displaying all that you have to offer beautifully and effectively. The theme also comes with a WooCommerce integration for those who wish to create their fitness related e-Store on the site. Overall, GymEdge is robust, dynamic, powerful, modern and interactive.

Check Out Gym Edge

Fitness Zone – The flexible WordPress fitness theme

Fitness Zone WordPress fitness theme

Fitness Zone is a great WordPress theme for fitness centers, gyms and clubs owing to its versatility and powerful features. It offers a host demo options with in-built inside pages to help you create your website within minutes. You can find features such as a custom Sidebar, Image Galleries, Video Files, Events Calendar, shortcodes integrated within the theme. The theme is beautiful, contemporary and sharp, allowing you to create visually-stunning websites in no time. Whether you have a fitness center website, virtual fitness website, a fitness portfolio or anything else, Fitness Zone can adapt to every niche.

Check Out Fitness Zone

Sportify – The WordPress fitness theme for CrossFit enthusiasts

Sportify - WordPress fitness theme

Sportify is a great WordPress theme for CrossFit enthusiasts, gym websites and fitness centers. It can create a beautiful website that’s also very powerful. The theme comes with in-built sections that your website will need, like the Testimonials, calendar, events, team, contact us, lessons, etc. You can even integrate your e-Store into it owing to its WooCommerce compatibility. The theme options panel is very easy to understand, and you can include things like a call-to-action or pricing table easily into the website. Sportify also features a powerful slider for you to capture viewers with stunning images.

Check Out Sportify

Sports & Life – The WordPress theme for fitness enthusiasts

Sports & Life flexible WordPress fitness theme

Sports & Life is a great WordPress theme for fitness enthusiasts and gyms because of its sheer functionality. It offers awesome features that double up as a fitness time table or reminder using which you can track your trainers, schedule, workouts, testimonials, reviews, and a lot more. It is great to keep tabs on your entire website and feel the community’s vibe. This theme is easy to use, manage, and is quite interactive. It offers many theme options to customize the site, and is also optimized for the search engine to enhance your rankings. This theme is so easy to use that it requires no coding, just some basic computer knowledge.

Check Out Sports & Life

Crossfit – A versatile WordPress fitness theme

Crossfit multipurpose WordPress fitness theme

Whether you have a fitness blog, fitness-related informative website, or a gym or fitness center website, Crossfit is a great WordPress theme that accommodates different functionalities and purposes. It offers a scheduling feature that’s powered by Ajax and allows you to time your sessions, workouts, and basically create a time table. This theme is quite customizable and has a 1 click demo installer, custom logo, custom colours, more than 600 Google fonts, and you can also add trainers, locations, classes, etc. very easily.

Check Out Crossfit

JustFit – The comprehensive WordPress fitness theme

Justfit versatile WordPress fitness theme

The great thing about JustFit is that it is a WordPress fitness theme that’s very versatile in terms of almost everything. To start with, it is completely responsive and seamlessly adapts to any screen size and resolution. It is has multilingual support so that you can target a wider audience. The SEO friendly feature ensures that your website ranks well. It is also optimized for AdSense. It has various drag-and-drop sections that enable faster site creation besides being highly customizable. In a nutshell, JustFit is great for fitness websites because it helps with ranking, monetization, capturing a global audience and creating stunning site pages.

Check Out JustFit

Etalon – The industry-wide WordPress fitness theme

Etalon multipurpose WordPress fitness theme

The highlight of Etalon is that it is an extremely versatile and multipurpose WordPress theme that covers a large portion of the industry sector. Just check out the demos. As a fitness theme, it is highly customizable and offers demos that cater to fitness and indoor training. Hence, it’s a great WordPress theme for gyms and training centers. Etalon is responsive, loads fast, has WooCommerce support, flexible, SEO friendly and displays stunning images with the Pixel perfect quality. And that’s just the beginning!

Check Out Etalon

Olympic – The minimal WordPress fitness theme

Olympic minimal WordPress fitness theme

Olympic is a minimal WordPress fitness theme that works great for gyms, crossfit groups, fitness centers, and everything related to fitness. The theme sports a widget-format on the homepage, enabling you to easily drag and drop sections and content without any coding. It has a photo gallery, services page, staff page, blog and contact us; it is also integrated with the events calendar plugin for creating various schedules and time tables. Olympic also comes with widgets for social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. It is an effective way of getting more visits and engagements.

