How To Increase The Potential For Success Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Despite what a lot of digital marketing agencies might try to convince you, which is pretty much what their entire business is all about, digital marketing is not always a vehicle for success. A lot of the times, digital marketing strategies are not very effective. Indeed, in a recent survey, only about 57 percent of advertisers believe that they are getting good results from their own campaigns even with excellent website traffic numbers.

This is insane.

With this in mind, you definitely want to make sure that if you are going to launch a digital marketing drive, there will be a much higher probability of success. This is what we’ll be looking at today.

It’s worth pointing out that this is intended for marketers who already have a fair amount of data on their hands, which they can then use to improve the results they get with their campaigns.
Digital Marketing Strategy

Customer Behaviour

Let’s dispense with all the complicated nomenclature for a second (you can get that from many other sources with far deeper analysis and technicality) and focus on some of the simplest aspects of digital marketing. The whole point to digital marketing is to cater to a digital audience, who are by far the easiest to keep track of. What you’ll want to pay attention to most is their behaviour.

Thanks to the various data analytics tools you have at your disposal, you can often tell what your customers do on your various platforms. What contents do they linger on? How do they navigate your website? What piques their interest and what doesn’t? Are they going for that GoDaddy Promo Code or not?

A weird habit by marketers is that they can see the numbers and metrics, and yet often fail to understand what they mean as they pertain to consumer behaviour. That’s weird because observing and then influencing consumer behaviour is the end goal of digital marketing in the first place.

So observe your consumers. Keep a record of what they like to do at what times and in what manner. Afterwards, adjust your digital marketing accordingly. You’ll see a marked difference.

Try Segmenting Your Audience Based On Their Position

Any digital marketer worth their salt will have some sale cycle system on hand. This is basically where you take your customer’s intent into consideration with regards to what they do. Broadly speaking, consumers start their shopping journey with recognizing their problem, before moving on to looking for solutions, choosing a solution, and then paying for that solution.

You can break down that cycle even further, if you like, but that’s the general idea. Once you’ve got that in mind, you can then proceed to segmenting the different customers based on where they are on that cycle. This allows you to customize your contents to target only the right customers who are in the right stage of the sale strategy.

This is incredibly important to keep in mind because the more specific you can target your audience, the more likely conversion becomes. More to the point, the more accurately you can target your audience, the more successful your digital marketing strategy will prove to be.

Not only will it elevate you above the abysmal figure mentioned above, it will also provide you with a much clearer framework to work with. What, you didn’t think this was all of it, did you?

Level Up Segmentation By Keeping Score

Here’s a rather ridiculous idea. Instead of measuring your data based on things like he number of views or searches, how about you assign scores for each of the relevant aspects to digital marketing? A good example would be assigning one point for every transaction of one customer and three points for multiple transactions, and just go from there.

This basically allows you to segment your consumers even further by seeing how far you can get with your overall marketing strategy in a given period. If your points have piled up nicely over the course of 30 days, for example, and you can easily see which of these points make up the bulk of the overall score that you recorded, you’ll have a good idea if your strategy is working or not. In turn, this will give you an even better idea of which area you are strong in and which still needs some work.

As for the goal of this exercise, what you want to do is to increase the frequency of the accumulation of the higher points as much as possible. The more of it you get, the more successful your strategy becomes. Or at least, that would be the idea.

Move According To The Results

The beauty of the previously mentioned steps is that you are not at the mercy of events with your digital marketing strategy. You basically take control by carefully measuring and analysing some of the most important aspects of your campaign. The only thing left to do now is to actually act in such a way that would take advantage of the information that you get.

Now, it’s no secret that most firms don’t have as much resources and budget as they would have liked. As such, marketers need to allocate these things as wisely as possible and the results from the aforementioned steps will allow you to do that.

A lot of this will apply on the software and other tools that you are going to be spending money on, where you will decide which one deserves your investment or not. If a tool isn’t really doing anything to help you get the results you want after applying the tips above, you’ll want to drop that particular tool. Likewise, the software that provides you with the best results deserves more of your attention and money.

You should always base your decisions on what your customers are doing and what the data says about it. You never want to make decisions based on assumptions on how something ought to happen or what results you should be getting. You only have a small room for error when implementing your digital marketing strategy and perhaps even none of that if you are dealing with a particularly important campaign and client.

If you’re going to condense the whole point of this piece, the main point is to simply keep on measuring.


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