Having Compatibility Issues with WordPress 3.5?

No problem, this has been fixed for weeks. In fact, this was ready on day one of the official release of WP 3.5.

Important information like this and other precautions is always readily available and recommended here (which includes precautions, instructions and the theme changelogs). I recommend bookmarking that link for future reference.

You simply need to upgrade to the latest theme version which is a good rule to always follow anyways. Not only for compatibility and new features, but keeping your WP install, themes and plugins up-to-date is important for security too.

There are a few reasons why you might not be seeing the latest update notices:

Free Themes

WordPress.org is mostly comprised of volunteers, at least public-facing. The theme review team are responsible for pushing new updates when received by theme developers (we have no control over this). Again, this requires that new updates are pushed live manually by an actual human, on a purely volunteer basis (they’re doing this in their free time). It can generally take up to a week for new updates to be pushed.

So, you wouldn’t have gotten the notice to update even though the themes were ready. Solution – you can download any version of a free theme any time by simply checking under the Developer tab on the theme page for the subversion repo, for example:

http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/ifeature/ (lists all the versions up to the latest)

Say for example that only version 5.0 was available officially:


But, we’d already made several fixes. You can always manually get the latest version by switching the version number to the latest like so:


This will unfortunately, require upgrading manually:


Pro Themes

The old update system was faulty and sometimes you won’t get notice of an update. We have since upgraded to a new and reliable update system, but of course to get that new update system you need to first upgrade your theme. Again, this unfortunately means that you’ll need to upgrade manually (but should be the last time):

(the very latest version of your theme(s) should always be available here – if the latest theme version is unavailable in your account for whatever reason, request it directly here)

But, I don’t want to upgrade.

Ultimately, that is your choice, but highly unrecommended. Eventually, you’ll simply have no choice but to upgrade. As the internet itself progresses, so do the web browsers in order to browse the internet, then the code/design standards to actually present the web pages themselves properly, then WordPress, to stay compatible with new web-standards and naturally, the themes and plugins follow suit, required in most cases.

While this may be inconvenient, it is important and unstoppable, progress and innovation. Unfortunately, some customers in the past who may have been starting their first website were under the misconception that once they got their website just how they wanted it, that was it, no more work. That they’ll never need to fuss with it again and when they ultimately do, blame us for any and all arising issues. This is unfortunate.

Please understand, running a website isn’t, never was and never will be a set and forget kind of project regardless of the tools used. It’s a full time, round the clock job to keep up with maintaining a website, blog, business. And remember that at it’s most basic core, CyberChimps is merely a tool to help you build websites, though we actually do go a great deal further in providing custom solutions, education and advice on running and maintaining not only a website, but an online business.

For those that have been editing your themes directly, hacking the files to customize instead of the recommended Custom CSS and/or Child Theming solutions – I understand this sounds daunting, but you need to start doing things the correct way in order to stay up-to-date. Please note that this is solely your responsibility. While we already cover an unprecedented amount of requests in the support forums, we do not cover PHP/JS/Translation/Etc hacks, especially at the child theme level. You may need to hire someone to help you with this transition, respectively.

If you’re considering switching to a different theme instead, please understand that this has nothing to do with CyberChimps. Any theme company (that gives good advice at least), will recommend that you use a child theme for customization, if you also intend on updating to the latest theme versions as they become available (which is recommended for CyberChimps themes).

Additional Points

Make sure that once you’ve updated your theme, that WP itself is up-to-date under Dashboard > Updates.

Worried about upgrading to the new framework, again, this is covered here:

https://cyberchimps.com/forum-topic/how-to-upgrade/ – Yes, I’ll refer you to this link over and over because it pretty much exhausts all the information you need for all issues related to upgrading. You just need to read it.

If for any reason, you’re still confused or have follow up questions, I invite you to comment below and I’ll address them as best I can. For normal support, please post a topic in the forums as usual instead.

Thanks, Bryan

About the Author

CyberChimps Community Manager | Web & Graphic Designer Design: http://calmestghost.com/ | Blog: http://bryanhadaway.com/ (please do not contact me privately regarding CyberChimps support - please see support options here instead: http://cyberchimps.com/support/)


    • Milah Bee says:

      Can you help with the Pinterest RSS Widget not showing images?

      • Thanks for asking. This is a good example of the millions of 3rd party variables we deal with that are simply out of our control.

        Looking at the official plugin page for this plugin:


        The first note of interest is “Compatible up to: 3.3.2” (not 3.5 which it needs to be). Mind you that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be compatible. The plugin author simply might not have updated or tested just yet.

        That’s where comes in the proper support place, scroll down, and to the right, you will see a green button “View support forum” (all plugins have their own individual support forum):


        Where it appears you did in fact already ask for help and it appears other people are having issues too with 3.5.

        So, what’s recommended now?

        Pinterest is very popular, there are likely dozens of plugins to choose from:


        How do we find the best?

        I personally recommend searching Google:

        “pinterest wordpress plugin”

        Replace “pinterest” with whatever feature you’re looking for when doing other searches. Google usually delivers on showing the best plugins on the top results.

        Still not able to find a plugin good enough? Sometimes you can just go to the source:

        http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/ (note Pinterest is pretty new and doesn’t have an open API or many widgets to offer yet)

        Okay, okay, let’s think outside the box now.

        We’re looking to feed a Pinterest feed into our website, right? Okay, forget Pinterest, we’re just trying to feed an RSS feed into our website. Then let’s not limit ourselves, let’s find the best RSS plugin for this sort of thing, how about:


        Then insert a Pinterest RSS feed into the plugin:


        Replace “askkim” with the desired username.

        This has been an example of the lengths we go to try and give good advice, even when it really doesn’t regard CyberChimps at all, but just WordPress/web design in general.

        Good luck and enjoy.

        Thanks, Bryan

  • Milah Bee says:

    What sucks is if you have a plugin that works well but the developer hasn’t updated it. I looooooooooove Pinterest RSS Widget (http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/pinterest-rss-widget), but now my images aren’t showing after upgrading to 3.5. So I’m trying to figure out the bug “UGH”!!!!.

  • Curtis Oden says:

    You guys should at least offer a work-around for those of us who can’t upgrade any time soon. Surely you could replace your drag and drop eye-candy with some old-school form elements. You would be my heros.

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