Introducing Neuro Pro 2: A Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

Long Beach, California April 18, 2012 – CyberChimps WordPress Themes Introduces Neuro Pro 2: A Responsive Blog WordPress Theme with Drag and Drop Theme Options.

Neuro Pro 2 is an easy to use WordPress theme for a blog or website. It uses the same CyberChimps Response Core Framework that we used to develop iFeature Pro, and is available for just $25 in the CyberChimps WordPress Themes Store, and can be used on as many websites or projects as you like.

“Neuro Pro 2 features a fresh responsive design, and our famous Drag and Drop theme options,” said Trent Lapinski, Chief Executive Officer of CyberChimps LLC.

Responsive Design

With Responsive Design, and Neuro Pro your website will magically adjust to mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Drag & Drop Theme and Page Options

Neuro Pro includes Drag & Drag Header, Page and Blog Elements including a Responsive Feature Slider, various Header layouts, Callout section, Twitter Bar, Image Carousel, Widgetized boxes, Page content, and more. With Drag & Drop Elements it is easy to layout every page on your WordPress website without having to use HTML, CSS, or shortcodes.

We have also simplified the theme options to include only the most important content management features, and WordPress enhancements.

Custom CSS and Child Themes

If you do know CSS and want a functional starter WordPress theme you can really customize, Neuro Pro offers the ability to easily add Custom CSS, and is perfect for designing child themes on top of. Since Neuro Pro includes the Drag & Drop Elements mentioned above you do not need a bunch a plugins to have a feature slider, carousel, callout section, or wigitized areas and can focus on design rather than finding plugins, and functionality.

CyberChimps Response Core Framework

Neuro Pro is built on the Response Pro Core Framework, and includes all of the latest features built into all of the CyberChimps WordPress Themes.

Neuro Pro is one of the most advanced Premium WordPress Themes in the world and is released under the GNU GPL v2. Neuro Pro can be used on as many website as you want. Neuro Pro is optimized for WordPress 3.3, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer 9 (but does not support Internet Explorer 6, or PHP4).

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