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Management of various WordPress sites at the same time is a herculean task. Not only is it a time consuming process, but multiple admin panels and dashboards may lead to utter confusion and chaos. While WordPress in itself has a pretty straightforward UI and is a simple CMS in itself, it is a tough choice to manage multiple WP sites individually and manually.

So how do you update, manage, test and upgrade all your individual WordPress sites all at once? The answer to this is – automation. Yes, there are a number of services out there that offer WordPress management as a service and include management, testing and updating your sites at the click of a single button.

How to Decide What WP Management Tool to Use?

  • Know the Basic Features Versus Additional Features
    You must be aware of the standard or common services provided by most tools. Some of them may be installation and deletion of plugins, management of login and administration details, and updating the sites in terms of themes and plugins. Firstly, take a look at the added features. Other than the standard alternatives, a significant number of the tools offer site testing, uptime observation, different features and backup. Here, it’s dependent upon you to choose what bodes well for you and your needs. For instance, on the off chance that you as of now have a (paid) backup arrangement set up, there is no compelling reason to purchase a service or tool that offers a similar operation.
  • Number of Sites You Manage do Matter
    Another point is to consider the quantity of sites you will be in charge of, currently as well as in the future. A large number of the devices on this rundown offer free services up to a specific number of variables to oversee and that may be sufficient for you. Convenience is another essential choice factor. In spite of offering competitive features, the UI of the devices on some tools is, a lot of times, complex and altogether different. You have to choose what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Pick a Tool that Customizes to Your Needs
    If you are working with moderately static sites and all you require help with is upkeep, an answer that gives you a chance to deal with updates, a general tool may be adequate. However, in the event that you work with content-focused sites that need constant updates, you would need to go for a tool that can suit the primary focus of your content.

While you don’t need to be totally certain about what you require, it’s a good step to clear it up in initial stages of your purchase.

About Perfect Dashboard

While there are a number of systems that claim to help manage the complexity of WP multiple sites, Perfect Dashboard makes it to being one of the highly popular dashboards for the same. Essentially, it is a management platform for your WordPress sites.
With one-click tests, updates and automated backups, Perfect Dashboard can be a life saver if you are trying to manage multiple sites at once. With Perfect Dashboard, every developer can become a professional website maintenance provider and offer management services at compelling prices. This turns one-time clients into a recurring source of income.
Perfect Dashboard Welcome Screen

So, what does Perfect Dashboard offer that others don’t? According to Aleksander Kuczek, CEO of Perfect Dashboard and VP for Joomla, says that while other WordPress management tools use the acronym WP in their name, there is a reason why Perfect Dashboard doesn’t. And that is because Perfect Dashboard is a multisite management tool that can manage all varieties of PHP based sites. So, not being limited to Joomla and WordPress alone, Perfect Dashboard can be utilized to automate most kinds of PHP websites.
How to toggle between different PHP sites using Perfect Dashboard

Key Features of Perfect Dashboard

We have already established that maintaining, updating and testing multiple sites on WordPress or its plugins is a long and frustrating process. Testing for and managing bugs after updates costs a great deal of time and no one needs to pay for this. With Perfect Dashboard refreshing and testing is easy. With only a single tick you can refresh every one of your sites without a moment’s delay. At that point, on account of the computerized testing motor, you can without much of a stretch discover every one of the issues after the refresh and fix the sites in like manner. With Perfect Dashboard this procedure is so natural and effective that a single administrator can oversee five times a larger number of destinations than he can do on a regular basis.

Genuine Test Engine

Display errors are usually caused due to updates. The manual testing of a site after every update is extremely time consuming and laborious. Perfect Dashboard’s Genuine Test Engine offers a way to be more efficient. The tool will perform automated tests for your site and identify possible kinds of display errors occurring through the process. Any changes in the layout of the website will be thoroughly analyzed by the tool, along with SEO and Social tags placed, if any.
Demo of Genuine Test Engine and Visual ErrorsSEO and Social Tags

Automated Backup Verification in Cloud

Restoring a site manually while running integrity checks is a tenacious job. It takes a lot of time along with effort. Perfect Dashboard provides an automated system for cloud based backup verification. It is a one-click process and includes creation of website copies, integrity checks, remote restoration and backup storage at chosen location.
Automated Backup Verification in Cloud

Custom Changes Detector

Altering CMS’s root documents is an extremely awful practice, additionally altering the extension code isn’t prescribed. In any case, there are cases in which it’s hard to redo a site to a customer’s needs without it. That is the reason Perfect Dashboard accompanies a Custom Changes Detector. It examines the whole code of your site for any changes. On account of that you don’t need to make sure to duplicate these parts of the code to the refreshed site code. In addition, the tool provides knowledge on the most proficient method to execute these changes alongside great practices, to spare you time on the following update.

