For Child Theme Users

There are two important changes.

First, the image and icons folders have to be in a subfolder called “core”. Please see it has been done for the example child theme.


Secondly, the media queries have been moved to a separate css file. So now you do not need to have the default media queries in the child theme any more.

Please see the rest of the changes in the changelog.


[+] Upgrade bar
[+] Breadcrumb class to single breadcrumb
[+] Utility classes
[+] Created core folder
[*] Function exists responsive_wp_title
[*] Mobile menu set height removed for pages with longer title
[*] Link to http://www.quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2013/06/devicepixelrati.html
[^] Buttons and info box lower
[^] Parent style enqueue
[^] Media queries into the core
[x] Old menu styles
[x] ie7 compatibility text from style.css
[x] Print css h1 page breaks

Here is the changelog on GitHub


Here is the diff from the trac