What is a WordPress Child Theme

WordPress Child Theme

A WordPress Child Theme is a theme that a derivative of your main WordPress Theme. The first thing that differentiates the WordPress child theme and parent theme is the file framework that goes into the package. Before you start scratching your head in confusion, let’s explore what the child theme is in greater detail.

What Is a WordPress Child ThemeIn laymen’s terms, a child theme is an extension of a parent theme and works almost identical on the backend side of things. However, it should be noted that the child theme is reliant on the parent theme for its code and will not work without the parent theme put in place.

Benefits of a WordPress Child Theme

As a designer and developer if you want to speed up your development then using child themes is the best option. The major advantage that users notice when they decide to customize their WordPress child theme is how much creativity and control they have over their website. Although the theme heavily relies on the existing code within the parent theme, users can pick and choose how their site looks and operates with relative ease. Similarly, the changes and customization made to the new child theme can be erased and restored back to the previous iteration should the user decide they don’t want to use it anymore.

The child theme aims to give the user full functionality, control and customization that they desire without having to understand the complex framework of a parent theme. These themes also accept Javascript and other template files that can change the complex aspects of the website to fit the user’s needs and expectations. CyberChimps’ Responsive Blog is a perfect Child theme of CyberChimps’ Responsive Theme. Responsive Blog has all of the goodness of Responsive Theme with even more wholesome features added! It has been specially designed to work seamlessly with CyberChimps’ free Responsive Theme.

Is a WordPress Child Theme Right for Me? When Should I Create a WordPress Child Theme?

Simply put, if you’re an individual that wants to change certain aspects of your WordPress theme, a child theme is a perfect solution. Imagine being able to change the major components of one of your favorite themes without having to dive into complex programming problems and implementation to bring your idea to life.

A Child Theme is not right for you if…

It should be noted that a child theme is not for everyone.
If you’re an individual simply looking for a means to change a color palette, move a widget, or customize a website header, perhaps a different option is better suited for your needs. WordPress comes with a large database of custom plugins and style frameworks that can spice up your website with a few simple clicks.

Another option is to use custom CSS. Most themes have an option to add custom CSS that allows you to override the theme’s default options for say font/color etc.

The child Framework is the perfect solution for those that want to add medium-sized changes to an already existing template and play around with their favorite themes.