Check Out Olympic

Infinite – The WordPress fitness theme with a modern design

Infinite multipurpose WordPress fitness theme

Just like Etalon, Infinite is also a multipurpose WordPress theme that is very service-industry oriented. The demos will give you an idea. It is a great fitness theme owing to its contemporary and flexible design. This theme is completely responsive, robust, sturdy, very easy to set up and customizable. It offers many options that aid in creating beautiful website pages with colours, animations, and more without writing any code. It is a very versatile theme that can do a lot for your fitness website in terms of creating offerings and attracting audiences.

Check Out Infinite

Fat to Fit – The interactive WordPress fitness theme

Fat to Fit interactive WordPress fitness theme

Fat to Fit is a very interactive WordPress fitness theme that is exclusively created for gyms, fitness centers and the like. This theme offers many awesome features such as complete responsiveness, WooCommerce support, blogs, high resolution image display, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, email templates, layout options, Google fonts, WPML friendliness and more. So whether you want to have a fitness website, tutorials, blogs, before and after success stories, videos, or a store, Fat to Fit makes it possible. Even all together!

Check Out Fat to Fit

FitPro – The long-term WordPress fitness theme

FitPro WordPress fitness theme

FitPro is a WordPress fitness theme that you can keep using for a long time to come. It is regularly updated to include better and enhanced features. The highlight of this theme is that it has 50 premium elements that are exclusively crafted just for it, and you won’t find them anywhere else. Besides this, FitPro also offers features like a user friendly interface, Visual Composer, Page Builder, WooCommerce plugin, host of customization options and a lot more. It can help you create interactive and stunningly-simple fitness websites.

Check Out FitPro

Energy – The creative WordPress fitness theme

Energy multipurpose WordPress fitness theme

Energy is a versatile and multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used to create websites for various industries, and is highly-suited for gym, crossfit, and other fitness-related websites. The thing about this theme is that it loads fast, and is very interactive. It will keep your users engaged. Energy is retina ready and features a full-screen slider that can display brilliant images. It also comes with a page builder that let’s you add widgets to the homepage with ease. Although it isn’t very customizable, Energy helps your website look creative, interactive and stunning.

Check Out Energy

Fitness – The hardcore WordPress fitness theme

Fitness versatile WordPress fitness theme

Fitness, as the name suggests, is a theme for fitness enthusiasts, centers, groups, and even Yoga lovers. This all-inclusive fitness-related WordPress theme is intuitive and flexible, making it very easy to build website pages. It lets you create modern, minimal and stylish websites. It offers many, many templates, customization options, handles videos effectively, and is dynamic and robust. It has a Visual Composer, built-in shortcodes, resposnsiveness and a lot more. This is a great theme for fitness websites.

Check Out Fitness

Fitpress – The translation-friendly WordPress fitness theme

Versatile WordPress fitness theme

Fitpress is a versatile WordPress fitness theme that works great for gym, fitness center, and group workout websites that schedule classes and workouts or regimes online. It has a built in table plugin with a calendar widget that helps you do this. This is a translation friendly theme that helps you create multilingual websites to rope in a more global audience. It also comes with a smart live theme customizer that lets you test out demos and setup the website in no time. FitPress has its share of plugins that accompany it, enabling you to create stunning webpages. It also has an intuitive drag and drop builder for creating pages easily.

Check Out Fitpress

Asana – The Yoga WordPress fitness theme

Asana Yoga-centric WordPress theme

As the name suggests Asana is a Yoga-centric WordPress theme for all those who practice this form of exercise and mindfulness as a lifestyle. Oh, it’s also great for other types of fitness websites! This theme has a pristine and calming quality about it, and features a clean, crisp, fresh and exhilarating appearance. This vibrant, colourful and charming theme is customizable, search engine optimized, has a Revolution Slider, WooCommerce support, Events Calendar, and is built on an intuitive and powerful framework. And that’s just the half of it! So if you are looking for a cheerful and soothing website, then Asana is a good theme to choose.

Check Out Asana

Meridian Fitness – The woman-centric WordPress fitness theme

Female-centric WordPress fitness theme

Meridian Fitness is a slightly more female-centric WordPress fitness theme built for fitness centers and clubs that revolve more around having female groups or communities. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for unisex fitness websites though. This theme is highly responsive, very intuitive, has a sleek and feminine design, is very graphically enhanced, and looks stunning and captivating. It is highly customizable, making it adaptable to all kinds of fitness websites, and for both genders. You also have a schedule option for creating time tables to your classes or sessions. Overall, Meridian Fitness is a great theme if you want to build a versatile, beautiful and powerful website.