Automated Schedule

Dealing with numerous sites in a time efficient way requires precise organizational skills. Perfect Dashboard offers an efficiency boost to the site. Regular checks of the sites are conducted and a customized schedule for them is produced with all you have to perform the website tasks required to keep sites secure.
Automated Schedule with Perfect Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard Integration with Joomla

All JoomShaper products now have Perfect Dashboard support. The Custom Change Detector feature the tool can analyze and figure out core CMS code edits including any customizations made to the template codes and extension.
This not only helps a web designer follow good development and testing practices, the tool also allows implementation of edits after an update has been rolled out. Application of edits after an update, post the wiping out of customizations, is now viable with Perfect Dashboard easily. Morever, Perfect Dashboard offers a remuneration of EUR 10 as bonus credit points that can be spent on the dashboard.
So a JoomShaper user gets EUR 35 on the tool for free use.

What are the Benefits of using a tool like Perfect Dashboard?

  • Lightweight
    Set up and hosted away from your servers which means that such dashboards do not eat up your bandwidth, storage and memory.
  • Productive and efficient
    One-click updating and management makes multisite management profitable and dynamic.
  • Lesser plugins
    Multiple features that require a plethora of plugins are instead combined in a single tool.
  • Centralized
    All tasks and operations can be limited to a single workstation.

These benefits come with a catch as well. A dashboard means counter productivity if the navigation around the tool is extremely complex. Some dashboards may be self-hosted, which may add to your expenses of paid updates and plugins. A bloated plugin could result in your server being weighed down as well. It is thus vital to choose a tool that fits with your resources. Perfect Dashboard, while being self-hosted, is quite user-friendly and navigable.

While not necessarily quite so complex each time, the management and maintenance of multiple websites on WordPress or any host is a painstaking effort. If taking care of your sites requires and takes up a large number of your resources and time, it would be wise decision to opt for a tool like the Perfect Dashboard. It will definitely boost productivity and reduce operation time by and large.

All kinds of tools like Perfect Dashboard, and others in its league can be easily tested before investing in them. It is important to keep in mind just the functionality and features are not important, the user interface is too. It is imperative to consider all the factors that may influence your work. Perfect Dashboard makes the most of the benefits listed above, and delivers on the features it promises.

The “Perfect Dashboard” Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard
Signing up for Perfect Dashboard for free, you are presented with the Overview, TO DO, My Websites, Actions, Achievements, Support and Settings. You can get your problems solved 24×7 on priority right from a chat window instantly available in the right corner.

  • Overview – Here you get an a summary of all your website. It highlights deatils like –
    Recently visited websites, Website status, Security audit, Outdated websites burndown, etc.
  • TO DO – Here you can create a customized To-Do list to manage your multiple websites.
  • My Websites – Here you will either see a list of your sites or just a button to add a new site.
  • Actions – Once you connect you website you will have details for the individual actions here.
  • Achievements – Your achievements and overall progress will be enlisted here.
  • Support – Support comes up with knowledge base, Documentation and Contact. Knowledge base and documentation will answer all your doubts. But in case of any more queries you always contact them.
  • Settings – Your Perfect Dashboard profile settings. You can update your billing information and change update and backup settings from here.


Lastly, the most important question – pricing? Following are the plans offered by Perfect Dashboard –

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  • Carlos /January 17, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Ours did not know this function in wordpress … I was having a lot of trouble to check out my sites that today are many and I could not take care of them all from a global plugin … thanks for sharing this function with Perfect Dashboard I’ll try it on my project.

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    Thanks for the helpful review, nice to find a dashboard that is not solely for WordPress, I’ll be checking it out.
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