CyberChimps Prime Features

CyberChimps Prime – A simple, affordable way to keep your website secure

If it sounds like it takes a lot of work and money to keep your website secure, it does.

But with CyberChimps Prime you can say goodbye to all your website worries in a simple, affordable way. Here’s what you get with Prime:

  • Full daily backups including your files and database
  • Malware scans and protection
  • Priority support for your CyberChimps theme
  • Lifetime access to all the premium themes on CyberChimps

Keep your website safe with daily backups

CyberChimps Prime comes with daily backups, so you can sleep peacefully, knowing your website is securely backed up.

Prevent hacker attacks & malware infections

Get malware protection with CyberChimps Prime. Don’t let your website fall prey to malware attacks.

Get instant access to 60+ premiums themes

Businesses need new themes all throughout the year. For re-designing an existing website or for building a completely new one. And definitely for creating a micro-site for holiday campaigns. Chances are you might need multiple themes too.
Once, you have CyberChimps Prime, you can access to all the CyberChimps Themes.

Priority support

CyberChimps Prime comes with private, priority technical support to keep your WordPress website running smoothly.

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