Check Out Meridian Fitness

Gym X – The complete WordPress fitness theme

Gym X WordPress fitness theme

Gym X is an out-and-out WordPress fitness theme that caters to all fitness-related services and activities, be it indoors or outdoors. It is a highly-customizable theme that lets you play around with the fonts and colours to create a personalized website that is truly identifiable with you. You can create sites in different languages with the WPML friendly feature that Gym X offers; besides, it also has a scheduler, Google Maps integration, a MegaMenu, excellent customer support and a lot more. If you want to engage the fitness community in various ways, then Gym X should be your theme of choice.

Check Out Gym X

In Shape – The motivational WordPress fitness theme

Motivating WordPress fitness theme

In Shape is for those who want to motivate others to join the fitness bandwagon. This WordPress theme is suitable for fitness coaches, personal trainers, and gym websites among others. What makes In Shape stand out is the clean, vibrant, professional layout that makes your images pop. It features the stunning parallax effect and a powerful slider for making photos and graphics stand out even more. In Shape offers a lot of personalization options in terms of colours, layouts, sidebars, custom widgets, and a drag and drop builder to boot. Versatile and functional, In Shape is truly a stunning fitness theme from WordPress.

Check Out In Shape

Gym & Fitness – The WordPress fitness theme for businesses

WordPress theme for gyms

Gym & Fitness is a proper WordPress theme for gyms, fitness centers, personal trainers, fitness clubs, crossfit groups, and anything fitness-related. It is completely responsive, boasts of a modern design, offers a theme options panel for you to effortlessly design your unique website, and also has a host of colour options for added personalization. It has WooCommerce support for those who wish to have an e-Store. Additionally, you will get the unique ‘Join the Class’ option that is helpful in getting more engagements, the social sharing buttons for some SMM, and an integrated pricing table. Gym & Fitness is a great theme for those who want to monetize on their fitness expertise.

Check Out Gym & Fitness

Fitspiration – The inspiring WordPress fitness theme

Free WordPress fitness theme

The name certainly sounds mighty inspiring and powerful, doesn’t it? Fitspiration is a free WordPress fitness theme which is highly-suitable for passionate fitness bloggers, crossfit blogs, workout blogs, and even fitness nutrition blogs. It has a contemporary layout and is quite versatile when it comes to the purpose of the website. This is a visually-powerful theme that offers an optional slider on top of the homepage, and a masonry style layout. It offers a unique ‘Classes’ page that displays the list of classes that you conduct, if any. It is linked to Instagram so that you can share your photos and information there. And it features a gallery too. Fitspiration is a simple yet stunning fitness theme.

Check Out Fitspiration

Fitness Premium Gym – The premium WordPress fitness theme

Premium WordPress fitness theme

This is a premium WordPress fitness theme that’s especially great for CrossFit groups, and also gyms, fitness centers, etc. Fitness Premium Gym is built on a powerful Twitter Bootstrap framework, is SEO friendly, very easy to use, has WooCommerce support, and is 100% responsive. It also offers custom widgets and colours, and an awesome touch and swipe function to enhance the responsive experience. You also get the Revolution Slider to display stunning images. Purchasing this theme is worth the price because of its premium features, awesome content, and lifetime updates and support.

Check Out Fitness Premium Gym

Active Sports – A stunning WordPress fitness theme

Beautiful fitness theme from WordPress

Active Sports is certainly a beautiful fitness theme from WordPress that offers some awesome premium features for a reasonably price. To start with, this theme features a stunning background video option instead of the usual image. You can add thrilling videos to the background at the top of the page for a very impactful experience. Besides, this theme is quite flexible and customizable, has call-to-action buttons, a beautiful parallax effect, CSS animations, 80+ shortcodes, multilingual support, and more!

Check Out Active Sports

Fightclub – A minimalist WordPress fitness theme

Premium WordPress fitness theme

The rule is that you never talk about Fight Club, but when it comes to the theme you can’t help but not! FightClub is a premium WordPress fitness theme that’s powerful, minimalistic, elegant, and offers a lot of awesome features. This versatile theme has a filterable portfolio, details page, contact form, location feature and time table pages. It has retina readiness that sharpens your images and makes them more vibrant. The customization options gives you a lot of scope for personalizing your website. FightClub lets you go crazy with your website. So what are you waiting for!

