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How to Navigate the Guides
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What Guides Are for Me?
It’s very simple, we only have two theme frameworks, Responsive Theme and CyberChimps Framework. If you’re using any other theme besides Responsive or Responsive Pro the CyberChimps Framework guides apply to you.

Responsive Theme
Guides for the Responsive Free and Pro themes.

CyberChimps Framework
Guides for the CyberChimps Framework Free and Pro themes.

e-Shopper Pro Theme
Guides for the e-Shopper Pro Theme.

Resonance Pro Theme
Guides for the Resonance Pro Theme.

WordPress Basics
Guides for using WordPress itself.

CyberChimps Framework Free covers all free themes (except for Responsive) and CyberChimps Framework Pro covers all pro themes (except for Responsive Pro). Since the themes have all been unified on the same framework, there’s no need for separate guides.