As I make my way to WordCampMiami #WCMIA

I am ‘writing’ ( typing?) this – at Zurich airport – around half way from Mumbai to Miami.

I love flights across continents. And when I am at a stop over in a different country altogether – I feel as if I am in some sort of timeless limbo.
The current time at your starting place doesn’t seem to matter – you left it behind already. It doesn’t matter what time it is at the destination, you are not yet there anyways. And why is the current time at your stopover important – you are just passing through, right? ( Except , of course it does a little bit – you don’t want to miss your connecting flight)

I am supposed to speak at WordCamp Miami on 26th (Lessons from our marketing disasters) , and am super excited about that. But on the flight over here – I suddenly wondered if I was a little under-prepared. I quickly pulled up my presentation and realised I am okay – its all really about things which we have gone through – some painful experiences and lots of happy ones too. Talking about it doesn’t need rehearsing of the ‘memorize my lines’ kind. I just need to make sure I speak slowly & share everything I want to though – I tend to talk fast and miss out on stuff which I meant to cover, at times.

And then as a final reassurance – I reminded myself about my earlier experiences at WordCamps ( I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak at WordCamp Mumbai, Pune and Singapore). There is something so fairy-tale like about WordCamps – everyone is so very incredibly kind and friendly. I always leave WordCamps with a warm fuzzy feeling that lingers on for days. That feeling of belonging to a community is just simply irreplaceable.

So, suitably re-assured again – WordCamp Miami – here I come !

If it sounds like this post is just a bunch of random thoughts – that’s exactly what it is.
You can put down some of it to too much sleep ( slept like a baby for 8 hours through on my flight here).


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