What freelance jobs can I do? How do I get freelance work?

More people are looking for easiest or best paid freelance jobs to either supplement full-time positions or to maintain a flexible lifestyle. Some hold two or three part-time positions, so a freelance job provides a meaningful contribution to the individual’s income.

Irrespective of where you are in your freelancing career though, you might need to acquire some soft skills as well – Read and learn practical freelancing tips and real-world advice that will help you negotiate with your clients, and charge the rates you deserve.
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What freelance jobs can I do?

1. Writing
Freelance writers fill a variety of positions, ranging from Web content provider to marketing materials developer. Greeting cards, email blasts, and company histories are just a few more of the numerous freelance writing jobs of the business world. Typically a writer needs several years of writing and editing experience or a degree in marketing or English.

There is a huge demand for good content writers these days, with the massive spurt in new websites.Ironically, finding clients can be an uphill job, so you might want to start off with content writing websites that help writers connect with customers.

How do content writers find work?

Some popular content and article writing sites where you can find Paid Content Writing Freelancing assignments are:

a. Textbroker (Freelance Writers)

  • Free Registration for Authors
  • Accepts writers based in the U.S. only
  • Weekly Payouts
  • How to get started – You can submit a sample that will be evaluated by Textbroker, to determine your skill level. Your rate will be driven by this skill level.
  • Weekly Payouts

b. Writer Access (Freelance Content Writers)

  • Free Registration for Writers
  • Accepts writers based in the U.S. only
  • Signing on as a writer involves an Online Test, Sample and Reference Articles
  • Star rating based on various factors related to your competency, the performance of your deliverables and client feedback
  • You get 70% of the order value. Writer Access takes a 30% fee

c. Writer’s Domain (Freelance Content Writing)

  • Free Registration for Content Writers
  • Accepts writers based any where in the world
  • Signing on as a writer involves submitting a sample and getting evaluated based on that
  • You are awarded a star rating based on your sample article and your rates depend on the star rating

2. Photography
Similar to writing needs, a freelance photographer can be hired for work in advertising companies, commercial film producers, marketing agencies, and others. Personalized photography needs include special events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. A degree is usually not needed, but a photographer should be able to demonstrate extensive experience with quality freelance photography, such as an online portfolio or photo studio. Also, look for photography related websites to collaborate with and market your offerings.

3. Graphic Design
Graphic designs appear on products ranging from tee shirts to mugs, along with a vast assortment of print and digital materials. Greeting cards, gift wrap, brochures, and fundraising materials are just some of many freelance graphic designs that are sought in numerous industries. Graphic design college degrees are available, although some designers develop their skills through volunteer work and internships.

4. Web Developer/ Programmer
Most businesses have a website these days, or should have one if they don’t. A freelance web developer can recommend a specific design or style that will best showcase a business image. Freelance programming is essential for developing company operations on the Internet. Many businesses prefer to pay a freelancer rather than a regular company that may charge exorbitant fees. Typically, some professional training is required for this type of work, although a degree may not be needed for casual jobs assisting smaller organizations.

5. Editing
Some writers prefer freelance editing jobs to creative writing. They can expertly review a document draft or professional writing of any kind to spot errors and improve phrasing for better results. A freelance editor often holds a bachelor’s degree in writing, communications, journalism, or marketing.

6. Makeup Artist
Although we tend to think of makeup artists as working in Hollywood for the film industry, a freelance makeup artist can find work in beauty salons, cosmetology schools, and modeling agencies. Freelance makeup work may be available individually for special events like weddings. Some makeup artists work with photographers to prepare people for glamor or professional photo shoots. A specialized degree is available, but often makeup artists develop their talent from assisting professionals or studying on their own while building a client base.

These creative jobs are fun for those who enjoy them while providing flexible scheduling and often significant income. Checking the local community or advertising online are effective ways of advertising skills to find prospective customers. In turn, satisfied clients are likely to tell others for a positive word-of-mouth ripple effect that will help to grow the business.

Freelancing Tips

How do freelancers find work?

Finding a job as a new freelancer can be tough. To help get you started on your journey, here is a list of 20 of the best freelance websites where you can find jobs.

1. Upwork
Upwork, previously known as oDesk, is a wide-reaching and diverse freelance platform that has thousands of clients. They offer both hourly and project-based work.

2. Freelancer
Freelancer allows workers to compete with other freelancers to improve their skills. If you want a way to gauge the quality of your work, Freelancer is absolutely worth checking out.

3. Toptal
Toptal is a bit more unique than other websites; it offers jobs only to freelancers who have proven themselves by way of their own screening process.

4. Craigslist
While Craigslist can sometimes be riddled with scams, it often has legitimate short-term work available from reputable clients.

