Kinsta Review : Managed WordPress Hosting Features, Pricing, Plans

Are you running a WordPress powered site for your business? What you need to know first and foremost about running a WordPress website is you have to have a reliable hosting provider for your server. Because that’s where your website lives and thrives in the online world.
If you already have a WordPress site running, ask yourself – are you struggling with your website? Do you feel limited with your hosting provider’s services? Wouldn’t you be better off with a fully managed WordPress hosting platform instead?

What do you get with a Managed WordPress Hosting Service?

There are quite a few benefits of choosing a fully managed WordPress hosting over shared or dedicated servers –

  • Dedicated dashboard – With managed WordPress hosting, you get a dedicated dashboard for all your tasks and actions for your sites. No need to switch between dashboards of different hosting providers and the WordPress dashboard for all your websites. Everything is in one place.
  • Optimised environments – You get a fine-tuned environment exclusive for WordPress and WooCommerce. Naturally, the result would be an improved performance of your site and better uptime.
  • Dedicated Support – When you switch to a managed WordPress hosting platform, all the knowledgebase and WP experts are available to you. Since the provider specializes in only WordPress related queries, you stand to benefit from the expertise of the team that deals with similar issues every day.
  • Security – Regular monitoring and patch for security updates make for a way secure WordPress site when using a managed WordPress hosting platform. Additional precautions for banning problem-causing plugins, enforced strong admin passwords are the need of the hour for keeping your site secure always.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review

Having listed the benefits of a managed WordPress hosting platform, let’s check out Kinsta – a popular Fully Managed WordPress Hosting provider.
In this review we’ll take a look at what Kinsta has to offer, its plans , pricing to help you decide if you should opt for Kinsta.

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What does Kinsta have to offer?

Let’s find out what Kinsta has, that other hosting providers don’t.

Powered By Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years – multiplying its customer base by 300% in the last one year alone. Naturally, it needed an infrastructure provider that could keep up with its rapid growth and scale quickly.

When an unplanned outage hit Kinsta in 2015, it decided it was time to switch to a reliable, robust and stable infrastructure provider. And who better than Google? Kinsta switched to Google Cloud Platform in 2016 – the the first managed WordPress host to do so.
And yes, even Google recommends Kinsta!

Need we say more?

WordPress Cloud Hosting Google Cloud Platform

State-Of-The-Art Speed-obsessive Architecture Technology

Kinsta uses speed-obsessive technologies like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers and MariaDB for super-fast websites. Your visitors will never experience a lagging and slow site. Perfect for the ‘Shark Tank Effect’ scenarios when you experience a sudden surge on your e-stores online.

Sharp focus on Website Performance

Kinsta now has 13 global data centers, with the most recent locations being Mumbai, India and Sydney Australia. This allows you to strategically place your website’s closer to your website’s visitors, decreasing latency and overall page load times.
Kinsta has partnered with KeyCDN so you can enable KeyCDN right from your Kinsta Dashboard.

High-Security Network

Security is one of the top priorities for the team at Kinsta. Your site is monitored and secured 24×7 for DDoS detection, uptime, hardware firewalls and SSL support.

Support That Cares

Kinsta support
An army of WordPress experts at your fingertips literally – there’s a neat floating Support chat button in the bottom right corner. Don’t bother yourself with going back and forth with tickets, you can have your problems solved 24×7 on priority right from a chat window instantly. The Kinsta Support team uses an intercom system which always gives you a quick response, without having you to repeat yourself. The Support team has an impressive 100% solve rate too.

One-Click Cloning

This is one feature that almost everyone will need at some point –one-click cloning – i.e. setting up a staging environment as a replica of your live environment. Typically, this is used to push and test changes before going live. It is now just a single click away, for Kinsta users.

Free Migrations

If you already have a website and are looking to switch to Kinsta, their team will help you migrate your website over – completely free. Each plan entitles you to a fixed number of migrations and all plans other than the Starter plan include at least one free migration.

Optional Add-Ons for Any Plan

Kinsta Add-ons
Need to extend your site with special needs? Kinsta offers optional add-ons like Cloudflare Railgun, Elasticsearch, Redis, Extra backups, Scale visits and CDN. Have something else in mind? Get in touch with Kinsta, and they’ll hear you out.

