How to Increase e-Commerce Conversion Rate?

Over the last few years, people all over the world have been shopping online more than ever. This trend has only one way to go, and that is upwards. Recent studies have shown that, in the US alone, nearly 70% of individuals who have an Internet connection shop online at least once a month. It offers instant shopping, a choice of variety, convenience, besides discounts due to various offers.

Now, the market is huge, but the competition is ruthless. In simple terms, conversion marketing is the process of converting visitors to your website into customers that buy and pay. This is ideally known as the conversion rate.

With all the huge marketing budgets that companies around the world have, it is surprising to know that businesses usually spend less than 5% of this budget on conversion optimization. It is hard enough to get a visitor on your website; you surely want to increase e-Commerce conversion rate so as to boost sales. The e-Commerce conversion tips given here will help you do just that, and you will see greater success for your online store.

Ways to Increase e-Commerce Conversion Rate of Your Website

The average conversion rate of e-Commerce websites is typically around 2-3%. Most businesses even settle for a 1% conversion rate. Not you. Use these pointers and help your online business skyrocket.

User-friendly Interface

This is the first and most important thing you need to take care of. Any user landing on your website should have a smooth ride. Navigation should be easy, and a user should never have to struggle to find things like price, cart, and the like. The pages should not be cluttered, and load times should be minimal. Give a proper search option so customers can easily find what they are looking for. Make sure your filters are specific and in place. Call to actions should be big and clear. Ensure that visitors get a clear idea of your products which makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision. Make sure your site loads times are minimal. And of course, with the rate at which wireless device usage is increasing, make sure your website design is responsive.

Professional Product Images

This is one thing that could make or break a potential sale. People simply want the clearly see what they are buying. High-quality images of your products are a must. If possible show products from different angles, with a zoom-in option. This is simple logic, if I see something I like, I will most probably buy it. Hence this helps to increase e-Commerce conversion rate.

Good Product Content

Product information is really important. People need to know exactly what they are getting. Don’t give too little or too much information. Too little info will leave a user confused and uncertain about making a purchase. Too much, and the user would skip reading it anyway, resulting in no call to action. If you are selling another manufacturer’s product, add your own personal touch to the original content. Get a professional writer for this job if needed. It will also help in better rankings for search engines.

Sleek Product Videos

Add product videos. They give a more personal touch than images do. You could do this for your main products for a start, and take things from there. It is widely believed that using product videos increases sales by nearly 150%. Now that’s surely something you should not ignore!

Customization Options

Maybe this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but nevertheless, something that you can do if possible. Customized products make a user feel like they own the item. Obviously, such products would cost more, but it is something that can be done with a lot of thought and for specific items only.

Test Shop

Once everything has been set up, make sure you test the system. Making sure the whole system is set up properly and optimally is of utmost importance. If there is any bug in your system, or there is any glitch that affects usability, your sales will nosedive, and your conversion rate will go for a toss. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t Charge for Shipping

This is a deal breaker. Half of the online sellers out there do not charge for shipping, and with good reason. More users would turn into buyers if there is no shipping cost involved, and most people agree that high shipping charges dissuade them from making an online purchase. The math is simple! You’ll make more money on sales by offering free shipping than you would on charging a petty amount as delivery charges.

Low Stock Indicator

Keep visitors properly informed about products that are low on inventory. Low stock encourages users to make a purchase, in fear of losing out. The low stock also means that the product is doing well and selling fast. Just make sure you do this only for single-item purchases, and not for those items that need to be bought in multiples.

Limited Time Deals

You could set up deals that are offered for a limited period. This would encourage customers to buy before the deal runs dry. This could be used as a tactic to push sales for slowly moving items, by adding some benefits for the buyers, or it could also be used to boost further sales of those items that are hot in demand, thus doubling your profits.

Conduct Regular Sales

Studies indicate that almost half of the online shoppers out there buy stuff when there is a sale or some offer on hand. You could have a completely different page or section for this purpose. People love to shop when things are cheaper, and discounts will always be sought after. Everyone loves deals and promotional offers. Cash in on this idea to up your conversion rate.

Be on Top of Your Analytics

Keep track of the actions on your website. You would do better knowing suitable demographics and target audiences. Also keep track of cart abandoning. To increase e-Commerce conversion rate, you need to have a clear idea of your users’ actions, likes, dislikes, and should constantly change things around as per their needs. Be a step ahead in the game.

Save Shopping Carts

Make sure you save shopping carts for a decent period. If a customer adds items to a cart and doesn’t go through with a purchase, give him the importance he deserves. If, after a few days, he comes back for the product, finds his cart empty, and has to go through the whole process again from scratch, more often than not he will abandon the purchase and look elsewhere.

Contact Info and Support

This one is especially important for new and small businesses. Trusted brands like Amazon do not need to do this now. But you will need customers to trust you completely to make purchases. Your contact information should be up-to-date and clearly visible. If possible, offer quick customer support, or even live chat support.


When talking about online sales, uncertainty is a deal breaker. If a customer has doubts that cannot be answered, he or she will not go through with a purchase. Create a proper FAQ section, where all the common queries that customers have are answered in a clear, crisp, and precise manner.

Payment Options

Different customers are comfortable with different payment methods. Make sure you cover all possible ways in which your users can pay. Offer all credit/debit card options, PayPal, Stripe, etc., so that you don’t lose out on potential sales. If possible, you could also offer cash on delivery, which many online merchants resort to these days.

Return Policy

Studies have proven that two-third of online customers make a purchase only after reading the return policy of a trader. But, only having one is not it. Make sure the process is simple, fast, and has a time frame that your customers would be completely comfortable with. All policies regarding return should be crystal clear.

Show your potential customer how you are different from other online merchants. You need to have something different and attractive that makes people choose you over others, be it variety, pricing, reliability, or anything else that sets you apart. Showcase this difference to all.

Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

It is believed that more than half of the online shoppers read reviews of a product before making a purchase. So, you need to start collecting and displaying reviews of your website and business. Ratings help customers compare you with other websites. Customer testimonials provide vital feedback to new users and help that make a positive decision with greater ease.

Recommend Related Products

This technique is called upselling. Upselling technic can help you to increase e-Commerce conversion rate. The trick is to sell something to a customer that complements what he is presently buying. For example, if someone is purchasing a shirt, offer a tie, or is an individual is buying a phone, try and bundle that with Bluetooth device. Keep in mind that, the product that is being added should end up cheaper with the bundle sale as compared to what it would have cost had the customer added it to his cart by himself.

By now you may have figured out that starting an e-Commerce website is one thing, and being successful with it is another. There are many WordPress themes for creating an e-Commerce website. These themes are compatible with wooCommerce which lets you add reviews, ratings, testimonials, latest products, mini cart, and much more. Use these foolproof tips to increase e-Commerce conversion rate on your website, and sales are bound to take an upward turn.

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