How to Solve WordPress Error Saving Media Attachment

The WordPress platform is designed to offer ease-of-use for beginners as well as experienced website and blog owners and designers. As such, getting a WordPress error message whenever you try to upload / save an image can be very frustrating.

Let’s look at how to solve WordPress error saving media attachment

If you are seeking to upload an image on your WordPress site, but are getting WordPress error messages, something is wrong. In other cases, the upload process may go through, but the images in the Media Library are displayed as broken. This error may be caused by various things, some of which include:

– File Permission
– Image Size
– Plug-in conflict
– ModSecurity
– PHP Memory

Throughout this article, you will learn the various ways of solving this WordPress image upload errors caused by a conflict in file permissions.

What caused the File Permissions Issue?

WordPress error for an uploading image is mostly caused by a problem with the file permissions assigned to the Uploads directory. If this is the case, you will be required to change the file permissions for both upload folder and the files within it. If you were able to upload images successfully before, but are now getting this error, something must have triggered a change in the file permissions. Some of the commonest causes of this problem include:

– The site was hacked, or someone tried to hack it
– An upgrade of the server by your hosting provider.
– Adding a plug-in or theme from a suspicious source.

To rectify this problem and have the permissions reset to their former working condition, you will need an FTP client, such as Filezilla.

Let us know if you know any other ways for solving WordPress error saving media attachment.