Pre-sales FAQ

Below we cover many of the common questions we get before someone is ready to commit to buying…

Can I get a full refund if the product doesn’t fit my project’s needs?
Yes. Our refund policy is very easy and friendly. You have a full 60 days to request a full refund which we’ll issue right away. Just shoot us an email with your order # to request a refund.

Is there documentation for my product?
Yes. Find the WordPress guides here.

What kind of support can I expect?
Excellent. Most customer’s highly praise our support. Learn more about current support options here and what you can expect.

Are updates free?
Yes. For security and functionality purposes, updates are free for one year. You can continue to use the theme on your website for as long as you like though :-)

Is upgrading difficult?
No. Upgrading from the free version to the pro version of a theme (as long as they’re both up-to-date) should be very smooth without losing any settings. Similarly, upgrading from an older version of pro to a newer version of a pro theme is fairly smooth and done automatically from within your WP admin. However, it is always strongly recommended to understand basic precautions, make backups and understand child theming. Please read how to upgrade.

Which theme is right for me?
Besides Responsive, all of our themes are on the same framework and have all the same features (with a few varying options being theme-specific because of their special design). So overall, your choice should be based on the demos and what design you like most or that is closest to the look the project is requiring.

You can also always take the free versions for a test drive. They are a bit limited in options as compared to the pro versions, but they should give you a general idea of what to expect from pro. You can download the free WordPress theme versions here.

Can I use the product for multiple websites?
Yes. You can use on as many personal and commercial projects of yours as you need. This includes for client projects if you’re a web designer/developer.

Can I resell your products?
No. While you have all the freedoms of the GPL to use our products for any project, even commercial ones, you still cannot claim our copyrighted works as your own to sell or resell on our behalf. Instead, consider signing up as an affiliate to make money by promoting our products.

If none of the above were able to answer all your questions you may contact CyberChimps.