Smart, Regular and Trust-Worthy Backups

Your WordPress sites are backed up daily. In case you want more frequent backups, you can choose to backup your WordPress sites every 6 hours.
Need more details? Check out all the features here. Here are the advanced features for the nerdy bunch out there: How does Kinsta optimize for WordPress?

User Experience – The MyKinsta Dashboard

Kinsta Dashboard

Kinsta seems to understand that putting together a user-friendly dashboard is as important as ( if not more than ) making sure the infrastructure is robust.
Using the MyKinsta Dashboard is simple and intuitive, for novices too. For the WordPress developers out there who love to get under the hood and tweak stuff , Kinsta also provides tools and software such as WP-CLI, Git, and SSH.

Logging in to your MyKinsta dashboard, you are presented with an overview of your WordPress sites, resource usage, your invoices, bandwidth/data transfer, and visitor analytics. Despite all these bells and whistles, the elegant minimalistic UI helps ensure you are not overwhelmed with all these details.

  • Sites: Manage all your added WordPress sites in Kinsta. Access logs, domains, backups, connection information, tools, plugins, and redirects.
  • Migrations: Manage your site migrations. Kinsta takes care of the migrations; you do not have to waste your time for migrating from your current hosting provider to Kinsta.
  • Kinsta DNS: Kinsta DNS is a premium DNS service provided free only for their customers. It allows you to manage your own zone records and use Amazon Route 53 for a faster domain name resolving experience.
  • Analytics: Recorded at a server-level and not with JavaScript, Google Analytics in Kinsta, automatically filters out a lot of bots. With its own analytics built into the platform, Kinsta allows you to see actual pageviews, visits, and unique visits. The Kinsta Analytics dashboard provides you a better overall picture of traffic and site usage.
  • Billing: Billing details of your Kinsta plan. Overview of your plans, invoices and payment methods.
  • Settings: Your Kinsta profile settings. Update your billing information and grant access to users from your company.
  • Activity Log: Activity performed on your account by admins and the users you granted access to listed out in details.
  • User Guide: All the knowledgebase of Kinsta at your fingertips. By default, Kinsta’s custom-built caching plugin is automatically installed on every WordPress site you add. This isn’t your typical caching plugin though; it works as a server-level cache controller. No more googling ‘best cache plugin for WordPress.’

Kinsta’s Plans and Pricing

Kinsta Plans
We loved this part the most – Kinsta has a wide range of plans starting from $30/month to $900/month. So if you are a small business owner, blogger, freelancer or developer then you could start with their newly introduced lower-tier plans – Starter and Pro. You could keep upgrading to a higher plan as your website grows. The amount of pageviews and visitors, SSD storage and CDN available to you – varies from plan to plan.

Kinsta also partnered up with KeyCDN, an HTTP/2 content delivery network with over 28 POPs around the globe. By choosing a CDN partner with cost-effective rates (and yet one that doesn’t sacrifice on performance), Kinsta is able to pass these savings on to clients, and include a generous amount of CDN bandwidth with each hosting plan.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Early last year, the Kinsta team had quite a challenging issue arise when a client came to them, only a few days before an upcoming appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank. At the time, they were on a cheap shared hosting plan with another company. They had concerns that their site wouldn’t stay online during the surge of traffic they knew was coming.

Kinsta’s team worked together exclusively with their developers in order to secure, prepare, and optimize their WooCommerce site.
Some of the aspects they handled proactively –

  • Diagnosing the cause of high admin-ajax usage on their site.
  • Dealing with a lot of un-cacheable requests being made to /?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments
  • Increasing the number of PHP workers to handle more simultaneous requests
  • Excluding certain pages (cart, checkout) and cookies (woocommerce_items_in_cart) from being cached to ensure a smooth and accurate checkout process for customers
  • Working with a homepage which was over 50 MB in size and implementing full page caching so as not to buckle under the load.

And this worked! In the heavy 6 hour period after airing, the website received a total of 1,263,233 requests, ten thousand concurrent visitors, with over a hundred orders a minute. Needless to add, the client was extremely happy with Kinsta’s support.

