Plugins that help to Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

Plugins that help to Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

Regardless of the type of product/service offered, a website needs to capture information about the visitors. While a lot of effort goes behind developing an attractive website, creating interesting content, and managing the technical aspects of the site, converting a visitor into a subscriber or customer allows you to customize your services and offer a better experience.

WordPress has hundreds of themes and plugins which allow you to increase conversions on your website. In this article, we will look at the top three conversion plugins for WP websites.


Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

Optin Monster is a famous lead generation plugin and is currently being used by over 700,000 websites around the world. Here are some features of the plugin:

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Create multi-step campaigns
  • Create targeted campaigns
  • Exit-Intent® Technology – helps recover abandoning visitors and converts them into subscribers or customers.
  • Option to A/B test your ideas for increasing conversions
  • Analytics to help improve the lead generation strategy
  • Real-time automatic personalization
  • Display the form at the right time to improve conversions
  • Convert any image or link into an optin form
  • Option to target inactive visitors

It is a premium plugin available in four plans – Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth.


Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

Bloom is an email opt-in plugin from Elegant Themes. It works by adding email opt-in forms to your site which can be connected to your email marketing/newsletter software. Its features are as follows:

  • Customization – you can hide/show the form as you choose.
  • Limitless design options allowing you to maintain the design theme of your website.
  • 6 kinds of opt-in forms:
    • Pop-Up
    • Fly-In
    • Below-Content
    • Inline
    • Locked Content (form to unlock the content)
    • Widget Area
  • Option to target specific posts or pages.
  • Seamlessly integrates with most email marketing software
  • Split Testing to help to determine the most effective variant of the opt-in form.
  • Option to add unlimited email accounts
  • Statistics dashboard offering a real-time overview of the performance
  • Readable and accessible from all devices

This is a premium plugin and is available as an Elegant Themes package at $89 per year. You can also get a lifetime access for a one-time payment of $249. The packages include all the themes and plugins offered by Elegant Themes as well as the new plugins/themes developed when you are a member.


Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

Icegram is a popular WordPress plugin for growing subscribers, increasing conversions, and engaging visitors. Here are the features:

  • Create 12 types of call-to-actions in no time:
    • Popups
    • Floating action bars
    • Toast notifications
    • Messenger
    • Overlays
    • Inlines
    • Tabs
    • Sidebars
    • Interstitials
    • Ribbons
    • Stickies
    • Badges
  • More than 12 messaging styles
  • Ready-to-use campaigns and designs
  • Exit Intent to recover abandoning visitors
  • Multiple targeting rules
  • Split Testing
  • Comprehensive reports and Analytics

This plugin is available for free and also has premium versions charges at $97 and $147 per year.



HumCommerce is a Visitor Behaviour Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization Tool for e-commerce stores.

HumCommerce makes it easy to analyze the traffic sources and boost your conversions. It enables you to know precisely what actions visitors take on the website.

With this extension, you can have the dashboard view of your e-commerce data like Sales order, Revenue, best-selling products, and much more.

Some of the key features of HumCommerce are:

  1. Visitor Session Recordings
  2. Website Heatmaps
  3. Goal Funnels
  4. Cart Abandonment
  5. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Analysis
  6. Form Analytics

Once installed, HumCommerce gives you actionable insights to start making data-driven decisions for your e-commerce business to grow. 

This plugin is available for free.

Summing Up

There are more than a billion websites vying for the attention of users. Also, with the fast-paced lives, people have decreasing attention spans. Therefore, it is important that you optimize every second of the user’s time. Before we conclude, another aspect that you should keep in mind is the overall performance of your website.

After all, these efforts will bear fruit only if your website offers the user a great experience. And a good web host is the heart of a well-performing website. Ensure that you choose a good WordPress Hosting plan which offers database optimization, high page load speeds, and maximum uptimes. Good Luck!

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