WordPress Themes For IT Companies And Tech Business

A website should display the unique identity of that company. And this is especially important if the organization comes from a creative or innovative field, like a software company. WordPress offers many themes and plugins tailor-made for software companies. These themes are functional, beautiful, catchy, and flexible enough for the company to show the world their patented, in-house, or unique innovations and services. In this article, we are listing out the top themes from WordPress to consider if you own a software company, or are developing the website for one.

IT Company WordPress Themes for Start-ups & Software Company Websites

Software company websites need to be unique and interactive, displaying all the awesome things they do to their visitors. If a company dabbles in things like VR and AR, then this process becomes even more fun. Imagine going into the 3D or VR view of a website instead of the usual 2D version. Wouldn’t that be super cool? In such cases, not just the developer’s coding prowess but even the theme comes in handy. And now, let’s get to the themes.

Stratus – The highly-developed WordPress theme for a software company.

Stratus  highly developed WordPress theme for software startup

Stratus is made keeping software company websites in mind. It is developed beautifully and extensively, creative, innovative, unique, and very professional. This one or multi page IT company WordPress theme is responsive, user-friendly, and highly-intuitive. This theme has been created by developers for their peers, making it an impressive endeavour. It comes loaded with awesome features like the page builder, bootstrap-based codebase, fast loading, clean, has a master slider, WooCommerce integration, unlimited widgets and more. Stratus is perfect for tech websites in particular, and all software websites in general.

Check Out Stratus

Compact One – One Page Business WordPress Theme

Compact One Free WP Theme

Compact One is a one page business WordPress theme based on CyberChimps’ robust framework and is specially created to help you showcase your work on one page. This single page WP theme is appropriate to convey all your motives to the end users. Hence, it is perfect for tech startups, software industries, etc. Its features like – 7 customizable sections, smooth scrolling navigation, slider options, etc. helps you give that professional look to your website

Check Out Compact One

Uplift – Minimalist corporate WordPress theme for technology companies.

Uplift Minimalist corporate WordPress theme

Uplift is minimalistic, clean, professional, sleek, fast loading, highly-responsive and purely corporate. This theme comes with an organic website building platform, making it easy to use and customize. It is highly-functional, and can create tech-savvy, modern websites. The features include a page builder, retina ready display, image and video parallax background, a lot of fonts, advanced themes panel, sleek demos, and more. Uplift is perfect for tech startups who want to make a lasting impression on their viewers.

Check Out Uplift

Happy Thoughts – WordPress Theme for IT Professionals

Happy thoughts Business WP Theme

Happy Thoughts is a Professional IT company WordPress Theme that consists a plethora of theme options that will help you showcase your company’s offerings and adapt to market niches. This is a fully responsive theme and is SEO-friendly to help you attain higher search engine rankings. It includes various drag and drop elements and many new theme elements to brighten up your website in an elegant way. With this simple and sleek layout you can give your business a boost.

Check Out Happy Thoughts

Mikos – The colourful and interactive WordPress theme for tech startups.

Mikos colourful and interactive WordPress theme

Mikos is a very pretty theme that’s loaded with a lot of colours and creativity. This fun theme is fully-responsive, engaging, interactive, and one/multi page. The best part about Mikos is the extreme ease of setting up. It requires zero coding, and comes with plenty of page demos and layouts and immense customization options. You can have a ball personalizing your website and going through the readymade demos. Whether you want to display your services or showcase your portfolio, or just about anything else, Mikos has you covered.

Check Out Mikos

Sapphire – The professional WordPress theme for technology companies.

Sapphire professional WordPress theme

Sapphire is a completely professional WordPress theme that’s perfectly suited for software company websites. It is very versatile, has a lot of functionalities, and is multipurpose. It features a retina ready display, 5 custom widgets, parallax effect, slider, image preloader, and many more options. Sapphire offers many demos that you can check out before installing the theme. Overall, this theme is suited for all kinds of software businesses.

Check Out Sapphire

Dikka – The versatile WordPress theme for software startups.

Dikka versatile WordPress theme

Dikka is a beautiful multipurpose theme from WordPress that’s largely-suitable for any kind of business. Built on a Twitter bootstrap framework, it is enabled for faster web development. Dikka has a sleek, fine layout, is responsive and intuitive. It has WooCommerce integration, is powerful, and has a variety of customization features. Dikka is great for finer websites that rely on visuals and an enhanced user experience. And let’s not forget the premium features and superior functionality.

