How To Easily Embed PDF Files To Your WordPress Website

How To Easily Embed PDF Files To Your WordPress Website

PDF is an easy way to provide detailed information to your viewers. While adding a PDF link saves lots of spaces, users get a chance to download useful information easily for future use. But, most of the people still don’t know how to embed PDFs in WordPress. This is the reason you get to see  PDFs in only a few websites.   

In this article, we will show you how to embed PDFs to WordPress with step by step instructions.  

How to embed a PDF in WordPress? 

Embedding PDF files to WordPress is even easier than you think. It is a matter of just a few minutes. There are lots of ways to embed PDF in WordPress. We will show you two easy methods. Either you can use a plugin or can embed directly. Here we will show you both the ways in detail. 

  • Embed PDF to WordPress directly 

To embed PDF to your WordPress website directly from your WordPress account follow the steps below – 

  • Head on to your WordPress dashboard 
  • Go to Post -> Add New 
  • While you are on the WordPress editor, click on “Add Media” button 
  • You will find a WordPress upload window 
  • Click on the “Select Files” button or just drag and drop your PDF files in this window 
  • WordPress will now start uploading  the files 
  • Once the process is complete, you will see an icon preview of your PDF file  
  • Click on the “Insert into Post” button
  • WordPress will insert a link to the uploaded PDF in your post on the page that you are editing 

Your visitors will now be able to download the PDF files on their browsers clicking the links. 

Use a plugin for embedding PDF to WordPress  

The other way is to use a WordPress plugin. It is comparatively easier. There are hundreds of plugins available in the market for the purpose. We will show you using a free plugin called PDF Embedder. You will be able to embed PDF to your website with just three easy steps.    

Here are the steps you need to follow – 

  • Install the plugin PDF Embedder 

The first and foremost things you need to do is to install the plugin. You can do that by following the steps below – 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard 
  • Navigate to Appearance -> Plugins -> Add New 
  • Search for PDF Embedder 
  • Once you find, select it and click on the “Install Now” button 
  • After the installation is complete, click on the “Activate” button to activate the plugin 
  • Configure the setting of the plugin 

You can configure PDF viewer in the following way –  

  • Go to the settings page for the plugin in your WordPress dashboard
  • You will find the following setting options there –  height and width, toolbar location, toolbar hover. Use them as per your choice. 
  • Once you are done with the configuration, click on the “Save Changes” button to save your settings 
  • Upload and embed your PDF 

The final step is to upload and embed your PDF.
Here is what you need to do

  • Open the page where you want to embed the PDF link 
  • Click on “Add Media” button 
  • After the Media Library opens, click on Upload Files -> Select Files 
  • After the PDF file gets uploaded to the Media Library, select the file and click on the “Insert the Post” button. 
  • You will now see a shortcode for your PDF within your Post Editor 
  • Check the preview and click on the “Publish” button. And, you are done. 

You will now find the PDF files displayed on the frontend of your website. 

The most useful WordPress PDF Embedder plugins of the year

As mentioned earlier, the best way to embed PDFs in WordPress is to use a plugin. But, how to find a suitable plugin is a big question. If you are a WordPress user, the market is flooded with thousands of plugins, and each has its own unique features. In such a situation, it is really challenging to decide which one can be the best for you. It depends largely on your requirements. You need to check why you want to embed PDFs to your site. What are your users’ expectations and how you can match them. We have given here a list of the 6 most widely used WordPress plugins of 2020 –   

Algori PDF Viewer Pro 

Algori PDF Viewer Pro is an advanced WordPress PDF Embedder. Its ready to use interface allows you to embed or display PDFs on your website with just a few clicks. It offers you 10+ PDF settings. You can PDF theme colour, dimensions, alignments, page number and zoom. Users can interact with your PDF files directly on your site. They can download them also if they want. The plugin is Gutenberg ready and GDPR compliant. It is available at $20.  

WordPress PDF Viewer and Embed 

WordPress PDF Viewer and Embed is a simple and easy to use plugin. It lets you display your PDF file as a full-screen document on your screen, you can embed PDF files on any page with easy shortcodes. There are shortcode insert buttons on every page.  It supports PDFs from remote URL and local storage. You can customize the height and width of the PDF Embed. The plugin is available at $20. 

PDF Viewer WordPress

PDF Viewer WordPress is a user-friendly plugin. It comes with an easy to use and fully customizable user interface. You can customize anything be it flip speed, zoom, autoplay, background, colours or menu options. The text in the PDF is selectable. It lets you copy and paste the texts easily if you want to. The plugin has real full-screen support. You get free lifetime updates. It is available at $39.  

Embed Any Document 

Embed Any Document Plus is a powerful WordPress plugin. It lets you add any document to your site including PDF files with just a single click. There is no need to go for any additional addon. Embed any document has a clean, minimal and clutter-free user interface. It is a cloud service integrated plugin. You can translate it into any language.
It is available at $29. 

PDF Embed 

Pdf Embedd

PDF Embed is a modern PDF viewer plugin for WordPress. You can also use it for embedding PDF files to your site. It allows you to add files in three different ways – by uploading, by URL or by choosing files from the last uploaded. You can give a name of your choice to
The plugin is available at $ 20.

PDF Embedder 

PDF Embedder WP

PDF  Embedder is a simple WordPress plugin for adding PDF files to your WordPress websites. It lets you embed PDFs to your site exactly in the way you add images to your posts. Once you upload the PDFs, they are naturally sized to fit your webpages. You can manually adjust the height and width also. You have to specify the width, and the height will be calculated automatically.  It is a free plugin. You can download it from the WordPress plugin directory.  

Tips to use PDFs effectively on your WordPress site 

The main purpose of embedding PEDs in WordPress is to provide maximum information in minimum space. You can use them as an alternative solution for description and catalogue pages. Users get an opportunity to download the most information details which they want to keep for their future use. But, merely adding a link is not enough to satisfy the viewers. The PDF file needs to be designed effectively. Here are some tips to make your PDFs attractive – 

  • Make the PDF small and compact 
  • Be to the point, use simple language and don’t add any additional information 
  • Use good typography so that users find it easy to read 
  • If you are using images in your PDF file, optimize them properly otherwise they may affect your loading speed  


There are many different ways available if you need to add PDFs to WordPress. We have given here two easy ways. You can try either way and within a few minutes, you will be able to embed and display your PDF files on your pages. We have shown here how to embed PDF in WordPress using PDF Embedder Plugin but you can go for any plugin that you think will fit your purpose. All the plugins that we have mentioned here are user friendly and well documented. None of them requires any technical skill. You can try any of them and embed PDF to WordPress pages without taking help from anybody.  

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