Important for Child Theme users

The @import can be removed from the style.css in the child theme. This is all done in the parent theme. The reason is that this will allow to load the sites faster. See the link for more info.



Please note that guides are just that, guides. Concerning customization guides we cannot assist with implementation at the one on one level and you instead may wish to hire a web pro for hands-on assistance.

So if you have this in your child theme style.css, you will either need to comment it out or remove it:

@import url('../responsivepro/style.css');

And if you have a header.php file in your child theme you will need to make sure you either comment or remove any line that looks like this:

<?php wp_enqueue_style('responsive-style', get_stylesheet_uri(), false, '1.7.9'); ?>

Please see the rest of the changes in the changelog. (09/25/2013)
[!] Font size option fixed in customizer.
[!] PHP fatal error fixed in image meta.
[+] Added pinch to zoom functionality.
[+] Added hide/show to front page option.
[*] Changed post title tag of blog post from h1 to h2.
[+] Allow call to action update without home content.
[+] Added custom css option to customizer.
[+] Added upsell page.
[+] Set up social icon links with new responsive_child_uri() function.
[+] Added options for blog page title.
[+] Implemented 404 page title and content option.
[*] Updated translation.
[!] Fixed breadcrumb issue with unattached audio media file.
[+] Added warning message to restore default button.
[+] Close mobile menu on clicking outside of it.
[+] Added fall back Mobile menu.
[*] Custom CSS made sure it gets called last so it can overwrite customizer.
[+] Added rtl css support.
[*] Rewritten option class.
[^] Moved search engine verification code option to it’s own plugin.
[!] Customizer redirection issue fixed.
[!] Fixed comment count code.
[+] Added WYSIWYG editor to theme option.