Happy New Year! Did You Remember This One Little Thing?

Happy New Year! Did You Remember This One Little Thing?

Ready or not, here comes 2015! Are you ready?

Whether you’ve stocked up on fireworks and champagne is your own choosing, but when it comes to your website, there’s a little thing that is often overlooked. Many websites have a © symbol followed by a date, specifically a year, to indicate the copyright status of the website content. Is the date on your site going to reflect 2015?

Many CyberChimps themes have a place to edit the footer information in the theme options. This is a text field and will have to be updated manually. Consider this your reminder to go do that!

For the more brave or the coders out there, there are ways to set up that footer to automatically display the correct year, forever. Set it and forget it. If you’re not familiar with this and want to try your hand at it, there’s a website, Update Your Footer, that has some code snippets that you can use. (The following snippet is a pretty common one out there if you’re looking for a place to start.)
&copy; <?php echo date("Y"); ?>

Whether you choose the manual or automated route is up to you, but an out-of-date copyright notice doesn’t reflect well on your website. You want your website to make a good impression. Don’t let this little detail cast doubts over the rest of your site’s content.

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