How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website

For all of you who have a WordPress website or even those that are planning to start one, there is one thing that you always have to be aware of and carry out on a regular basis – a backup of your WordPress site.

Why is a WordPress Backup Necessary?

Why? You may ask! The reasons to do this are numerous. What if you accidently kick and lock yourself out of your website? Just imagine what would happen if your server crashed? What would you do if your website is infected by a powerful virus? Suppose your host runs away? What in the world would you do if you accidently deleted some file(s) and your website implodes? Or worse still, what if your website gets hacked?

If any of these happen, you will lose important files, pages, so much of user information, and no amount of regret will help you then. Creating a regular backup will give you peace of mind. So why not be safe than sorry? After all, this has always been told to us even as kids.

What Does a WordPress Backup Mean?

When you do a backup, what happens is, you are creating duplicates of all the files of your website. Remember, this is not a one-time task; it has to be done on a regular basis, depending on how much data gets added to your site in particular timeframe. So website owners like to do it daily, some fortnightly, while other do it manually. However often you choose to do this, make sure you do it. After all, starting from scratch because you don’t have any backup is the worst case scenario.

How to Backup Your WordPress Site

So what do you need to do to backup your precious website? Sit back and relax. Everything will be laid out to you here in the simplest way possible. Now, while most hosting providers do backup your files, it is better that you do it yourself too. A plugin is an answer, and you should choose one that is easy to use, gives the ability to do a complete backup, has an automated option, and provides much-needed vital support when in need. Just pick from any of these plugins, and you are good to go.
You can choose to either backup using a WordPress Backup plugin or a WordPress Backup Service. Read on…

VaultPress – WordPress Website Backup Service

Imagine, Charts on the site are hacked, hundreds of blogs, emails, images and what not vanish. At the same time, you are left with few super difficult recovery options, which you don’t know how to use, and certainly you don’t want to pay for. At this very stage, you come across an excellent option which not only recovers your breath but also keeps back up of your site with both daily and real time syncing.
VaultPress is a real-time backup and security scanning service designed and built by Automattic. It is powered by Jetpack and effortlessly backs every post, comment, media file, revision and dashboard setting on your site to their server. With VaultPress you’re protected against hackers, malware, accidental damage, and host outages. It not only secures your site but is also simple to use. The vaultPress plugin connects your site to vaultPress server and WordPress-optimized backups and security scans will run automatically. It provides FTP or SSH support, so, VaultPress can automatically restore any backup to your site with just a few clicks.
One more unique feature of this plugin is it’s simple yet affordable. There are two options;

  • 1. Jetpack Personal: This is the most affordable option. It’s currently preferred by small businesses, startups, and personal sites. With the pricing; $3.50 monthly or just $39 per year.
  • 2. Business:

i. Jetpack Premium: This option is for Comprehensive Protection.
Pricing for this option is $9 monthly or just $99 per year.
ii. Jetpack Professional: This is the Ultimate peace of mind.
Peace is available at the rate of $29 monthly or just $299 per year.

All these options provide;
automated daily backup with unlimited storage space, 30-day backup archive, spam protection, easy site migration, 1-click automated restores and priority support from wordpress experts.
In case of Premium services, this service provides in-depth security scanning and manual resolution with 13 GB of high speed, ad free video hosting and of course, the REVENUE.

Whereas, for the professional option, its more, more and more in terms of security scanning, space availability, higher speeds, revenues, and analytics support.

To talk about certain advantages of VaultPress, the list goes on,

Real time sync:

VaultPress syncs the changes on your site to their server and generates a backup for your site. The moment, site is updated, VaultPress gets notification and works to replicate and sync the changes.


There is no need to schedule a backup. It just happens and you dot need to remember anything but have a peace.

Reviews and fixes vulnerabilities:

It reviews suspicious code fix the most common threats with a simple button click. For very dangerous threats, VaultPress will automatically fix your site and notify you of the details.

Rely on WordPress Experts:

The staff of WordPress experts is available to help backup, restore, and fix your site. With the VaultPress plugin installed on your site, the Safekeepers have access to several tools that help them safeguard your site.

After a brief about VaultPress plugin, here are few points to consider while concluding the choice about backup service and using it:

  1. If the data relevant to you is backed up?
  2. Figuring out If the security requirements of your site are fulfilled.
  3. How often you need to backup the data?
  4. If the installation process is too complicated or is a mere one-click procedure?
  5. What is the expected schedule of your backups? Is a daily, weekly or monthly backup needed and supported?

