How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money- Easy Guide

How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money- Easy Guide

Are you passionate about beauty? Seeking some guidance about how to start a beauty blog? In this article, you will get a step by step guide about how to be a successful beauty blogger following some easy steps. 

Everyone wants to look beautiful. But the definition of beauty varies from person to person. While for somebody it may mean a manifestation of the inner qualities and refection of it in the personalty, for some other person it may mean a catchy and gorgeous look. If you are clear about your definition of beauty and know the purpose, why you wish to start a beauty blog, follow the easy steps. You will turn into a blogger in no time.   

What is a beauty blog?

A  beauty blog, as the name suggests, is a blog about beauty-related topics. Here bloggers share their ideas and experiences about makeup, hairstyle, skincare, latest trends in beauty and current fashion trends. You will also get beauty product reviews and information about beauticians and beauty hubs in beauty blogs. 

Top beauty blogs to follow in 2020

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Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss

Into the Gloss is one of the most popular beauty blogs today. It has 84k followers on Instagram. The blog was founded by Emily Wisse in 2010. She was a fashion assistant in Vogue. Then she decided to share her ideas with the readers around the world. Today she is one of the rare beauty icons who have a lack of followers worldwide. She writes mainly about beauty products and careers in the beauty industry. The specialty of the blog is, it tries to define beauty in different ways. Beauty means something different to every woman. It tries to address the issue.  

Front Row Beauty

Front Row Beauty

Front Row Beauty is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. It is also a popular online beauty tutorial. The blog is founded by Sydney based fashion and beauty expert Reika. She defines beauty as “ being the best possible version of yourself on inside and out”. So, in her blog, you will find almost all the information you need to improve your personality and look. Currently, Reika has 10k followers on Instagram. 

 I Covet Thee 

 I Covet Thee

I Covet Thee or ICT is a fashion and beauty blog by Alix Coburn in 2011. She is a UK based blogger and fashion icon. She also runs a YouTube channel by the same name. Currently, she has  425K YouTube subscribers, 189k Instagram followers, and 62k Twitter followers. She writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and food. She loves to write about beauty, fashion, travel, and life. Thou, you will find many other beauty-related topics in her blog.  

Makeup Savvy

Makeup Savvy

Makeup Savvy is a beauty blog founded by Fiona Houghton in 2010. The blog has 10k followers on Twitter. The blog is mainly about beauty, skincare, nails, and lifestyle. You will also find here lots of product information and reviews. The specialty of the blog is, it has a resource section. There you will find many tips about beauty as well as blogging. Make Savvy is also very famous for its eye-catching photographs. You won’t have to go through the details even, the photographs will convey many things to you. It is an information-rich blog. A popular choice for many beauty and fashion lovers.   

That Grace Girl  

That Grace Girl is an interesting beauty blog founded by Grace in 2011. She started writing about the product she discovered to cure her acne. Gradually she started writing about other beauty products too which were popular in the market. And, her website ended up becoming a beauty blog. Currently, she has a huge list of followers. The blog is mainly about beauty products.      

What should I blog about?

Once you decide to start a blog, the immediate question that comes to mind is, what to write about? Or, how to generate a good writing idea. The best way to generate an idea is to look around. You have to feel the pulse of your readers. You should be able to find out what do they want to know about. Follow your heart as well. Know on which subject you will be able to write with passion. Based on that decide your area of writing.    

Here are some common areas you can start with – 

Makeup Artistry 

Makeup artist

Makeup artistry is a very popular niche. If you have good knowledge of makeup, you may try to share your tips for different occasions with your readers. You can also talk about how to take care of themselves. 

Review of Beauty Products

Beauty products

Product review is another important area. If you have a habit of keep trying new products in the market, this is the niche you should try. But remember you should always share your original review. Otherwise, it is difficult to win the readers.  



If you are a hairstylist, you can share your ideas with your readers. People look for new hairstyles for different occasions. If you can provide them with new and innovative ideas regularly, you will get good traffic.


Nail painting is gaining popularity among women nowadays. If you are an expert in nail painting, share your creative ideas with your readers. If your ideas are stylish and catchy, people will follow your blog.  

How to start a beauty blog?

#1. Choose your interest or topic

Beauty is a vast area. You have to work at a micro-level if you wish to secure a space in the market. If you can deliver crispy content and satisfy the queries of your readers, your blog is bound to be popular.

Know yourself first, in which area you feel more comfortable. If you like bridal makeup and are experienced in that, there is no need to write about travel beauty tips. Write on the topics that are close to your heart. Then only you will be able to produce quality content. Viewers will like your blog.    

#2. Choose a perfect blogging platform

WordPress- Best blogging platform

When it comes to the blogging platform, WordPress is the most popular choice among bloggers worldwide. The reason behind the popularity is its user-friendliness and flexibility. It is easy to customize. Anybody can use WordPress without any coding knowledge.

The other important factor is, there are lots of themes and plugins available. Decide what your goal is, you will find a large number of free and pro plugins and themes to suit your needs.

#3. Choose your domain name 

Domain name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most crucial parts of blogging. It shows in your URL. So, it naturally becomes your identity and permanent address on the web. You have to select a name very carefully. It should reflect what you write about. Also, it should be catchy enough to pull the readers. People should be able to understand easily what you are trying to communicate through your domain name. 

