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So you have decided to join the world of blogging. WordPress is the obvious choice for bloggers, be it a novice or expert blogger.  It is the most popular blogging platform, takes mere minutes to setup, requires no or minimum technical knowledge. All you need is the perfect premium WordPress Blog theme to visually represent you to your audience. Having said that, let’s have a look at iFeature Pro – A premium theme for WordPress by CyberChimps today.

iFeature Pro – The most popular magazine / multi-purpose premium theme for WordPress with CyberChimps’ best drag and drop website builder feature.

The Features:

Multiple Elements Within The Best Drag & Drop Website Builder

iFeature Pro - Drag & Drop Elements

Get your WordPress site up & running in minutes with easy drag & drop elements. There are 8 customizable elements for the Header section. 16 customizable elements for the Blog section. CyberChimps offers the best drag & drop website builder feature so you don’t have to fiddle with HTML or CSS.

Customizable Typography & Fonts

iFeature Pro - Theme Options - Typography

Forget the boring fonts and add a little personality to your WordPress site by customizing the typography. Choose from different fonts or use Google Fonts, keep it traditional or go completely wacky with fonts!!! Just head over to the Theme Options > Typography.

Various Flexible & Customizable Elements For Customizing Web Pages

iFeature Pro - Page Elements

Revamp each page of you site with various customizable page elements. Just drag a page element from the Inactive Elements section and drop it into the Active Elements section. The new page element will show up for customizing right onto the page. You can change the page as per your requirements. Show a different Call To Action (using the Callout Section element) on a different page, add a Google Map to pinpoint your business / event location. With various page elements to choose from, the sky is the limit for customizations.

Built With The Latest Internet Standards In Mind

The developers at CyberChimps build themes that are future-ready, keeping latest standards in mind. iFeature Pro is powered by HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and Twitter Bootstrap. Never worry about an outdated piece of code with iFeature Pro.

100% Responsive

Are your site visitors using different devices to access your site? iFeature Pro is 100% responsive and looks great on any device you can think of.

Retina Optimized and Touch Friendly

iFeature Pro allows you to create touch-friendly & retina optimized WordPress site. Your site will respond the way it is meant to be on devices with iOS & Android alike.

Several Skin Colors To Choose From

iFeature Pro - Theme Options - Custom Colors

Choose from 9  different skin colors for the theme and even use custom colors for Text, Link, and Link Hover. Your modern-looking WordPress site will be visually appealing to your audience, unlike your competitors.

Completely SEO friendly

iFeature Pro is completely SEO friendly. Your WordPress site’s search engine ranking will be taken care of even if you forget to do so. Bloggers know the basic SEO tricks and sometimes that is just not enough. Why pay for your site’s SEO when you have an SEO friendly theme right?

Google Maps Integration to Pinpoint Your Location

Add a location to an event or pinpoint your own location for your audience to build the much-important trust factor. Use the Google Maps element and embed a map within seconds.

iFeature Pro Theme Settings & Configuration

iFeature Pro - Theme Options

iFeature Pro is a walk-in-the-park when it comes to setup. Here’s a brief look into the Theme Options.

  • Help: Seek instruction manuals & support for the theme.
  • Design: The setting for global design of your site. Configure the layout, theme skin color, font & typography and add custom CSS code to your site.
  • Header: Configure and customize the header section of your site. Use the drag & drop elements, customize logo, add  banners, configure social network links and the contact element.
  • Blog: Configure and customize the blog section of your site. Add drag & drop elements, choose the blog page layout, show your Twitter feed by integrating your Twitter account, add sliders (using the Slides menu), highlight a custom message or testimonials across your site using the Callout element, and add boxes (using the Boxes menu) to highlight your portfolios, services and much more. Use the Product element to showcase a particular product / service across your site.
  • Templates: Configure the templates of your site. Customize single post, archive, search & 404 templates of your WordPress blog.
  • Footer: Configure the footer section of your site with footer widgets, CyberChimp’ credit link, copyright text & add custom footer scripts.
  • Import / Export: Import / Export the theme settings of your site for backups & never worry about your site appearing broken.
  • Add-ons: Install the optional add-ons – The Events Calendar plugin & Easy Digital Downloads plugin available for iFeature Pro. The Events Calendar add-on can help in keeping your audience updated with the latest news about your blog.

iFeature Pro by CyberChimps - Premium Theme for WordPress

Check out the demo of iFeature Pro before you buy it

Installing iFeature Pro

Upon activating the theme these menus will be added to your WordPress Dashboard – Carousel, Portfolio, Slides & Boxes. Let’s have a look at how these menus can help you with customizing your theme.

  • Carousel Menu: Create unlimited carousels that will be used in the Carousel element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the carousel to be specified in the settings.
  • Portfolio Menu: Create unlimited portfolios that will be used in the Portfolio element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the portfolio to be specified in the settings.
  • Slides Menu: Create unlimited slides that will be used in the CyberChimps Slider element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the sliders to be specified in the settings.
  • Boxes Menu: Create unlimited boxes that will be used in the Boxes element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the boxes to be specified in the settings.

The theme also provides 2 add-ons (available in most of the CyberChimps themes) which you can choose to install – The Events Calendar plugin & Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

The Price:

iFeature Pro is priced at $47. The theme is part of the CyberChimps Club ( yearly – $97.00 ; Renewal Price – $47 only, from next year onward) which includes 1 Year Access to Downloads ( all current + new themes ), Updates and Support, Exclusive Bonus Resources like icons. If you prefer you can get all the 42 themes & plugins by CyberChimps at $11/month.

Final Thoughts:

iFeature Pro is a premium WordPress blog theme which is super easy to setup. With the level of customization it offers, iFeature Pro is suitable for any blog niche – Food, Travel, Photography, Lifestyle, and fashion. The different elements viz., Carousel, Portfolio, Slides & Boxes, are a bonus when you want to add details in the form of text / visuals. Your blog has that oomph factor giving an insight of the blogger in you without the tedious efforts of coding!

Get this premium theme for WordPress by CyberChimps today!

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