Once you enlist all these requirements, you are bound to conclude that VaultPress service is better than the competitors. But the biggest point in favor of Vaultpress is value for money and ease of setup.
Here is the simple procedure to use it.

  1. Sign in to dashboard and view backups section for your site. Find the backup which you want and click Restore.
  2. Select the items you want to restore. You can restore your database, plugins, themes and uploads. Click Prepare Backup, and VaultPress will give you your backup.
  3. When your backup is ready, VaultPress will ask you to confirm the Restore.
  4. That’s it. When your backup is complete, you will receive a message like Restore Complete.

In this way, one can simply use VaultPress, protect their site and have peace.

BackupBuddy – WordPress Backup plugin

We need a comeback at many times in our life. One of the cases is If we don’t have a recent backup and our site is hacked or the server crashed, we could be facing a complete and total loss of our WordPress website. Then who will be the Derby on the Derby. Its BackupBuddy.
BackupBuddy provides three mainstream functions as Backup, Restoring and moving your website from different hosts or domains:
With just a few clicks it helps to get a full backup of your WordPress site. These comprise of numerous elements like pages, posts, widgets, comments, theme files, plugin files, plugins files, WordPress database, core files, users, media library uploads, custom post type, menus … in short not etc. but life. It can get your site up and running in no time using the restore function. Its Database Rollback is great for going back to an earlier version of your theme’s stylesheet or template. Finally, Migration of a WordPress site – this WordPress Backup plugin provides you the opportunity to move your site to any new host or domain – reduces hardship and saves time.

How to buy BackupBuddy?
It’s very easy. There are four options as follows;

    1. Gold – Pay $297 (lifetime) and you will can get the backup of unlimited sites with unlimited plugins.
    2. Developer – it’s is also a fair deal to pay $150 per year and get the same advantages of gold.
    3. Freelancer – For this option, there is a fee of $100 per year and you can get the backup of 10 sites.
    4. Blogger – This is the easiest way to keep your site secure with the added plugin to your regular blog. So you can pay $80 and get the backup of your single website.

All these options not only provide backup but also provide 1 year of plugin updates. There are few bonus perks available with each option as 1 year of ticketed support (WordPress backup support experts are available for any help in migrating your site), 1GB of BackupBuddy Stash storage space (no need to search for any remote location for storage of backup), 1 year of access to Stash Live and 10 iThemes Sync sites (for BackupBuddy users, it provides remote backups, backup scheduling).

To enumerate the advantages of this plugin, first and foremost is it includes immediate access to all new versions and features released for BackupBuddy during your subscription year. Also there are offers or discount coupons available for BackupBuddy renewal. It works flawlessly with the large majority of hosts, including shared hosting with limited resources. It allows to move your site to a new host with new file paths and/or new URLs very easily.

As a negative point, we can consider that BackupBuddy is digitally delivered and a “non-tangible” good, so there are no refunds or chargebacks for purchases. There are certain servers with overload; they may have issues with this plugin but, the support team works for such incompetences. Also, unfortunately, it’s Multisite is still experimental; it is not recommended for live sites and is not officially supported.

Each product comes with few pros and cons. However, in this case, the utility value is far greater than its ineffectiveness. The loyal customers of BackupBuddy rely on it as an insurance, and it’s their ‘must have’ option. They praise it for its simplicity and install it without giving second thought.
The way to use BackupBudddy is very easy and straightforward.

      1. Download the BackupBuddy plugin zip file.
      2. Follow standard WordPress plugin installation methods to upload and activate new plugin.

For advanced users: you can unzip the BackupBuddy zip file on your PC and then upload the BackupBuddy folder through FTP to your wp-content/plugins directory.

UpdraftPlus – WordPress Backup Plugin

Backing up data, restoring data/websites, timely backups for single stepped check-ins is necessary lifecycle of any organization maintaining websites or maintaining plugins. There are a lot of backup service providers. Some have good features while others lack certain features. But if you are looking for a clean and expert level backup service then UpdraftPlus should surely be one of your choices just for the plethora of options that they provide. The overall flexibility provided by this service is immense.
A tool can be used only if you know how one can use it expertly or if you know its good features and how to make use of these features. In the following sections, we will see what makes UpdraftPlus so popular.

Auto backup schedule:
One of the beautiful features of UpdraftPlus is its flexibility in terms of the options which are made available. One can choose whether one wants a backup every day, every week, every month or any custom frequency. One can also do a manual backup if auto backup is not an option for you.