5. 99designs
If you are talented in graphic design work, 99designs offers competition-based projects than anyone can submit work to. Competition is tough, though, so make sure you have your skills honed in.

6. Peopleperhour
This platform focuses on web projects for freelancers. Web designers and developers can find great work on this platform.

7. Freelance Writing Gigs
This website is a great network of writing jobs that freelancers can pitch to. They also offer a helpful community support section and some valuable knowledge for writers starting out.

8. Guru
Guru helps highlight your work experience and matches you with jobs daily. They have a wide variety of jobs for most freelance skills.

9. Leaf Group
Lead Group focuses on freelancers with creative skills like designers, artist, filmmakers, and photographers.

10. Tutor
This website offers tutoring jobs to well-qualified freelance tutors. If you are skilled or knowledgeable in an area of academics, this may be worth checking out.

11. College Recruiter
College Recruiter offers jobs for college students or recently graduated college students. They offer freelance jobs of most varieties.

12. iFreelance
iFreelance has the great benefit of allowing freelancers to keep all of their earnings; most platforms charge a percentage of freelancing jobs completed as part of their business model.

13. SimplyHired
SimplyHired goes beyond the standard freelance job market of writers and designers and offers a much more diverse list of jobs, even manual labor. This is one of the best freelance websites for those looking for a variety of options.

14. Krop
Krop is a creative-focused online freelancing platform. They offer the unique benefit of allowing you to create your own portfolio through their platform.

15. Aquent
Aquent focuses specifically on creative freelancers. In addition to remote jobs, they also list clients looking for on-site work. Unlike many other freelance platforms, they offer free online courses for creatives to increase their marketability to clients.

16. The Creative Group
The Creative Group is another art and design-focused freelance platform that focuses on job placement rather than gig work like most freelancing websites do.

17. Crowded
Crowded gathers a huge list of freelance jobs in one platform, offering the largest listing of jobs among freelance websites in one place.

18. Fiverr
Fiverr is different from many freelance websites in that it allows freelancers to create custom gigs that they offer to clients. This allows workers to create gigs based off of what they are most skilled at, and clients browse through Fiverr’s extensive list of gigs to find what they are looking for.

19. CrowdSource
This freelancing platform is one of the largest collections of freelancing jobs on the internet. This platform takes a unique approach to freelancing by outsourcing parts of a project to freelancers and offering more work to freelancers who contributed quality work.

20. Peer Hustle
Peer Hustle offers freelance workers jobs based on their location. The main problem with many freelancing websites is the sheer number of competition, but Peer Hustle makes finding work easier for freelancers by allowing them to compete only with workers in their area.

Things don’t end here, in fact the most difficult task in the freelancing industry is convincing a client that you are the best fit for a given project, and this does not matter whether someone is a veteran or a newbie.

An instrumental tool to winning projects and increasing income as a freelancer is writing a proposal that is better than one from experienced competitors. If done right, potential clients will insist on having you on their projects.

Strive to design the freelance proposal template in a manner that offers meaningful solutions to the potential client. Apart from that, ensure you understand the client’s background, check their portfolio and determine if they are legit.

Furthermore, communicate personalized solutions in a manner that the client will read without getting bored. Have a clear understanding of why you are the best fit for the job. Here are several steps to know how to write a job proposal.

4 Tips For Writing a Perfect Freelance Proposal

1. Getting an Upper Hand
If you want to get an advantage against your fellow freelancers, you need to start by stating that you are interested in the project. For instance, one factor that increases your chances of being hired is getting in touch with the potential client as soon as they have posted the project.

Secondly, consider showing your commitment to deliver quality work on the project by writing a quick outline for the said proposed content. In addition, this will demonstrate creativity and desire to work with the client.

2. Let Them Know About Your Skills
Remember to highlight the most attractive abilities that suit the client’s specific needs. For example, when looking for a logo design project, elaborate your creative skills and show previous work that aligns with design project at hand.

Avoid focusing on unrelated or irrelevant skills that you may possess. In addition, providing enough details helps the client understand how they can use your skills for their projects.

3. Include relevant samples
Your portfolio should speak for itself. Ensure the most relevant samples are included in the freelance job proposal. Clients are eager to see what you have done before determining if you are the best candidate.

Briefly explain how your previous contribution helped in accomplishing the goals of the previous client. For new freelancers, create some of your own samples, design your own logo, and build your portfolio.

4. Use an appealing structured layout
A winning freelance proposal template should be pleasing and well organized. The structure of your proposal creates the first impression about you to the client. It is a great opportunity for you to show off your personal branding.

If you want to know how to write a job proposal, consider the above steps. They will set yours apart from other competitors, whether your goal is to land on a high paying client or start your career then this is the best way to pitch your proposal to your clients.

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