iFeature Pro Legacy will be Retired on March 15th, 2013

By Legacy, I of course am referring to versions 4 and below. Of course versions 5+ will continue to be supported.

iFeature Pro 5 was introduced several months ago, yet not everyone was ready for such a serious upgrade and because of this, as a courtesy, we continued to support the legacy version of the theme on the old design and framework.

What This Means?

– We will no longer provide copies of iFeature Pro below version 5.0.
– We will no longer support versions below 5.0 in the forum, troubleshooting wise (we will be recommending that you upgrade to the latest version to receive fixes).

Taking the Plunge

Upgrading is a natural part of the web. As the web itself evolves, so must the technologies used to display it. While you’re not required to upgrade by us, if you wish to stay compatible with WordPress, get new features, fixes and security patches there’s simply no other choice, it’s inevitable.

As always, we’ll do our best to help everyone in the forums with this transition. You’ll have just over a month to workout the details of upgrading:


Many users find it helpful to first setup a test environment to test and refine the new theme options before upgrading their live site(s).

UPDATE – We will be releasing all legacy themes on GitHub for free, iFeature Pro 4 is now available:


To continue receiving support, updates, security patches, staying compatible with WP and more you will need to upgrade, because again, the legacy themes are no longer officially supported.

Thank You

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  • Curtis Oden says:

    While I understand the challenges of supporting “legacy” software, and that at some point it is necessary to stop support for older products, I think it is extremely poor customer service to try and force your customers to upgrade over a period of a few months. Many of us have spent hundreds of hours developing solutions based on the iFeature Pro 4x theme, and if you work in an organization like mine that plans major development efforts a year in advance, there is no chance of completing an upgrade in just a few short weeks.

    A sensible policy would be to extend support for twelve months after the last sale of iFeature Pro 4x. If iFeature 5x simply included bug fixes and feature enhancements, this would not be an issue, but it is an entirely new framework with a completely different responsive platform. The CSS class names have even changed!

    At bare minimum, you should create a 4x-compatible child theme that works with iFeature 5x.

    Cyberchimps makes excellent themes, and I’ve recommended them hundreds of times, but I cannot continue to do so if this support policy remains in effect.


    Curtis Oden

  • Legalking says:

    I want to purchase iFeature Pro — can it have a log in as part of the sidebar and can I change the menu as part of the log in characteristic

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