Server Storage:
One of the most used feature of this service is the remote storage. Here you can choose how and where you want to store the backup/data. One could choose a server owned by the individual and connected to the internet. Or one could choose an offline backup. Further one could use one of the wildly popular cloud storage services for the same.
The recommened option from UpdraftPlus is storing files on a remote storage. The choices that UpdraftPlus provides are as follows:  UpdraftPlus Vault, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure, SFTP/SCP, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP, WebDAV, S3-Compatible, OpenStack, DreamObjects, Email .
Once you decide which cloud service to use, you will just need to provide the correct authentication parameters and rights to UpdraftPlus so that the service can login to these online remote storages and backup your website/data.

Typically, one would choose an email option only if the size of data is small.
If you don’t trust online services and are unsure of these premium services, then do not choose remote services. One could host your own server and backup to these servers using FTP or SCP protocol. Both these options are simple. But then maintaining the redundancy of the backup is your own headache otherwise the cloud service providers maintain good backups.
If you need the files on your own computer, choose export to offline storage and you should have these backups present on your local computer. The free account lets you use only 1 backup service at a time. If one wanted to create a backup service on multiple locations, then premium service would be necessary.

UpdraftPlus has an advantage of letting you store your data in an encrypted format. If this option is chosen, then the data is encrypted and stored online. Only you would know the key. This way if the cloud service were to be compromised (Hacked) then the data would be secure.

How to buy UpdraftPlus:
UpdraftPlus is available for both free and premium options.
Pricing for this service is $70-$145. These services are compatible for all the WordPress versions starting from 3.2 onwards.
Advantages of the premium service over free once are the Migration services; which means moving the backup service from one place to another would need premium migration tool plugin. UpdraftPlus also updates its own software in the background automatically and keeps you with the latest updated software. Also, with the premium services, the support team is available to help the developers whenever required. Sophisticated reporting services are available with capable emailing. One can avoid the Ads using this premium add on option. All these add on options are available at add on charges different for each option. You can avail this services as per your site requirement.

How to install UpdraftPlus:
There are very few simple steps to start with UpdraftPlus. First of all, login to your WordPress site. Go for plugins menu. Then choose ‘add new’. Then search for “updraftplus” and install the plugin. Once you successfully install the plugin you can activate it. The moment you choose the preferred setting, you are ready to set up your backups.

UpdraftPlus is a good tool to control the way your backups are organized. Keeping backups ready and running is an important function necessary to keep the website up and running. UpdraftPlus provides one of the very easy ways to mitigate this risk and in a few clicks and steps one will be ready with the restoration in the secure timely manner.

UpdraftPlus is a good tool to control the way your backups are organized. Keeping backups ready and running is an important function necessary to keep the website up and running. Updraft provides one of the very easy ways to mitigate this risk. In very few clicks and steps one will be ready with the restoration in the secure timely manner and soon your fortune will be as sweet as cookies.

WP-DB-Backup – WordPress Backup Plugin

This is one of the most popular plugins around for WordPress backup. More than 2 million people are already using it, and you should join in. The reason for its popularity is ease of use. There is a small catch, though! This plugin only backs up the WordPress database. What this means is, you will have to manually backup your media files. So if you are looking for any easy fix, and do not update your website or media files too often or too much, this plugin is just perfect.

Duplicator – WordPress Backup Plugin

This is another popular plugin for WordPress users. Besides allowing you to backup your files (you can close your website entirely from one location to another), it also works as a plugin to migrate websites. This plugin does now have automated scheduled backups, though, so choose this only if your website isn’t updated heavily on a regular basis. Also, do not use this plugin if you are a complete novice in running a website.


If you are looking for hassle-free complete backups, this plugin is what you should go for. It lets you backup your entire website, along with all your files and database. You can also auto schedule your backups and relax. A safe bet. Just one thing though. If you need to store your backup anywhere else besides your hard drive or email, say like the cloud, the free version will not do this, and you would have to purchase the premium account. You can buy a service-related one or even go for the bundle option, as per your specific needs.

BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

Here is another free backup plugin that allows you to create complete backups on your hard drive, cloud, email, and even FTP. This one is extremely simple to use and allows auto scheduled backups of your site. The pro version allows backups on Google Drive, and comes with a good support system, besides other additional features.

Depending on your requirements, choose the one that suits you the best in terms of features and cost. Remember to back up your WordPress website on a regular basis, so that you are saved from heartache and losses later on.

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