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Adobe Kuler app screenshotsIf you’re a design professional, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Adobe Creative Suite, a.k.a. Adobe Creative Cloud these days. You’ve may have even heard of Kuler the awesome web app that can help you find or create a color palette for your project. But did you know  you can use your smartphone to help you capture color combinations wherever you might find them? Yes, there’s an app for that (both iOS and Android).

The Adobe Kuler phone app lets you point your phone’s camera towards… well, pretty much anything: fabrics, packaging, a landscape, a face – you name it. The camera will pick up five colors from various points in the image and create a color palette from them. You can play with the colors by moving the camera or by dragging the “color points” manually to specific places on the screen. It’s a great way to capture colors from existing designs, whether manmade or natural, intentional or accidental.

Alternatively, you can use the familiar color wheel to create a palette in analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, or custom combinations. You have complete control over the individual colors. They can be manipulated by dragging points or by setting specific red, green, and blue values or a hex code. Of course it goes both ways, once you find a color you like you can grab those values and use them for your own purposes. You can also save your combination, name it, and export it once you get it just right.

If you’ve been looking for some inspiration for colors, Kuler can really jumpstart the process. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between the physical world and what you create for screens. The possibilities are really endless once you start looking.

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