iRibbon Pro 2 – CyberChimps Vintage WordPress Theme

Funny thing how an old book, clothing or a piece of your grandmother’s vintage jewelry can fill you with joy in an instant. Yes, we’ve all experienced it at least once in our lives. Vintage stuff has the power to invoke nostalgia. That’s why vintage and retro themes are on the rise in the web design world. Why not get a classic, elegant look for your WordPress blog then? CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme – iRibbon Pro 2 is what you need .

iRibbon Pro 2 – CyberChimps Vintage WordPress Theme

It is elegantly designed to incorporate a retro look on to you WordPress blog site. Translation ready, 100% responsive and SEO-friendly.

What makes iRibbon Pro 2 unique?

16 Drag and Drop Elements by CyberChimps

iRibbon Pro 2 - Drag & Drop elements

iRibbon Pro 2 includes 16 elements by CyberChimps. They are inarguably the best drag and drop page builder feature created by the team for users who do not want to get into code just for the sake of setting up a site. Drag and drop them, configure the element and done! Period. Create a new page and you’ll find a Page Elements section in the Page Options tab. This way you can override the global settings of the element.

Four beautiful skins

iRibbon Pro 2 - Theme Options - Design - Custom Colors

iRibbon Pro 2 – CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme offers four skin color options to choose from. Bring your blog alive with vibrant colors. Not only that, you can customize the Text Color, Link Color, and Link Hover Color. Add a color code (Hex Color Code) or use the color chooser in Theme Options > Design > Custom Colors.

Translation Ready

The theme is translation ready and easy to translate into many languages. No matter which country your readers are from they will have the privilege to read your blog in their preferred language.

Optimized for Mobile & SEO

iRibbon Pro 2 is mobile ready and looks flawless on any device. You do not need to use any other plugin to make your site responsive; the theme has your back. The theme is SEO friendly; you do not need to pay SEO companies or professional to take care of your site’s SEO.

Multiple Sidebar Layouts for Pages

iRibbon Pro 2 - Theme Options - Templates

iRibbon Pro 2 includes multiple sidebar layouts for various pages of your site. Configure the templates (Theme Options > Templates) for Single Post page, Search, Archive pages, and 404. Add a custom title & content message for the 404 page. Define the excerpt length on the Search result page. Choose which meta details to show on the single post pages.

Powered by HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress

iRibbon Pro 2 has been equipped with the latest internet technologies – HTML3, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress. No more compatibility issues and no broken WordPress site.

Customizable Typography & Fonts

Add a little personality to your site with custom fonts. Choose from a list of available fonts or use Google Fonts. Go to Theme Options > Design > Typography to customize your site’s typography.

iRibbon Pro 2 for your WordPress blog

Installing iRibbon Pro 2

First thing – Buy, and install the iRibbon Pro 2 theme. You now need to activate the theme, so head to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. Activate the iRibbon Pro 2 theme by clicking on the activate button.

iRibbon Pro 2 - Activate

Theme Options & Configuration of iRibbon Pro 2

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options.

iRibbon Pro 2 - Theme Options

CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme has a user-friendly Theme Options interface. Let’s have a look:

  • Help: Seek instruction manuals & support for the theme.
  • Design: The global design settings of your site. Customize the layout, choose a skin color, customize the typography & font and add a custom CSS code for your site.
  • Header: Configure and customize the header section of your site. Use the different drag & drop elements to add a customized logo and social links, insert a banner, and specify your contact details in the Contact element where your readers can reach you directly.
  • Blog: Customize and configure the blog section of your WordPress site. Add drag & drop elements, customize the blog page layout. Use the Twitter element to integrate your Twitter account and show your Twitter feed. Add one or more sliders (using the Slides menu) for the CyberChimps Slider element. Display a custom message on your blog using the Callout element, and add boxes (using the Boxes menu) to showcase your most popular blog post, highlight your author profiles on various blogging sites (using the Portfolio menu). Use the Product element to showcase a popular post/life event across your site.
  • Templates: Configure & customize the templates for single posts, archive, search & 404 page of your business site.
  • Footer: Customize the footer section of your site with footer widgets, CyberChimp’ credit link, copyright text, add custom footer scripts, and configure social network links shown in the footer section.
  • Import / Export: Use the Import / Export options to backup the settings of your theme. Restore new/existing site in just a click.
  • Add-ons: Optional add-ons for iRibbon Pro 2 – Easy Digital Downloads & The Events Calendar plugin. Keep your readers updated with the latest news about your blog with the Events Calendar add-on.

