The Crucial Importance Of Engagement On Your Website

The Crucial Importance Of Engagement On Your Website


The most important aspects of digital marketing are engagement and interaction. No matter the platform – either it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even your website. All the fuss is about comments, shares and any other forms of interest that a potential client could show for our brand. Who knows – if the potential client doesn’t become one, maybe it’s parents or friends will.

User engagement is valued so much because it helps “spreading the news”. Increasing brand awareness, generating leads and conversions have always been the top priorities of any advertising campaign, sometimes directly, sometimes – not so much.

Websites have many awesome tools and plugins to help you with that. And one of many great ways how to reach and increase all the important objectives and fight all the struggles in the market are website polls – and here’s why.
Polls can help you grow your newsletter list

If you don’t already have a monthly or weekly newsletter plan – you should definitely consider it. Newsletters are the best way to present your new products, services, offers, sales, events, and invitations to your customer. How else are your valued customers supposed to learn about all the good stuff that’s been going on with your website lately? To get more people to subscribe to your newsletter, you can create a poll: for example, you could ask “What would you like to see more on our website?”. And the options could be “more sales”, “more news”, “more special offers” etc. Each one of them leading to an offer to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss out on what you chose in the poll.
The client is the king – so why not use it as a review platform?


The easiest way to grow and upgrade your business is to listen to your client’s needs. After all, the client is the one who’s buying your products or using your services – therefore it is the most important source of your revenue. But how will you figure it out? What do you clients like and dislike about your company?
You could rely on comments and reviews that your clients leave on various platforms. It’s a high possibility that you will find a few reviews – but if you want a higher volume of user’s opinions, what you could do is ask. And the fastest way of doing it is creating a poll on your website.
There are many options of what you could ask, it depends on the segment that you would like to improve: for example, if you are concerned about the delivery, you could create a poll that asks “Are you happy with our delivery time?”. The poll options for this question could be segmented in a scale of points “0-3”, “4-5”, “6-7” “8-10”. If you are not sure on what you would you like to improve specifically, a good idea is to offer a few options and an open field as well.
This way, you will also increase the added value of your brand by showing your clients how much their opinion means to you. Also, if some registered clients answer the question, with most plugins you can see who exactly voted in your poll. This might help with the user experience as well.

A poll could be a perfect way to present a new product


There are two ways that you could use the simplest poll to promote a new product or service. The first way is to ask directly – what do your users think about the new product/service? Have they heard of it? Do they like it? What features of this new item excites them the most? Could they value it on a scale from 1 to 10 and let you know how much they like it? The questions could go on and on – it’s up to you what you want to ask.

There is a chance that if the visitor doesn’t know about the new product – it could catch its attention and intrigue to learn more. If possible, you could insert images and a “learn more” button to your poll so that the person can read about your new product/service without leaving the home page.

The second way is going all the way around. You could focus on the problems that your current or potential clients need to solve by buying your product or service. For example, if your company sells shampoos, you could ask “What is your hair type?”. And after the person chooses an option, offer them a new product that fits the type of this person’s hair and navigate them to the products page.

It’s super easy!

The most simple argument why you should definitely try it out is because it’s very easy, super fast (it might take you less than 10 minutes to set up a poll) and the only thing that it could bring is advantage. More to it – it can be free, like this free poll maker.


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