CyberChimps Prime FAQs

What is CyberChimps Prime?

CyberChimps Prime is a monthly membership service. With CyberChimps Prime, the member gets access to all our themes; access to priority support; and backups and malware protection for a single website.

What does CyberChimps Prime cost?

CyberChimps Prime costs $9 a month.

What if I signup and realize CyberChimps Prime is not for me?

There’s no contract. You can cancel your Prime membership anytime you want and won’t be charged from upcoming month. Meanwhile, you can continue using prime services for the current month.

Are there any restrictions on theme usage?

With CyberChimps Prime, you get access to all our themes and can use them on unlimited websites. You also get access to new themes & theme updates as long as you’re an active member.

How does backup & security work?

Prime members get access to the CyberChimps Backup & Security plugin. This plugin must be installed on the WordPress and website provided during signup. Once installed it takes upto 48 hours for backup & security services to start working for your site.

What does CyberChimps Prime support include?

Prime support includes private and priority email support. Support includes answering theme how-to questions and minor HTML/CSS fixes. Major features or changes to layout and user interface are not included in Prime support.
Here are some example support requests that you can and cannot request help for.

What does priority support mean?

Prime members get a response to their issue/request within 24 hours for their queries from our expert developers or support team members.

What does private support mean?

With Private support,you get access to our helpdesk. Unlike support in forums, your support requests are visible only to you and are answered by our support team members.

What does troubleshooting mean?

Sometimes issues that you encounter cannot be reproduced in our environments. In such situations we troubleshoot & fix issues by accessing your website remotely.

Can you help me customize a CyberChimps theme?

You can easily use our WordPress themes using the WordPress Live customizer and page builders like Elementor. At this point, we do not provide customization support directly in the theme or a child theme.

How many websites can I request support for?

You can get support for one website per product purchased from us.

How long will I receive theme updates?

You’ll continue to receive theme updates (fixes & security updates) as long as your subscription is active and we continue maintaining the theme.

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