Check Out Dikka

Massive Dynamic – The innovative and inventive WordPress theme for IT companies.

Massive Dynamic innovative and inventive WordPress theme

Massive Dynamic is quite an impressive WordPress business website. It is intuitive, innovative, creative, multipurpose, sharp, and responsive. There aren’t enough adjectives to define it. It comes built with powerful tools to handle a variety of website functions and tasks. This beautiful theme has a retina ready display, e-Commerce capabilities, plugins, shortcodes, graphics, and a lot more. This theme is perfect for software companies that use creative techniques to capture their audiences.

Check Out Massive Dynamic

Upshot – The lightweight IT company WordPress theme for tech startups.

Upshot lightweight WordPress theme

Besides being lightweight, Upshot is a resourceful business theme that can be used by various kinds of software companies and others. It features a host of functionalities that make it very easy to use. The best part about Upshot is its customizability. You can personalize nearly every website detail using this theme, which is what makes it so flexible. The utterly professional layout and look is complemented by some beautiful parallax scrolling and other effect, and the drag-and-drop page builder makes the theme easy to set up. Overall, Upshot is the perfect WordPress business theme.

Check Out Upshot

H-Code – The contemporary WordPress theme for software companies.

H-Code contemporary WordPress theme

H-Code is a modern WordPress theme with a sleek, sophisticated, and professional layout and look. This multipurpose theme is fully-responsive and very intuitive. You can customize your pages as you like, and offers immense functionalities and a beautiful graphic interface. H-Code offers a lot of premium plugins that come with the theme, a variety of widgets, shortcodes, and more. H-Code is very user friendly and easy to use, enabling you to create your new website within minutes.

Check Out H-Code

Studio 9 – The perfect WordPress theme for branding.

Studio 9 WordPress theme for branding

Studio 9 is an intuitive, elegant, professional, and functional WordPress theme. If your tech or software company requires a simple yet sophisticated website, then Studio 9 is perfect for you. This theme offers a wide variety of demos, and quite a few for agencies within them. It comes with a themes panel, shortcodes, one click demo install, 3 posting columns and widget areas, CSS3 files, and many customization options. Those who want a minimal website that displays what you have to offer, then look no further than Studio 9.

Check Out Studio 9

Intact- The award winning WordPress theme for technology companies.

Intact award winning WordPress theme

Intact is the perfect WordPress theme for tech startups and corporates. It features a number of demos and homepage layout options for you to choose from. This theme is very visually-dominant, and comes with gallery options, a visual composer, revolution slider, scrolling effects and parallax background among other features. It is SEO friendly, and compatible with contact forms and HTML5 among other things. Intact is a powerful tech-based theme.

Check Out Intact

Nucleus – Attractive and tech-savvy WordPress theme for IT companies.

Nucleus Attractive and tech savvy WordPress theme

Nucleus is a pretty and colourful theme that’s great for software companies that want to design creative, vibrant websites. It comes with an array of demo and layout options, making it very easy to setup and use instantly. Nucleus is set up for IT companies and tech startups owing to the functionalities that it offers. It is optimized for the search engine to enhance rankings, and is also perfect for showcasing blogs, holding conferences and displaying your professional portfolio to prospective clients.

Check Out Nucleus

Milo – The intuitively customizable IT company WordPress theme for technology companies.

Milo intuitively customizable WordPress theme

Milo has a lot of amazing functionalities built into one powerful package. It is fast loading, intuitive, highly-customizable, beautiful, professional, clean, flexible, extensive, well-documented and responsive. And that’s just the beginning! This theme works great for tech startups, IT companies, etc. It is built on a powerful bootstrap framework and has immense options for personalizing the display and layout using various features and plugins. Milo is a great theme for effectively displaying your content.

Check Out Milo

Bivio – The trendy WordPress theme for software startups.

Bivio trendy WordPress theme

Bivio is a vibrant and fresh WordPress theme that has a youthful look to it. This makes it great for tech startups and IT companies that want to present something quirky and memorable through their websites. Built on a Twitter bootstrap framework with HTML5 and CSS3 coding, Bivio makes it extremely easy to create a stunning website quickly and effectively. It is developed very well, and offers beautiful display and layout features like a retina ready display, video background and visual composer among others. Bivio makes your website look and feel great, with very minimal setup efforts.