iRibbon Pro 2 - CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme

Check out the demo site of iRibbon Pro 2 – Cyberchimps Vintage WordPress Theme

Customizing the theme

Click on the Design tab to configure the site’s design.

iRibbon Pro 2 - Theme Options - Design

Let’s configure the homepage of your blog. Navigate to the Header tab to open up the header configuration section in the Theme Options.

iRibbon Pro 2 - Theme Options - Header - Drag & Drop

Just drag the elements from the Inactive Elements section to the Active Elements section to use it. Each element displays content such as logo, contact details, banner, etc.

Header Drag and Drop Elements

  • Banner: Adds a banner to your header section.
  • Description + Icons: Displays the site description with social icons in the header section.
  • Logo: Displays only a chosen logo in the header section.
  • Logo + Contact: Displays a custom logo with contact details in the header section.
  • Logo + Description: Displays a logo along with site description text in the header section.
  • Logo + Icons: Displays the custom logo along with social icons in the header section.
  • Logo + Login: Displays a user-defined logo along with a login log in link for the user.
  • Logo + Search: Display search bar after a user-defined logo in the header section.

You can choose to use a combination of elements in the header section depending on your requirements and the look you are seeking to get on your site.

Other Drag and Drop Blog elements

The same procedure can be used for the elements in the Blog tab of the Theme Options.

iRibbon Pro 2 - Theme Options - Blog - Drag & Drop

Each Active Element can be individually configured. It’ll automatically show up for configuration under the Blog tab once it is in the Active Elements section. (For ex: Boxes element here)

Getting more out of the CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme

You’ll find these additional menus added to your WordPress Dashboard upon activating the theme – Boxes, Slides, Carousel and Portfolio. These can be used to showcase unique content across your site.

  • Boxes Menu: Create numerous boxes to use in the Boxes element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Don’t forget to create categories for boxes as they are used in the element settings.
  • Slides Menu: Create unlimited slides to use in the CyberChimps Slider element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Don’t forget to create categories for slides as they are used within the element settings.
  • Carousel Menu: Create various carousels to use in the Carousel element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Don’t forget to create categories for carousel as they are used in the element settings.
  • Portfolio Menu: Create different portfolios to use in the Portfolio element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Don’t forget to create categories for the portfolios as they are used within the element settings.

Do I need to hire a professional for setting up my site?

I know this question bothers almost every newbie blogger, and the answer is No. You do not need to hire a professional to set up your WordPress site. You can go through this guide – How to start a blog with WordPress if you do not have any experience with setting up a blog. With the user-friendly drag and drop page builder feature of CyberChimp themes, you can create a professional looking beautiful blog site yourself. Also, all of CyberChimps are mobile ready and optimized for SEO. Still skeptical about doing it yourself? I am sure once you see the Theme Options and get a hang of things you’ll be at ease.

So, how much does the theme cost?

iRibbon Pro 2 individually costs $27 if you buy it from CyberChimps’ Theme Gallery. You can also get all the CyberChimps products (38 themes and 6 plugins) for $11 per month by joining the CyberChimps Club. That means $1.70 per theme, hey that’s a great deal if you ask me!

Wrapping Up

iRibbon Pro 2 , CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme is ideal for any niche. Be it a fashion blog or your personal blog, you’ll have an elegant and nostalgia invoking site. Your WordPress site will look as if you hired a professional to set it up. You need not pay any SEO company and shell out loads of money. User-friendly interface and theme options, CyberChimps best drag and drop page builder feature make iRibbon Pro 2 a great choice for your vintage-looking WordPress site.

Hurry! Check out CyberChimps vintage WordPress theme – iRibbon Pro 2 today!

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