Here are some tips – 

  • Keep it small and simple 
  • Keep two or three options ready as the one you pick may not be available 
  • Make it attractive and impressive 
  • It should be your original

#4. Get hosting 

The next thing you need to do is to find a suitable hosting. There are many hosting service providers in the market. All have their own plans and features. You need to go through the list of features and find one as per your needs.

We would recommend Bluehost here. It is one of the most popular hosting providers. It offers one-click installation for WordPress and other CMS platforms like Drupal and Jumla.  

#5. Install WordPress

With Bluehost, installing WordPress is the matter of only a few clicks. Here are the steps you need to follow – 

  • Log into Bluehost 
  • Go to the Control Panel 
  • Click on the WordPress icon under the website section 
One Click WordPress Installation
  • Choose the domain where you want to install WordPress 
  • Enter the site name, admin user name and admin password
  • Click on Install now 

Now you will be able to see that WordPress has been installed successfully. You can now begin with your first blog. 

#6. Find a WordPress theme

After you have installed WordPress, now it is the time to get an appropriate theme. A theme allows you to give your desired look and shape to your website. There are many free and premium themes available for  WordPress.

Here are a few popular themes you may try – 


Lifestyle- WordPress beauty blog theme

Lifestyle is a ready to use and responsive WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme for blogging.  It comes with pre-designed pages and advanced contact form support. There is a one-click demo import feature. It has advanced typography and unlimited color options. There are blog and content layouts. The theme has a fast loading speed. It is available at $47.


Allure- WordPress beauty blog theme

Allure is a professional beauty and fashion blog theme. It comes with a good collection of stylish home pages. It has a powerful admin panel. There are elegant blog sliders and social media widgets. There are different blog layouts and lots of shortcodes. It has contact form 7 integration. The theme is available at $75.  


Cosmetista- WordPress beauty blog theme

Cosmetista is a WordPress theme for beauty bloggers. It comes with many different blog layouts and content composer. It has color management features and form builders. It is WooCommerce integrated. So, you can easily run an online shop. It is translation ready. You may add animations to your content. The theme is available at $59. 


Falive- WordPress beauty blog theme

Falive is a modern and creative WordPress theme.  It is most suitable for beauty and fashion blog. It comes with a live editor with theme customizer. There are 5 header layout options and 3 features slider options. It has 600+ Google fonts. The theme is responsive and retina ready. It is available at $45.  

#7. How to publish your first blog post? 

No matter how powerful your writing is, if you don’t know how to publish it, it is useless. To share your ideas with your readers you need to publish your blog properly. To publish your blog, here are the steps you need to follow – 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard 
  • Click on “ Posts ->Add new”
  • You will find many blocks to add your content 
  • Arrange your contents into different sections under headings and subheadings
  • You can also add photographs and videos to your post 
  • You may also add links in you wish to 
  • After you are done, click on the “Publish’ button on your righthand side 
  • Never forget to check the preview before you publish your blog to know whether it is alright 

There are some important points which you should keep in mind while drafting your blog. It should be stylish, simple and visually appealing. Write in simple language and add attractive and relevant photographs. If your photographs are catchy, more people visit your blog. 

Blogpost ideas for beauty bloggers 


If you are a beauty blogger, you have a wide array of subjects to write about. The more often you post, the better it is for you. If your readers keep visiting your blog regularly, it has an impact on your SEO ranking. And, to post regularly you need new ideas. We have brought here a number of topics that you may try at the initial stage as a beginner. Once you are experienced, you will be able to select your own topics. Here is the list – 

  • Makeup Tips
  • Hairstyles 
  • Skincare 
  • Haircare 
  • Your Makeup Collections
  • Popular Makeup Brands 
  • Beauty Product Reviews
  • Celebrity Looks 
  • Bridal Tips 
  • Everyday Makeup Routines 
  • Makeup Routine for the Seasons      

Promote on social media

Promote on Social media

If you want to make your beauty blog a success, you need to promote it on social media. Here are some tips you may follow – 

  • Identify your target group in social media 
  • Check the traffic potential of various social media
  • Select your most appropriate options 
  • Share your blogs 
  • Your hashtags in relevant posts especially Instagram and Facebook 
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How do beauty bloggers make money?

Beauty is a popular and busy niche. So getting traffic in this area is not a big deal if you have quality content. And if you have good traffic, monetization is not very difficult. There are three major ways to earn through your blog – 

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Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs

Nowadays most of the popular business organizations have their affiliate programs. You can join the affiliate-networks of the houses of whom regularly talk about. Amazon affiliate is a popular affiliate program. You can use it when you write about beauty products. 

Display ads on your site 


The other powerful way is to display adds on your site. You can sell space to various advertisers. You can join different ad networks or hos your own banners. Amazon Native Ads and Google AdSense are two popular ad networks. You can use different plugins to connect to these networks. WP AdCenter is one such plugin. It allows you to get as from third-party networks or display self-hosted ads on your site.   

Sell products Online 

Sell products online

One more popular way is to run an online store for your products. You can easily turn your website into an online retail outlet for the products you talk about or the brands to which you provide a platform. With some plugins, you can easily do that. WooCommerce is a popular such plugin. With WooCommerce integration, you can easily run an eCommerce store.


Hope we could provide you with some valuable insight into how to create a beauty blog. Go through the tips carefully and you will be able to start your own blog. But what we have given you is just a road map. You need to get an idea for yourself and identify your target readers these are the basic things about writing a blog. That is only possible if you have a clear idea about your passions.

If you write on a topic you are passionate about then only you will be able to win your readers’ hearts. So, the final tip is, always follow your heart.  

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