What is a HREFLANG tag?

You know that the tool is useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but no one has provided a definition for HREFLANG as of yet. “What is a HREFLANG tag,” you wonder. Get the full explanation for the term below.

What is a HREFLANG tag?

HREFLANG is a code that lets you spotlight URLs on your site in different languages. Content about cooking written in Spanish, for instance, may get overlooked by Google without notification that tells the search engine that the content is still in line with the culinary arts even though the language is in Spanish and not English. The HREFLANG tag serves as a mediator that breaks down the language barrier so that Google can accurately rank the site in its list of results.

Why is an HREFLANG code important?

Google does the following when it crawls a website:

  • Determines that the URL is worthy of ranking;
  • Searches for the URL’s HREFLANG attributions;
  • Presents a list for the searcher that most closely aligns with initial keywords.

You cannot expect to rank on the first page without an HREFLANG tag if you have multiple pages written in different languages because Google will not be able to understand the variations. An HREFLANG code is also essential if your website addresses several regions that speak the same language. Remember that Google’s search engine aims to weed out useless sites that lack a niche. An HREFLANG code conveys that your site is refined.

How to use HREFLANG tag?

Implementing an HREFLANG code is relatively straightforward for the skilled professional. For HTML format, you would place the header link element on every page. Such a method is ideal for web pages as you can add a link to make it more accessible to the world.

An HREFLANG tag is also incorporable in HTTP headers. Attach, “hreflang=’your destination'” to the end of a link to get the attention from Google that your document deserves. Portable Document Format (PDF) files benefit most from HTTP HREFLANG codes.

In Conclusion

An HREFLANG tag is essential for websites that address many vernaculars and cultures. The code ensures that Google ranks your website in a manner that does justice to your products and services online. While it is true that the process of crafting HREFLANG codes is tedious, the result renders positive effects. Understanding the meaning and purpose of HREFLANG tags is the first step to improving your ranking and sharing your content with the world.

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