How to Make Money With a Blog ?

There can be many reasons why an individual wants to start a blog. It can be just to pen down one’s feelings on a regular basis, exploring passive income opportunities, to publish poems as a hobby, write fiction stories, or even get a bit more serious and publish articles with the aim of earning some money. If you are one of those that are looking to start a blog, or have one and are wondering how to make money with a blog, the following paragraphs are all you need to read to get a clear idea and get started.

Things to Be Sure About Beforehand

Before getting started, take a step back and determine a few things. Ask yourself these questions. These being clear, will help you start the perfect blog for your needs.

1. What do you want the blog to do?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. What kind of domain name do you need?
4. Is it for keeps or you may want to sell it later?
5. Will any template/layout do or would you need to customize?

Now that you are clear in your mind, you would be in a better position to take the first step. Here are all the options that you have at hand.

How to Start a Blog for Free
If you are a beginner and only want a personal blog to publish stories, poems, etc., without monetary gains, then this is the way to go. Remember, here you will not be able to earn from ads, get a domain name, or even customize a lot. Now, the process is as simple as, choosing a blogging platform, choosing a website name, signing up, completing the registration, choosing a template, and you are good to go.

Some of the best free blogging platforms out there are WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, and free server, to name a few.

How to Make Money With a Blog?

Now let’s get down to business. We shall see how to make money with a blog. It is pretty simple if you pay attention and clearly understand what you need to do, and how.

1. Type of Blog

It is always better to specialize in a certain type of blog that caters to a specific audience and niche. That way you will come across and an expert in that field, rather than blogging on random topics and coming across as a Jack of all trades and master of none. Determine what your area of interest and expertise is, like travel, food, technology, fitness, etc.

2. Domain Name

Choose an appropriate domain name. Remember, this is the first exposure you get to most readers, and it also tells them what to expect from your blog, besides helping a lot in the rankings of search engines.

3. Blogging Platform

Now decide which blogging software you need to use. As mentioned, some great ones are WordPress, Blogger, besides others like Wix. Whatever you choose, make sure it supports a custom domain name. The platform should register your domain and integrate it with its services.

4. Designing

Now that you have decided which platform to use, you need to plan how to make a website. Make sure you customize and design your blog in sync with what it is all about. There will be various themes that you can choose from. Besides this, also don’t forget that your website should be user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Add icons, menus, widgets, etc., to enhance user experience.

5. Start Writing

This should be the easy part, considering you are thinking of blogging in the first place. Whatever you write on, include relevant keywords in the content, without spamming, and also give your pages catchy headlines, along with excellent graphics. Post at least 20 articles before you think of following the next few steps.

6. Market Your Website

Now you should go ahead and advertise your blog. Start with family and friends, then go to different social media platforms and spread the word. Join groups and forums to boost your online presence further.

7. Monetizing

Business begins with this step. Placing ads on your website is the best way to earn money out of it. Google AdSense is the perfect way to start. You could choose between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM).

You can also sign up with affiliate marketers like Amazon, ShareASale, VigLink, LinkShare, besides many others. These will place ads and banners on your website with specific products and services that are related to your articles and content. This way, the chances of generated sales through their ads becomes more likely.

Other ways to increase traffic to your website and make money include working with big brands, generating leads for other similar businesses, advertising your expertise through your blog so that other can offer you similar work, and create paid content, for which you have to be really well-known in your industry and have a huge dedicated fan base. You could also think of selling products and services directly on your website if that is something that you are familiar with and it would be related to the type of content on your blog.

Now you know how to make money with a blog. Just remember to create content for your users, rather than for search engines and ads. That way, you will always grow and get more and more dedicated and interested users.

Making Money Through WordPress

There are a few ways you could earn through WordPress too.

1. Starting your WordPress Blog using Free WordPress Theme or Premium WordPress Theme
2. Developing WordPress themes
3. Creating Plugins
4. WordPress Consultation services
5. Blog setting up for others

Blogging Websites That Pay

This is an option you could try if you just want to concentrate on writing and be free from all the other hassles of maintaining a website. A few great websites that would pay you for writing for them are About, HubPages, Epinions, Digital Journal, and SponsoredReviews, besides many others which you can find by doing an online search.

If you are new to all this, now you know the secret behind how bloggers get paid and how to make money with a blog. So you can do it too if you are in a position to create great content. But do it only if writing and blogging are your passion.

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