Are One Page Themes Recommended?

Why use a One Page Theme?

One page WordPress themes are all the rage now but should you follow the bandwagon or buck the trend? If you need proof that one page themes are getting increasingly popular, consider the fact that CyberChimps’ new free one page WordPress Theme Compact One, reached 400+ active installs within just a week or two of launching on the WordPress Directory. So if you’re thinking about updating or building a new WordPress website with a single page theme, this post is a good starting point to weigh your options.

We’re going to look at the pros and cons of a one pager website as they are commonly called in web design.

Let’s start with the basics. As straightforward as the term one page theme or website seems, there is more to it than you imagined.

What is A One Page Website?

A one page website is one that uses a single web page to load all pages dynamically. The website may have a base layout for the main page but the different content organization for other pages.

Earlier, you would scroll a 1 page website endlessly as you access the different pages/content parts, but this is being replaced by newer CSS3and AJAX techniques that allow for navigation menus that take you right to that particular spot on the page without scrolling.
The point of a one page site is to provide just enough information that a user can act upon. The point is to eliminate as much clutter as possible and only focus on the most valuable content that will attract a user’s attention.

A single page website works best for product announcements and promotions, showcasing a portfolio, and websites that have little content.

Now that we have an idea of what a single page website is let’s take a look at its benefits.


In web design, if you achieve more with little it means you have created simplicity. That’s precisely what creative single page website or theme is all about. For instance, there’s no need to direct users to certain pages. There’s no need for gigantic navigations.

Slightly Faster Browsing

Since the different parts of the website are located on the same page, it provides for faster browsing. Users just scroll or click menus and instantly jump to the appropriate section. This doesn’t affect performance, but it makes browsing the site easier for site visitors.

Creative Single Page websites focus on Quality

A single page website focuses on quality rather than quantity. Since you can only scroll down on a single site page, you are forced to simplify your message. In other words, you only put there what matters. This is partly why single page sites work best for conversion purposes.

Higher Conversion Rates

Users typically scroll down on a single page website to read more content. You can carefully plan the sequence of page elements that your web visitors see and ultimately lead them to the action you want them to take. Unsurprisingly, many landing pages nowadays use a single-page design.

Easier To Manage

As already mentioned, single page websites contain less content compared full websites, so there is less content to maintain. Moreover, it’s only a single page to take care of, and this makes life a lot easier.

Slightly Improved SEO

This mainly applies to Google: your PageRank will be applied to the entire website since it is a single page. Note that these SEO benefits apply if the website is dedicated to a single product.

You can find the best free One Page themes here to take your business site to the next level.

one page WordPress themes

The Downsides of a One Page Theme

After weighing the benefits, it’s important to look at the drawbacks in equal measure. Here are a few worth noting:

Potentially Longer Load Times

If you have quite a bit of content, the page may take slightly longer to load than a traditional website. Of course, if this happens, you risk losing visitors as fast as they get to your website. Keep in mind that page load times may affect your Google rankings.

Not Easy To Scale

If you need to add more content, a one page website may be severely limiting. With the traditional full website, adding new content is as simple as creating a new page. Needless to say, if you want a website that easily scales regarding size, a single-page site isn’t for you.

Requires A lot Of Creativity

If designed well, single-page websites look good and can provide some fantastic user experience. However, creating that impressive user interaction demands a lot of creativity and technical know-how from the designer.

It’s Hard To Include Shareable Content

We live in the age of convenience. Your content should be accessible through multiple channels, particularly social media. However, single page websites don’t make it easy for content to be shareable o social media especially if you want to share snippets rather than an entire post.

Free & Premium One Page WordPress Themes

CyberChimps’ free one page themes and premium one page themes are an excellent example of a simple, compact and user-friendly theme design.

Compact One – Free One Page WordPress Theme

Compact One - Free One Page WP Theme
Compact one is a free single page WordPress theme that comes up with features like built-in slider with options to highlight your text, gallery with mouse hover effect, an option to give your slider images a dark overlay or go au natural, etc. This is a beautiful free theme that will be perfect for any business.
Check Out Compact One

BlueArcs – Single Page WordPress Theme For Business

BlueArcs One Page WP Theme

BlueArcs is an effective framework specially created to help you showcase your work on one page.
This fully customizable, responsive, mobile-friendly, single page WordPress theme is a perfect blend of the modern design.
Check Out BlueArcs

Urban Grill – Horizontal Scrolling One Page Theme

Urban Grill One Page WP Theme

Urban Grill is a classic one page WordPress theme that offers features like horizontal scrolling, typography options, multiple social icon formats, translation-ready, etc. This is a must have theme that will help you promote your small business.
Check Out Urban Grill

One Page Business Pro


One Page Business Pro is a beautiful, neat and compact responsive single page WordPress theme. This theme is suitable for showcasing various websites like corporate, business, portfolio, agency, or any other creative website.

Check Out One Page Business Pro

Minivet – One Page WordPress Theme

1 Page Theme


You can showcase your portfolio, products or services with this compact, flexible and intuitive WordPress Single page theme.

Check Out Minivet

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Wrapping Up

One page WordPress themes certainly have their place and purpose and their advantages when used for a particular purpose cannot be overstated. That being said, you should consider the downsides too before jumping onto the single-page trend.

Your turn now: will you be using a one page theme for your website soon?

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Brenda Barron is a professional blogger from southern California. Learn more about her work at Digital Inkwell.

  • David Fraiser /July 3, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    Single page websites have traditionally been bad for SEO. Matt Cutts of Google has been noncommittal about it in the past few years, saying “For the most part it should work.”

    That doesn’t mean by any stretch that a single page design is GOOD for SEO. You guys seem to be making this up as you go along…

  • george shearer /May 20, 2016 at 10:59 am

    the first line “…back the trend.” prolly should be “…buck the trend.”

    let me know if you need proof readers. :?)

  • Garlic Tomorrow /May 8, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    Also, on the Minivet page, “Its nice to meet you” should read “It’s”, with an apostrophe.

    Sharable Content section: you have “shareable o social media.” Maybe it’s not that important, but there’s probably enough of us grammar geeks out there who can’t help but feel like we’re hearing static on a radio–your signal isn’t as clear.

  • Garlic Tomorrow /May 8, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    That said, thanks for breaking down one-page themes. I’m new to this, not worried about SEO, and am grateful for the clear explanation.

  • Laura Rodd /June 8, 2017 at 2:11 am

    Great article Brenda! I totally agree with the pros and cons you mention here about building a one-page website. In this article: we cover the Who, What, Why, Where and How of creating a one-page WordPress website for maximum impact and better results for your business, having your feedback would be highly appreciated :)

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