Kinsta’s Clients, Case Studies, Testimonials

Kinsta has an impressive clientele that includes businesses from around the globe likes Ubisoft, RICOH, Workforce, inTuiT, aThemes, Superluchas, Honest Brew, and many more.
Here’s what they had to say about Kinsta:

Intuit – Personal Finance Software. 42 Million Customers

Intuit Testimonial
Currently serving over 42 million customers, Intuit started in 1983 with Quicken as a personal finance software for individuals and households. With the need of a host capable of handling large volumes of traffic and providing high-availability, they came to Kinsta.


Knocked on Kinsta’s door looking for speed for their clients, SkyrocketWP found much more. SkyrocketWP has over 100+ WordPress sites, an all-in-one WordPress maintenance, hosting and support solution for digital marketing agencies and individual businesses. Kinsta now helps SkyrocketWP manage over 100+ sites.

Honest Brew – Subscription-based personalized craft beer

Honest Brew Testimonial
Honest Brew was growing from a small outfit started by 4 friends in 2014 to a very much in demand beer delivery service, working with over 100 breweries from around the world. Keen on making sure their website kept up with their volumes, Honest Brew switched to Kinsta and were impressed by Kinsta’s focus on WooCommerce specific tweaks, that made a huge difference to the store’s performance.

Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby Testimonial
A well-known name in the SEO and digital marketing industry, Matthew Barby. Shares his expertise via articles and case studies on leading SEO related portals like Search Engine Land, Moz, or Search Engine Journal.

Superluchas – Mexican Magazine for Pro Wrestling

superluchas testimonial
Switched to Kinsta – improved performance dramatically and reduced costs by a whopping 70%.

What Sets Kinsta Apart From Other Hosting Providers?

Client Testimonials are proof to their superiority in terms of performance and reliability, of course, but here’s what absolutely unique about Kinsta –

Performance, Security,Privacy

Using Linux Containers (LXC) and LXD to orchestrate them, Kinsta isolates not just each account but each separate WordPress site. Translation – More privacy and security for your website, as compared to other hosting providers.
By using Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta utilizes and accesses Google’s private and the world’s biggest Fibre Network, enabling Kinsta to process more data in less amount time.

Kinsta optimizes for WooCommerce

When it comes to hosting your e-stores powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, Kinsta applies fast server-level caching along with the following rules to make it THE ultimate choice for you:

  • Specific WooCommerce pages (my-account, cart, and checkout) are excluded from caching by default.
  • To ensure a smooth and in-sync checkout process, users automatically bypass the cache when the “woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie” is detected.
  • Ability to programmatically purge individual URLs using the kinsta-cache/purge_list filter.
  • Programmatic purging can also be done via cURL by calling a URL with a prefix provided by Kinsta’s support engineers.

Constantly innovating, improving

Continuous improvement is the mantra at Kinsta. They just renewed the entire company image – revamping the website to make it much more user-friendly and appealing in terms of design and navigation. Even the entire checkout process was streamlined to make sure customers can sign up easily and get started hassle-free.
They are quick to listen and incorporate feedback from existing and potential customers. Proof of that is the recently introduced new lower-tier entry plans, Starter and Pro, which start out at $30/month. These two new plans aim to make Kinsta’s services more accessible to small business owners, bloggers, freelancers, and developers, who might be running their site on a tight budget.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Behind the scenes, here’s what Kinsta is bringing your way –
Kinsta is built on Google Cloud Platform, and that beauty of that is that Kinsta can keep adding additional data center locations as they roll them out. As Google grows, Kinsta grows. This includes additional enhancements such as multi-environments to make developer’s lives easier.

Kinsta is also planning further improvements to MyKinsta, their site management dashboard. On the cards, is an integration with New Relic charts which can help you further debug your site’s performance. Git integration directly in the dashboard is also amongst Kinsta’s short-term plans.

Final Thoughts

Things can’t get better than Kinsta when it comes to a fully managed WordPress hosting provider. Premium features, faster site performance, cost-effective solutions for your business WordPress sites. You have to try it if are serious about your site’s speed and security.

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Like what you’ve heard so far? You can sign up for a free MyKinsta account right now, and take a look for yourself. You can even login and chat with the Kinsta Sales team and ask them any pre-sales queries that you may have. You can choose to pay only when you are ready to start managing your WordPress sites.


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