Is Hosting24 Good to Go? An In-depth Review

Is Hosting24 Good to Go? An In-depth Review

So, you are planning to buy a web host for your website. Definitely, you will get many suggestions from your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. It will increase your confusion, and you will settle on the first choice that comes in front of you!

Indeed, buying a web host is a challenge for any new website owner, but also we can’t ignore it as it is a significant part of creating a website. It plays an important role in how your site will be seen in front of your audience. A small glitch can either make or break your business impression. It can lead to a myriad of issues such as slow loading, poor availability, bad search engine ranking and many more.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out adequate research before finalizing a web host. You should take your web hosting needs into consideration as it could help you narrow down your search range and settle on a reliable choice.

If you are also in search of a web host that offers quality hosting services without breaking your bank, then this review might be helpful for you. In this review, I am going to shed light on a reliable web host company that promises premium hosting at the cheapest prices compared to its competitors. So, let’s dive into this post and find out all the features and pros of Hosting24.

About Hosting24 – A Brief Introduction

Since its inception in 2008, the web hosting company Hosting24 has become a popular name for providing cheap web hosting solutions. Being a part of, the web host provider is although is relatively small, it has a loyal group of the customer across the globe.

Every day, there are about 15 thousand sign-ups, which is quite a good figure. With a customer base of more than 29 million in 178 countries, it is not wrong to say that this is one of the most trustworthy web host available.


Hosting24 has grabbed the attention of many businesses and individuals due to its exceptional yet rich features. So, let’s shed some light on the Hosting24 rich features-

Unlimited shared hosting plan

Well, if you are seeking to start your own website and looking for some efficient hosting plans, then Hosting24 is good to go with. It does not just provide unlimited shared hosting plans, but also you can easily upgrade it from your [revailing hosting provider. It provides a robust email hosting service which is powered by Cloud SMTP delivery that ensures a very responsive email delivery service.

Dedicated VPS web hosting plans

Hosting24 has become a foremost choice for many website owners as well as bloggers because of its dedicated VPS web hosting plans. All the plans offered by the web host are affordable, secure and reliable. One of the amazing aspects of the web host is it performs weekly backups automatically in order to secure user’s files and data. It provides a free SSL certificate to your website that provides complete SSD drive storage with large disk space to secure your data and also improve the SEO rank of your site.

Reseller web hosting plan

As a business owner if you want to take your business online, then Hosting24 is the right choice for you. With its features like cPanel infrastructure and robust WHM, you can easily create and customize your own resource and packages limitations. Hosting24 is equipped with a single-click auto-installer that provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space, helping you to take your business to the next level.

Domain name services

This is another feature offered by web hosting service provider- Hosting24. It offers free domain checker that allows you to find the available names of your choice. If you are unable to find your desired name, it will show you some closest options, so that you can register it.

When choosing a domain name, you can choose multiple extensions for your domain name such as .net, .in, .info, .com and more. You can also have the option to purchase both web hosting service and domain name without any hassle. Even if you purchase both of them, then you just need to pay for hosting only, rest domain name will be FREE. Hosting24 is accredited with ICANN registrar and an affordable web host provider.

Website builder

After purchasing web hosting and domain name, the next step is – website building. This is one of the most important parts that need precise consideration. Luckily with Hosting24, it is no longer a hassle. The web host offers a simple drag and drops feature that allows you to design your own site. Even if you don’t have coding knowledge, then also you can design your own site.

The web host offers you a wide assortment of templates to choose from. The website builder was created keeping the needs of current SEO trends in mind. Not only this, it allows you to add shopping carts or contact form to set-up an eCommerce website. It is completely mobile friendly, so just sit back and relax for an ultimate user experience.

cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting

cPanel is the easiest and widely used control panel that is why Hosting24 plans come with this feature for account management. cPanel allows you manage the folders, databases files of your website manage domains, subdomains, create email accounts and more. If you are looking for effective cPanel support, then Hosting24 is the right choice for you. The service provider also provides cPanel hosting that allows you to explore all hosting plans.

Pros of Hosting24

With so many web hosts out there, picking a reliable one seems quite overwhelming. But if you are looking for an affordable, yet effective web host, then Hosting24 is a rescuer here. So, let’s read out the pros of Hosting24 below-

  • Affordable- Whether you are looking for a business owner or beginner blogger, Hosting24 is an affordable web hosting provider for everyone.
  • Reseller web hosting plan- This sort of plan is right for one who is looking to start a business online.
  • One-click CMS installation- The web host offers one-click CMS installation and site builder feature that allows you to set a site within a matter of a few minutes.
  • Buy 2 services and pay for one- If you buy both hosting, and domain services, you just need to pay for one. It is more likely- Buy one get one FREE.
  • 99.9% uptime- Hosting24 is also known for providing 99.9% uptime. However, there is no evidence for the same, but users have claimed that it provides uptime above 99.5% which is above the standard uptime in the industry.

In order to check the uptime, you can use Uptime Robot tool. This tool is useful for monitoring Uptime every 5 minutes. You just need to install it on your website.

  • 30-day money back guarantees- Hosting24 also offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well on its all web hosting packages. Within 30 days, if you don’t feel like that this is a good service for you o match your requirements, you can ask for money back.

Cons of Hosting24

Just like anything has a good or bad side, there are certain elements lacking in Hosting24 as well. Let’s talk about them in detail-

No Weekly Backup

Hosting24 does not provide daily backup but creates a backup on a weekly basis which is not a good feature any business will appreciate. Even it doesn’t backup any file which exceeds 24 GB. So, it is suggested to have your own backup while using this web host.

Restricted SSL

SSL certificate is quite important when you are planning to run an eCommerce website. But, here also Hosting24 lacks. The company provides free SSL certificates to only premium users.

Different Pricing Packages

Different Pricing Plans

Everyone looks for an affordable web host that offers quality services. Pricing is considered as one of the most things to consider when choosing web host package. Luckily, Hosting24 offers 3 different packages for all types of business needs.

  • Single web hosting
  • Premium web hosting
  • Business web hosting

The cost of Single web hosting plan is $2.15 monthly, premium web hosting plan costs $7.95 per month and business plan costs $3.49 per month. You can choose the plan learning about their features and cost and pick the one for your needs.

Features of different Price Plans

Single web hosting is the right choice for startups and individuals. It offers 10 GB disk space, one email account, 100 GB of bandwidth and a high-level website builder.

Premium web hosting plan is ideal for mid-sized business website. In this plan, you will get unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP users and unlimited disc space.

Business web hosting plan- This third plan is for large enterprise and database sites. It not only supports 4X WP optimized speed but also and offers everything unlimited.

When comparing the pricing of all these three plans with other hosting providers, you will see Hosting24 offers the most reasonable rates in the industry. Other than Single web hosting plan, both the other plans come with a Free domain.

Final Verdict

In the nutshell, Hosting24 is a reliable web hosting provider for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are looking for a simple website host or a big-fat eCommerce site, this web host has everything to satisfy your needs.

Ananthakrishnan is a digital marketer, web designer, blogger, creative genius and the author of this post. When he is not working you can find him at his house, playing video games.

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