Check Out Bivio

Jomelle – The adaptable WordPress theme for IT companies.

Jomelle adaptable WordPress theme

Although Jomelle is very well-suited to IT and software startups, it works just as well for other industries also, which makes it flexible and versatile. This responsive theme comes with numerous homepage variations that allow you to get creative and make your own, unique website layout and concept. It features a massive colour panel, interactive drag-and-drop page builder, beautiful graphic transitions, and a lot more. If you are leaning towards a more visually stunning website, then Jomelle is the perfect theme for you.

Check Out Jomelle

Fi-Print – The best WordPress theme for tech and software startups.

Fi-Print best WordPress theme for tech and software startups

Fi-Print is a great theme for IT startups to consider when building their website because it so well-formed, easy to use and setup, and features a minimal yet classy interface. Using Fi-Print is effortless, which is an essential trait for startup firms. It comes with many essential and useful features like WooCommerce integration, Mailchimp integration, and Google Maps. It also has customization options for the layout and display, allowing you to create your website within minutes and set it up for business.

Check Out Fi-Print

Argenta – High-performing WordPress theme for technology companies.

Argenta High performing WordPress theme

Argenta features 12 beautiful demos, out of which one is built specially for tech startups and called Startup Simple. This theme demo features a WooCommerce integration, videos, portfolio, plugins, blog section, FAQ section, 6 social media networks integrated, visual composer and a lot more. Argenta is a powerful theme, and the Startup Simple demo comes packed with amazing functionalities and features that help you develop and design and effective and impactful website.

Check Out Argenta

Marketing Pro – The best business WordPress theme for a tech startup.

Marketing Pro best business WordPress theme for a tech startup

Whether you are just starting out or already have an established market presence, switching your website to Marketing Pro will be a great idea. This WordPress theme comes loaded with so many features and functionalities that you will be able to achieve practically anything you want to with your website. It features WooCommerce integration, SEO capabilities, 100+ custom elements, one click install demo, visual composer, great scope for customization, and that’s not even all! Marketing Pro is perfect for digital marketing agencies, IT companies and startups.

Check Out Marketing Pro

StartIT – The cutting edge and vibrant WordPress theme for software companies.

StartIT cutting edge and vibrant WordPress theme

The highlight of StartIT is its appearance and design. This theme is colourful, energetic, vibrant, modern, engaging, interactive, and very stunning. It is fully-responsive, developer and user friendly, and has some awesome coding in place. StartIT offers many demos, customization options for elements, layout features, WooCommerce integration, and a marvelous display. This immersive theme is perfect for tech startups or companies who require visually-impactful websites to do justice to their work.

Check Out StartIT

Lorem – Closely designed and detailed WordPress theme for technology companies.

Lorem Closely designed and detailed WordPress theme

A lot of thought and efforts have been put into creating and designing Lorem. This responsive WordPress theme is brilliantly-developed, carefully designed, flexible, intuitive, versatile, and very attractive. The superb graphic features and elements make this theme a joy to use for designers and developers alike. Added functionalities like parallax, animations, HTML5, visual composer, bootstrap technology, display and showcasing options deem Lorem the perfect theme for technologically-inclined companies. If you want a website that combines powerful functionalities with stunning design, then Lorem is the one for you.

Check Out Lorem

Jupiter – The new generation WordPress theme for IT and software startups.

Jupiter new generation WordPress theme

Jupiter is a quirky WordPress theme that moves over the traditional and introduces something new to the world of tech startups. It is so comprehensive that you can design whatever website concept you’re thinking of. Setup is easy with minimal coding, templates and layout options are available aplenty, drag-and-drop interface makes it user friendly, and then there are the awesome customization options. And it doesn’t end there. Jupiter works for tech startups and software companies because of the specific functionalities and features that these websites require. And it is also a developer favourite because of it.

Check Out Jupiter

To conclude

When searching for a WordPress theme for your technology company or software startup, the main thing to look for is whether the theme’s functionalities match your requirements. Looks are secondary, but themes that are highly-customizable and responsive are always a good option. Whichever theme you choose, as long as it fits the bill of your website concept, it’s all good.

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