Check Out Fightclub

VW Fitness – The perfect WordPress theme for fitness trainers

Free fitness theme from WordPress

VW Fitness is a free fitness theme from WordPress that is used by gyms, personal trainers, fitness bloggers, fitness centers, wellness centers, spas, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and any other fitness-related people or institutions. It is 100% responsive and offers a lot of premium themes for free. For instance, it has a banner on the homepage to display images or services, testimonials, schedules, call-to-action, and social media buttons. It is built on a powerful Bootstrap framework, is SEO friendly, offers powerful shortcodes, and has some customization options. VW Fitness is quite interactive, flexible, and easy to use.

Check Out VW Fitness

GymBase – The functional WordPress fitness theme

Responsive WordPress fitness theme

GymBase is a responsive WordPress fitness theme that’s perfect for CrossFit groups in particular, and also other fitness websites. It has a minimalistic, classic, modern design that doesn’t confound a visitor. The theme features different skins that are constantly updated by WordPress so that you get better functionality and a lot of choice. Besides, GymBase also has a filterable portfolio, blog page, comments section, schedule planner, display maps and more. It also features a drag-and-drop page builder for creating pages easily.

Check Out Gymbase

Inspiro – The WordPress fitness theme with powerful video features

Video fitness theme by WordPress

Inspiro isn’t an exclusive fitness theme by WordPress, but it offers some powerful video and graphics features that can be very effective for inspiring your audience and motivating them to push themselves.  This theme features a stunning background video option, a video gallery, lightbox popup for videos, WooCommerce support, responsiveness, and a stunning display. And, you can also choose from various demos, colours and layouts to make your website exquisite, catchy, sophisticated and powerful. This theme makes it easy to build and customize your website quickly. Inspiro is a truly inspiring theme, and everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time.

Check Out Inspiro

Workout – The WordPress fitness theme for gyms

WordPress fitness theme

Workout is a WordPress fitness theme that aims to inspire and motivate, and hence has a strong, sophisticated, powerful design and layout. It has WooCommerce support for online fitness store owners, and has various sections for you to display your information. This includes schedules, workout of the day, programs, coaches, etc. It also has a live preview where you can test out the in-built templates to see which ones suit you best. Workout is an excellent theme for CrossFit groups, gyms, and even personal trainers.

Check Out Workout

IronMass – The WordPress fitness theme for tough workouts

Responsive WordPress fitness theme

IronMass is a WordPress fitness theme that features a red and black colour scheme, very much in keeping with the fitness buzz that it serves to generate. This theme is great for bodybuilding websites, CrossFit websites, machinery workout websites, and such other ones. It has many features such as a drag and drop page builder, calendar, schedule creator, social media widgets, business hours, business location, programs and coaches section, a live theme customizer and more. IronMass is easy to understand and use, and can create some visually powerful fitness websites.

Check Out IronMass

GetFit – The cheery and modern WordPress fitness theme

versatile WordPress fitness theme

GetFit is quite the versatile WordPress theme that aims to encourage fitness and well-being overall rather than being restricted to a niche. It can be used by fitness centers and wellness centers alike. This completely responsive and highly-customizable theme features a host of colours, layouts and fonts. The design is modern, chirpy, cheerful, motivating and vibrant. It has a touch and swipe feature, RevSlider, personalized widgets and a lot more. The best part about GetFit is the exhaustive and comprehensive instructions manual, both text and video, that comes with the purchase. It will walk you through the setup, right down to tackling any future issues as well.

Check Out GetFit

Strong – The elegant WordPress fitness theme

Elegant WordPress fitness theme

Strong is another WordPress fitness theme with an elegant and modern design with some powerful features. It’s the perfect theme for gyms, CrossFit groups, training centers, and fitness clubs. It offers some bold colour options to make your website stand out, and features an innovative drag and drop page builder. The 1 click installation for demos makes it even easier to create pages. Besides this, Strong also features social media buttons on the header, multilingual support, shortcode generator, custom logo, photo galleries, homepage template options, blog section and more.

Check Out Strong

Parting Thoughts

There you have it. The 30 best WordPress fitness themes. Fitness has become such a crucial lifestyle choice lately that it isn’t going to go out of ‘trend’ any time soon. And if you are a fitness enthusiast, then the best way to motivate other people to join is through inspiration. A website done right can be that inspiration source.

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